April 12, 2008

Children enjoying Nevins new play set. Kay K. made us cinnamon buns to go along with our fruit & cereal Sunday morning.  Then we all went to Hephzibah for church.  The service was a continuation of their anniversary celebration.  There was no Sunday school for the adults.  Instead, Bro. Sim Yoder from Dublin brought the message on "Laying Firm Foundations".  He was a very good speaker and had a lot of good to say.  Then Bro. Gerald Eshleman brought the 2nd message on "Building with Lively Stones".  Another good message.  There was a carry-in meal for lunch with an over abundance of delicious food.  In the afternoon we went to the last service at 1:30 which was mainly a time of sharing.  Our children were getting so tired but Ina Sue took Landon out which allowed me to concentrate a little more on what was being said. 
Creative Memories party at Lois Heatwoles We went down to Dads and visited for a little after everything was over then on down to Nevins to let the children get a little exercise on his new playground equipment.  They both got filthy dirty but had a wonderful time.  They also served us supper before we headed back home to Govan.  Got home around 9:00.
Hotdog supper on back porch. Ina Sue hung much of the wash out on the line Monday morning before realizing it was too wet and muggy to dry well.  She ended up bringing it in and running it through the dryer.  I went in to work at 8:00 and had a very full day.   Kay K. had a bunch of leftover meatballs and baked macaroni from the carry-in meal on Sunday and very kindly sent a large portion home with us.  Ina Sue enjoyed the break and served them to us for supper.  After supper we went outside and worked in the yard.  I mowed grass while Ina Sue pulled weeds and watched the children.  Strawberry shakes for bedtime snack.
A mid-morning tea party I went in to work at 8:00 on Tuesday.  Ina Sue spent her morning sewing.  In the afternoon I was driving from Bamberg to Allendale on a service call and ran out of gas.  Thankfully it was only about 5 minutes from home so Ina Sue very kindly brought me a little gas to get me to the nearest station.  In the afternoon  Ina Sue took the children and went to Lois Heatwole's for a "Creative Memories" party.  After we both got home we ate a quick little meal of grilled hotdogs out on our back porch.    Then I worked on more mowing while Ina Sue cleaned the porch.
While the children played together. We got up a little later than we should have on Wednesday morning.  Ina Sue had invited Mary Korver and her sister Miriam down for a tea party.  Miriam is down visiting from VA.  Gwen Amstutz was also invited.  Ina Sue rushed around getting food ready and I stayed a little later and tried to help get things around.  I went on in to work then and it sounded like their tea party went well.  The children played nicely on the back deck while the ladies chatted and sipped tea.  I came home around 2:30 from work and finished up the mowing while Ina Sue took a nap.  Then I worked up a section of garden and made the rows.  Ina Sue & Carolina planted about 6 rows of beans and 3 rows of corn.  We hope they come up better than the last planting of corn.   Landon was not feeling very good today and we could tell that he was breathing hard.  His little tummy was going in and out way to fast.  We are a little worried about him.
Helping plant the beans. I got up and went in to work at 7:30 on Thursday.  Landon seemed to be breathing a little easier today.   Ina Sue spent a fair amount of the day reorganizing and storing children's clothes away.  In the afternoon they all took a walk down to Trenda's, then stopped in to see Mary and then Ms. Naomi.  Ina Sue fixed us fried tenderloin, cous-cous and cauliflower with cheese for supper.  We took a break and just enjoyed being outside after supper.
Watching the lions at Riverbanks Zoo I took off from work all day on Friday.  We left around 9:00 for Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a really nice time at the zoo.  We thought Landon would really enjoy it but he was a bit reticent with quite a few of the animals.  The giraffe's especially spooked him.  They both really enjoyed riding the animal carousel.  We left around dinner time and picked up a quick bite at Wendy's before heading north toward Harrisonburg.  Landon had a rough trip and actually threw up a time or two on the road.  He must have eaten something that disagreed with him.  We stopped for a delicious and relaxing supper at Cracker Barrel in Roanoke then drove on to Grandpapa's.  Got there around 9:15.
My favorite animal at the zoo. Saturday morning I got up and around for my PRMC meeting at 8:00.  Papa, Mother, Sherman & Carolina Sue went to preparatory services at Mt. Pleasant while Ina Sue stayed home and helped get food ready for dinner.  Jerry Sensinig (their bishop) and a traveling companion came for dinner along with their wives.  We still weren't done with our PRMC meeting so I ate with the other board members at a Mexican restaurant before we finished up our meeting around 2:00.  When I got back to the Showalters they were still setting around the table visiting and finishing up dessert. 
Pizza supper at Ina Sue's home. After the company left Ina Sue took a short nap while I took the children for a walk.  Then we put the children down for naps while Ina Sue and I made our pilgrimage to Sharp Shopper and Costco.  We pretty much filled up the van!  In the evening we supplied a pizza supper for the parts of the family who where still there.