March 15, 2008

Myron Brubaker Family I stayed home from church Sunday morning to keep Landon.  He still has a bit of a fever and if very grumpy.  We decided to let Carolina stay home with us too since Ina Sue needed to teach Sunday school.  Gary Hege preached the sermon on "Sin".  Ina Sue was hostess today and we had Myron Brubakers, Ralph Dickersons, and Hendrick & Randy for dinner.  Ina Sue served us Slow Cooked Burger Balls & Sauce, Baked Macaroni, Green Bean Hollandaise Bake, and Cabbage Salad.  For dessert she had a chocolate brownie dessert with cherries and whipped cream.  After our guests left in the afternoon we all took a walk.  In the evening Ina Sue stayed home with Landon while Carolina Sue and I went to church for a song service.
Randy "Grass" Ocker I made us breakfast Monday morning then spent some time trying to repair our leaking washing machine.  We just had it repaired several months ago but it was leaking all over again.  It was a nasty job but I think I've got it stopped.  I headed in to work at about he regular time while Ina Sue kept on with the laundry.  Landon is still very fussy but didn't seem to have fever this morning.  We had Puerto Rican Beans & Pumpkin over rice along with baked corn for supper.  After supper we went out to the pecan tree between us and Hendrick and picked up two buckets of pecans.  Then we took the wagon with pecans and children for a walk over to Wendell & Naomi's.  They invited us in for a really nice visit.  Then home and to bed.
Ralph Dickerson Family (younger children) We slept in a little on Tuesday then I had a knock down drag out fight with Landon.  He was determined to have his own way and I was just as determined not to let him win the fight.  Time to go to work came and went & I was still dealing with him.  I didn't get left for work until about 10:00 then after starting a service call in Bamberg, Ina Sue called me and said that she didn't know what to do with Landon.  I came back home and had a little "prayer meeting" with Landon before he seemed to calm down.  We pray that we have some kind of break through with him soon....  Mary K. dropped her youngest children off here for a while in the afternoon.  Ina Sue made a batch of bread and made tater tot casserole for our supper and for Andy's.
Ryan & Alissa Dickerson I knocked off work around 5:00 and met Daniel Brubaker, Dwayne Stover and  Brent Hege to continue work on the wheelchair ramp we had started last Saturday.  We made good progress but it still got dark before we were finished with the railings.  We put up lights and continued work until about 9:30.  We were just so glad to be finished up.  I stopped at Reids on the way home and picked up fixings for subs.  Ina Sue and I ate our late night feast around 10:00.  Both of us were pretty tired.
Hotdog roast at Doris & Ashley's I made us French toast for breakfast on Wednesday then headed in to work.  Carolina Sue walked up to Mary's with Gilbert while Ina Sue painted the last coat of paint on the porch.  Then her and Landon met Carolina Sue and walked on up to Ms. Ashley & Ms. Doris's house for a hotdog roast.  Ms. Ashley had her students over for dinner and games and invited some of the neighboring ladies along to help supervise.  They let Carolina play along with them on their games and she had so much fun!  They played a variety of games then Ina Sue and the children walked back home.  After I got home from work we had tater tot casserole for supper then Carolina Sue and I drove over to Wendell Heatwoles to go through some Puerto Rico slides with them. 
Carolina Sue thought she was really "big stuff" to be able to participate. Landon woke up up about 5 or 6 times during the night.  I helped get the children dressed and fed Thursday morning then went in to work.  Ina Sue took the children with her and drove up to Columbia to meet with her good friend Louise Tice.  Louise's husband Ben had a meeting in Rock Hill so she came along then met Ina Sue in the middle.  We needed to get birth certificates for our children so Ina Sue stopped at DHEC in Columbia and picked them up. 
Our pansies do wonderful in the Spring. She actually met Louise there and they drove down to Finlay park for their get-together.  She had three children along so our children really enjoyed playing in the park with them while the mothers visited.  Ina Sue did a little shopping in Columbia then and got home around 5:30.  She was pretty tired after the long day.  I made us subs for supper then took the children for a walk while Ina Sue cleanup up a little and rested.
Carolina with Louise Tice's children Friday was a very normal day with me at work and Ina Sue taking care of the weekly housecleaning.  Ina Sue did make some pumpernickle rye bread and brought it in to the shop and made us reuben sandwiches for supper.  After we ate I kept Landon with me at the shop while Ina Sue & Carolina did some Walmart shopping.  Then they all went home while I got some accounting work done.  I got home around 12:00 so it wasn't too bad tonight.
A bouquet by Carolina Sue for Mommy. We had a wonderful day at home by ourselves on Saturday.  We ate a quick breakfast of cold cereal then I went out and did a little yard mowing while Ina Sue cleaned up inside.  I cleaned up and replanted part of the garden while Ina Sue finished cleaning the screen porch.  Then I took Landon with me to Barnwell to pick up some pine straw.  We brought home 20 bales and I spent most of the rest of the day spreading it around and making things look better.  I did find time to help Ina Sue clean up all the junk that had accumulated out behind our shed.  She's been wanting to get that done for quite some time and we finally accomplished it.  Ina Sue spent some time in the afternoon visiting with Hendrick and Randy then washed the car. 
Cleaning up behind the lean-to. Beth Dueck very kindly stopped by with ingredients for taco salad for supper tonight.  She said she wanted to show her appreciation to Ina Sue for her being willing to teach Sunday school with two small children.  What a blessing.  We really enjoyed it.  After supper I made up an asparagus cassrole for tomorrow and got out some Canadian bacon.  I also made us a pecan pie with some of the pecans Wendell has already cracked out for us.