March 22, 2008

Our motley crew... We got ready and headed to church Sunday morning.  Ina Sue taught the ladies class.  Mark Hochstetler preached on "Forgiveness".  The wife said it was really good.  I couldn't tell because I had to spend most of the service walking in and out with Landon. :(   We came home to a wonderful dinner of fried Canadian bacon, baked asparagus casserole and ceasar salad.  To crown it off we had my pecan pie for dessert.  We all took a real nice rest then went on a walk together.  In the evening the youth presenting the service at church.  Children's meeting, special singing groups,  a testimony and a topic on "Peer Pressure" made for an interesting program.  We invited Lloyd & Emma Oberholtzer to come over after church and help us eat the rest of our pecan pie.  A very nice time visiting together.
Tornado took down this cell phone tower. I got up and exercised on Monday morning then made breakfast and worked on getting our passport photos ready.  Ina Sue started on the laundry.  Not long after I left for work Ina Sue realized that Landon & Carolina had been carrying scoop after scoop of laundry detergent from the laundry room to the back bathroom.  Needless to say, there was a whole trail of detergent all over the floor.  A real mess she said.  It was a lovely day to work outside and to hang up clothes on the line.  Ina Sue made us beef stroganoff over noodles with a fresh cole slaw for supper.  After supper we all drove up to Blackville and I worked for a while for an elderly lady there, patching up her floor, putting in handicap bars and other misc. jobs.  After Ina Sue visited for a while with the resident, she and the children drove on up to the Peachey's for a visit.  By the time we got home we were all ready for bed.
Finding Easter eggs. I made waffles for our breakfast on Tuesday.  Ina Sue said she didn't feel like she got much done today but she did have time to get some sewing done and to make us a delicious supper.  Citrus chicken & rice, bleu cheese salad and to crown it all off, a fresh strawberry pie.  What a treat.  After supper we worked on getting a devotional ready to share at the school tomorrow.We all got up and got ready in time to all go over to the school for the Chapel/Devotions.  I used a suggestion from my brother -in-law and I think everyone enjoyed the time.  From there I went on in to work.  Ina Sue took the children to Walmart and CVS then she had a back session with Dr. Greene before getting them all dinner at Burger King.  We had supper of leftovers then went to prayer meeting in the evening.  Uncle Enos led the topic on the ordinance of the "Holy Kiss".  We had a lovely slow rain tonight.
A late night fire just next door. Ina Sue made us scrambled eggs for breakfast on Thursday.  I went in to work a little early because Hendrick is substitute teaching today which means I have to take double duty.  I was a very busy day but John and Hendrick both came in during the later part of the afternoon.  Ina Sue spent much of the day cutting out two new dresses for Carolina Sue.  In the evening we had a cheddar meat loaf, potatoes w/ brown butter, and cheesy broccoli for supper.  After supper the children "helped" me pick up pecans while Ina Sue trimmed up the liriope.  We picked up two pretty good size buckets full of nuts.  We would have gotten many more but so many of the nuts were already starting to crack open and spoil.  Betty Heatwole brought us a delicious batch of sticky pecan rolls for a evening snack.
A lady we built a handicap ramp for. Friday was "Good Friday".  When you think of what Jesus went through for us on this day it seems a shame that more isn't done to commemorate it.  I did hear that our churches over in GA. did have Good Friday services this year.  I don't think  that was ever done before here in our southern churches.  We had barely gotten to bed by 12:00am last night and we soon started hearing our fire truck sirens going down the road.  We kept hearing more and more and finally Ina Sue said that she thought she could hear them stopping just down the road.  I got out of bed and looked out the front window.  The whole sky was glowing red.  When I got out on the front porch and looked down the road toward the East I could see flames leaping up over top of the pecan trees in the lot beside us.  It turned out that the fire was burning an old abandoned house just two houses away from us.  It was an old siding house and the fire trucks didn't have a chance of doing anything more then controlling it.   It was quite a lot of excitement for the sleepy town of Govan.  I would guess that there were probably close to 10 fire trucks on our little street. 
Supper at the clubhouse Since our water system is antiquated, they had to truck in the water to fight the fire.  After the fire started to die down we came back in and went to bed.  It was hard to sleep though with all the racket still going on outside.   Ina Sue spent most of the day cleaning and I spent the morning doing a series of service calls.  I was able to knock off and come home around 1:00 and we spent a restful afternoon doing things as a family.  We took a little walk down the street to see the smoldering ruins then I took care of the children while Ina Sue took the van up to Joe Byers for an oil change.  I spent an hour or so cleaning up and organizing the attic for my wife.  We threw away a lot of old boxes and I ended up giving my big Mach3 Radioshack speakers to Hendrick.  Carolina Sue and I made pizza for supper while Ina Sue cleaned up the house.  After supper the children and I went over to Carls for milk while Ina Sue worked on finances.
Landy rides his "gator" Saturday was quite busy.  I got up and left fairly early.   First of all I met a crowd of the youth up at Lloyd Oberholter's neighbors place.  After they go started with cleaning up trees that blew over in the hurricane,  I went up to Blackville to help the older lady we've been working with.  I repaired rot damage around her window, recaulked and sealed her porch roof, and repaired some more rotten places in her floor.  I got done around 12:00 and came home for dinner.  In the afternoon Ina Sue took a little nap while I cleaned up outside and did some mowing. 
Visiting with Uncle Kenneth. We all left for GA around 4:30.  We met the rest of my family and Uncle Kenneths at a beautiful clubhouse down by my Uncle Byards for supper.  Uncle Kenneth's daughter Karla was also there with her husband Gareth and three children.  We had supper of BarBQ pork, hash & rice, cole slaw, rolls, and three different trifles/puddings for dessert.  A very nice time visiting together then we left from there and went to Nevins for the night.