April 5, 2008

Visiting Randy's Dogs Sunday morning we went to church at Barnwell.  It looks like it will be the last Sunday morning we are going to be there for the next 3 weeks.  Ina Sue taught the Sunday school lesson on Josiah.  Nathan Goering was over from Hephzibah and preached for us on "Committment".  We got a last minute invitation to Myron Brubakers for dinner so we left our dinner in the fridge and gladly ate with them.  It was a wonderful dinner with peppered roast beef, mashed potatoes, baked asparagus, salad, and raspberry pie for dessert.  Wow.  Nathans were there also along with Dale Dickersons and Hendrick.  After dinner we came home for naps.  Richard Brubaker was visiting from VA and stopped in for a nice visit in the later afternoon.  At church in the evening the group from the New Life church in Springfield gave the prograrm.  Afterward we had refreshments and a nice time of fellowship.  Our children were getting pretty tired though and we had to get them home before too late for bed.
Playing Together Monday was pretty ordinary.  I made us a breakfast of pepperoni/egg bake.  It was a pretty dreary somewhat rainy day so Ina Sue didn't hang out any of the clothes.  We ate the beef enchiladas that I had made for Sunday for our Monday evening supper instead.  We had just began to take a little walk when it started to drizzle so we came back in and I played Carolina a couple games of Memory instead.  After the children went to bed I went back in to work until about 12:30.
Getting ready to plant tomatos Ina Sue made baked oatmeal for our breakfast on Tuesday then I headed off to work.  Ina Sue spent almost all day on a new Sunday dress for Carolina Sue.  She also cleaned out the car and the back porch then made us supper of asparagus, ham & egg gravy over toast.  We have really been enjoying the asparagus out of our garden this year.  After supper I babysat the children then got them all bathed and ready for bed while Ina Sue made a run up to Bamberg to do some shopping.
Mother multitasking... We got up in good time Wednesday and helped get the children ready so they and Ina Sue could go to Sewing Circle.  They actually didn't do any sewing today but instead went and sang at the local nursing homes.  Afterward they met back at the school for a salad bar lunch.  In the afternoon Ina Sue finished Carolina's new dress.  We went to prayer meeting in the evening.  Wendell H. spoke on the ordinance of the Prayer Veiling.  Very good and well covered.
Hephzibah 50'th anniversary It was rainy and chilly on Thursday.  I went to work again.  Ina Sue dropped the children off with Mary then went in to Bamberg for a baby appointment.  Everything still seems to be going well in that dept.  When she got back to Govan, Mary made them all sandwiches.  When I got through at work I stopped by Blimpies and picked us up some subs for supper.  Then I drove to the church and met Ina Sue and the children there to clean the church.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any key for the church so I had to drive back to Myrons to get a key.  It was a big job for just the two of us but we got done after about 2 hrs.  It is getting pretty cold tonight.
Saturday evening supper of BarBQ It was rainy Friday morning but cleared off during the day.  Ina Sue did her normal cleaning and I had a fairly routine day at work with several service calls and lots of misc. tasks.  For supper we had sloppy joes, baked carrot casserole and cole slaw.  After supper we went out and planted zucchini, squash, tomatoes and peppers.  I even went ahead and drove the tomatoe stakes while Ina Sue mulched them with hay.  Then Ina Sue cut Landon's hair while I made us an orange julius for a snack.  I went back in to work again after the children were in bed.  I am having a hard time getting the accounting work all done.
Fellowship over supper We got up Saturday morning to more rain.  It doesn't look real good for the 50'th anniversary celebration going on at Hephzibah this weekend...  I worked all morning on wiring up new doorbells.  We have been using a wireless doorbell system but I am getting sick and tired of replacing the batteries all the time.  This was a big job but now it is done and I shouldn't have to bother with it again.  Ina Sue spent most of her morning baking in the kitchen.  We left around 3:15 to drive over to Hephzibah for their celebration.  We got there just in time to share in the evening meal of BarBQ.  Delicious meal and so interesting to see all the folks from years gone by congregating back to Hephzibah again.  I was a little disappointed though that there weren't more of my generation back home.  Most of the ones who came for the event were from the generation before me...  Still very interesting.
  For the evening service, Glen Barnhart presented a slide show of all the pictures the committee had accumulated from years past.  Then Dad moderated a time of sharing of memories.   A highly enjoyable program.  Unfortunately, Landon was getting pretty tired and made it a little hard to concentrate.  After the program we went to Nevin & Kay K.'s for the a snack and bed.