March 29, 2008

The true "green eggs". Kay K. made us a light breakfast at Nevin's Sunday morning before we went to church at Hephzibah.  Elvin Eshleman preached on "The Power & Promise of the Resurrection".  After church we stopped back in at Nevin's to change clothes then drove down to the Waynesboro School to get with the rest of the family.  Dads, Duanes & Miltons provided the wonderful meal of Low Country Boil.  Uncle Kenneths and Gareths were the main attraction but Uncle Byards also joined us for the dinner and the afternoon.  We all played some softball in the afternoon then Ina Sue & I along with Kents & Laura served a supper of pancakes & waffles with gravy & lots of toppings and sausage patties on the side.   After supper we sat around and visited for a while then said goodbye to Uncle Kenneths and headed back to Govan.
Gareth, Karla, Landon, Lauren & Logan We were pretty tired Monday morning and slept in for a little.  Then I kissed the children goodbye and headed in to work.  Ina Sue started on the weekly laundry.  I worked it out where Ina Sue and the children would meet me in Bamberg at 4:00 to get our passport applications in.  Unfortunately the lady there did not like my passport photos so we had to put it off.  Carolina Sue was disappointed that she couldn't stay with Daddy so Ina Sue dropped in with them for a visit with Mrs. Thelma.   We had leftover chicken gravy over biscuits for supper then got the house straightened up in time for Uncle Howards to come by for their counsel meeting visit.  We had a really nice time sharing with them and didn't let them leave until after 10:30. :)
Uncle Kenneth & Aunt Phyllis After a quick breakfast on Tuesday I went in for a busy day at the shop.  Hendrick was teaching for Korwin Schrock today so that meant that I needed to be in the shop until John got in at 2:00.  I had several urgent calls waiting for me so it made for a more stressful day.  Ina Sue finished up the ironing from Monday and studied to teach Sunday school on Sunday.  She made us an asparagus puff pancade for supper.  Very good.  After supper I grilled a bunch of chicken breasts that Ina Sue had marinated for our chicken strip salad tomorrow evening.  Our gas grill wouldn't half burn so I drove in to Barnwell with the children to swap out the tanks.  Unfortunately, when I hooked the new one up it still wouldn't half burn.  I ended up having to dismantle and clean the burners and connections before it started working properly. 
Landon is thinking of joining the Pro Tour... I went in to work at 7:00 on Wednesday.  It was a big day for both of us.  I was on service calls all day while Ina Sue took care of the children, cleaned up the house, and made food for the evening.  I came home around 5:00 and helped in the kitchen for a while then worked at cleaning up outside and setting up for supper on the deck.  Our small group came over for supper and the evening.  We had chicken strip salad, breadsticks & dip, and peanut butter pie for dessert.  After supper we played some Amish Horseshoes outside then came in for fellowship.
Supper with our small group. Ina Sue made us scrambled eggs for breakfast on Thursday.  Not much happened out of ordinary.  I went to work.  Ina Sue spent much of the day sewing a dress for Carolina Sue.  She also finished studying for her lesson.  In the evening we worked outside and planted several rows of corn.  I think it is still a bit early but Ina Sue is in a hurry to get the garden planted.  After we came in and got the children to bed I worked for a while going through Wendell's Puerto Rico slides.  The PRMC is having a program in Harrisonburg Sunday evening and I'm trying to get these slides digitized.  Since I no longer have a slide scanner I am experimenting with projecting the pictures onto the wall and photographing them with my digital cameral.  The results range from very good to extremely poor...  And in the process I dropped my camera and knocked the lens out of alignment...  Oh well.
Josh lines one up while Merle looks on. A normal day on Friday with me at work and Ina Sue doing the weekly cleaning.  Carolina Sue & Landon went up and spent an hour or two playing with the Korver children.  Ina Sue did some sewing in the afternoon then made us spaghetti, green beans, and cabbage salad for supper.  I love spaghetti! :)  It was a beautiful evening and we spent a relaxed evening outside.  Walked down to the train tracks for a while but were disappointed that no train came while we were there.
The children enjoying playing together. We talked about doing a whole variety of different things on Saturday.  First I had offered Andy to help him with his house but he said he didn't really have things lined up to do.  Then we talked about all going to town for a while but I had some things I wanted to get done here at home too.  So, it ended up that Ina Sue went to Aiken for some shopping and a little outing from the children.  We stayed here and had fun.  First of all I hid the plastic eggs in the yard and the children had another egg hunt.  Then we took a wagon ride over to Wendell's to drop off our two new bags of pecans to be cracked.  After we got back we worked at cleaning all the old leaves and trash out of our fish pond and refilling it with new water.  While we were inside for lunch Andy called and said that he did have some work we could do in the afternoon on his house after all.  We quickly loaded up in the truck and went over there.  Andy's children were also there so my children enjoyed playing with them while Andy & I worked on getting things ready for the TJI joists on his ground floor. 
  Korwin & his brother Kendell came by and helped for about an hour or so.  We ended up getting all the TJI joists in place by about 5:00.  It is amazing how quickly a floor system goes together like that.  Landon got tired part way through the afternoon so Mary had taken him home with her little children for a nap.  I picked him up on my way home.  Ina Sue had a good time in town and didn't get home until about 6:30.  I had a PRMC phone conference call in the evening but otherwise a restful evening.  It started raining and sounds so nice outside our bedroom window.  After Ina Sue went to bed I made up a batch of beef enchiladas for our dinner tomorrow and also a big batch of hot smoked pecans to take for the potluck in the evening.