January 25, 2008

Ms. Thelma & her admiring horde. It was good to be back at Barnwell for church after missing the last three Sundays.  Mark Hochstetler preached the message on "The Cost of Discipleship".  We had Korwin & Trenda Schrock down for a spur of the moment dinner invitation.  Chicken cordon blue, savory rice, green beans, spinach salad, custard and cookies made up the menu.  I invited them on the condition that they would go home immediately after dinner. :)  They did and I got down to studying for my topic in the evening.  I was assigned the topic.  "The Structure of the Church".  Daryl Brubaker talked on "The Mission of the Church". 
Aden & Ann Marie Diem. We slept in a little on Monday then I made pancakes while Ina Sue started the laundry.  It was very cold this morning. (around 26 degrees)  I spent the day at work then came home for a supper of taco soup.  After supper I played with the children for a while.  After I got them to bed I went back in to work for several hours.

Ina Sue made us breakfast of scrambled eggs on Tuesday.  I had a very full day at work.  After we closed the store at 6:00, I had a fellow come in to clean the carpet.  I had to stay around and clean up and move the furniture ahead of him.  It was hard work and we didn't get done until after 10:30.  Ina Sue took the children for a walk in the afternoon and stopped in at Andy & Mary's to visit.  They invited her and the children to stay for supper.

The children's table. My car has been in the shop for the last two days getting worked on so I've been driving the minivan.  Wednesday was a lovely day.  Ina Sue and the children took a long walk and she got in a bunch of scrapbooking.  I am still very busy at work with Hendrick still being at Bible School.  In the evening our small group met at the school with two other groups and played volleyball.  It was such a fun evening to visit and play together.  A good snack afterward too.
The youth visit. It turned colder on Thursday.  I went to work while Ina Sue kept the house and scrapbooked.  She is finishing up Carolina's book and starting on Landon's.  After I got off work we drove over to the school for a pancake fundraiser the high school is doing to pay for their trip to Washington DC.  Very tasty!  After we got done eating and visiting we drove in to Walmart for some groceries.
Daniel rips 2x4's for railings. I woke up feeling pretty rough Friday morning.  I went on it to work though while Ina Sue started the cleaning.  She had problems with her vacuum sweeper and had to fix it with duct tape....  It was much colder today.  I kept feeling worse throughout the day and ended up coming home around 4:30.  I went straight to bed and except for a quick bite of supper stayed in bed through the evening and night.  Ina Sue kindly took care of the children while she finished up the cleaning and washed the floors.
Partially completed project. Landon seems to have caught whatever is ailing me.  He woke up around 2:00 Saturday morning with fever and chills.  I held him through most of the rest of the night.  In the morning I still was feeling rough myself but left around 7:00 to meet with a group up the youth up in Blackville.  We spent the morning and part of the afternoon working to build a handicap ramp for an old lady there.  Some of the girls came too and helped clean up inside.  We had pizza for dinner.  I stayed until about 5:00 with a few of the youth who could but we still didn't get the project completed.    Ina Sue spent the day comforting her sick boy and trying to do some more scrapbooking.  When I got home Ina Sue was feeling pretty claustrophobic so I told her to go shopping while I kept the children.  She went up to Orangeburg and had a good old time doing what she enjoys.   She got home around 10:15.  We found out tonight that my sister Laura and Sheldon Keller are engaged!