January 10, 2008

Ina Sue had the camera in VA all week so there are no pictures of me or SC.            Playing with the Knicely children Ina Sue spent almost the whole day Thursday inside.  She did go out and picked up a replacement battery for our minivan.  The one that went bad was still under warranty. In the evening Aunt Mary came over and they discussed cross-stitching.  For supper Ina Sue fixed sweet & sour chicken over rice.  I meanwhile worked another long day until about 10:00 then came home and ate leftover egg-foo-young from last night's supper.
Storytime with Aunt Maude. Ina Sue and Carolina left at 7:00 Friday morning and drove up to Jeanne's in Maryland.  Landon stayed on the farm with Mother.  Ina Sue and Jeanne spent the day scrap booking while the children played.  They got Chinese carry-out for supper.  I knocked off from work at a more reasonable time and drove over to meet with Ms. Thelma for a pants fitting.  We had gotten our my suit pants modified by S&K menswear in Augusta but they did a very crummy job and the pants look terrible.  I am hoping that Ms. Thelma with her great sewing skill can modify them to fit me a bit better.  She seemed to think she could.
Scrapbooking with Jeanne. I left around 5:00 on Saturday morning and picked Nevin up in Augusta.  We drove up to Hartwell, GA to hook up the telephones for Heritage Bible School.  We got along fairly well and were back in Augusta by around 5:00.  We stopped and ate supper at Sticky Fingers.  Up in Maryland meanwhile, Ina Sue and Jeanne got back to scrapbooking.  For the two days she got 18 pages completed.  She is pretty happy about that.  She and Carolina left after a lunch of pizza and drove back down to Mt. Crawford.  They stopped at the mall in New Market to get in just a little more shopping.  They got back to Mt. Crawford around 5:00 and Landon was very glad to see his Mommy again.
Carolina Sue with the Martin cousins. Ina Sue got up in good time on Sunday to get the children all ready for church.  They went to Mt. Pleasant where Elvin Shank preached from Col. 2.  Papa left yesterday and drove down to Florida for CAM Disaster work.  Uncle Galen's Twila came home from church with Ina Sue and after dinner she kept the children while Ina Sue and Mother went to a hymn sing for the Mike Showalter clan.  In the evening she and the children went with mother to another hymn sing at Aunt Anna's for her birthday.  Meanwhile, hubby back in SC had an ordinary Sunday with a very restful nap in the afternoon.
Ladies brunch at Beth Hoovers. Monday morning Ina Sue took the children with her to Valley Structures (her old employer) to see her old friends Bonnie  and Toni.  After some more shopping they went back home where Ina Sue helped Mother with the laundry for a while.  Mother Showalter is making threee little dresses for her trio of granddaughters.  At 4:00 Jeanne surprised them all by showing up in VA.  They invited Lori (Robert) and her children to come up and spent the evening with them.  I went in to work early and worked until after 9:00 on service work.
Ina Sue hosted a lunch for old friends. Ina Sue had been planning to go to a brunch at Kathryn Good's Tuesday morning but plans changed due to some sickness in her family.  They met at Beth Hoovers instead.  She said it was a delicious brunch with all of her old crowd there to visit.  Jeanne left and drove back to Maryland around 2:00.  In the evening they relaxed around the house and did housework.  Meanwhile, in SC, Michael was working his head off.  Hendrick is off teaching bible school at Heritage so that leaves the computer side pretty short handed.  I am basically stuck in the shop until John gets in around 1:30 from school.  Then I have to rush to get any on-site calls done.   After closing time I have to try and catch up on the carry-in service work that comes in during the afternoon.  Home around 8:30 tonight.
The cousins all reading books. Ina Sue spent Wednesday morning cooking while Mother sewed on the girl's dresses.  In the evening she took the children with her to Anthony & Christina Zimmerman's for supper. 

I spent a busy day at the shop but had a nice relaxing supper with Korwin & Trenda  Schrock at Mi Ranchos.  I was trying to explore the possibility of him working for me in the shop but I don't think it is going to work out....  I think he would do very well but am afraid he has other ideas of what he wants to do.

  Ina Sue spent the day on Thursday shopping, cooking and getting ready for a supper in the evening.  She invited a bunch of her old single friends over for the evening.  The menu was chicken wild rice soup, cheesy garlic bread, spinach salad and ginger bread.  She said they had a really great evening reconnecting again.  I spent the day at work of course but enjoyed a delicious supper over at Carls.  (They were feeling sorry for this poor old abandoned man... :)