January 2, 2008

Back to the grind again on Wednesday.  I took Ina Sue's 400 lbs. of pecans over to Wendell Heatwole to crack before I left for work.  We are planning to have the store open today and tomorrow before closing through New Years.  Ina Sue drove in to town with the children and I met them and watched the children for an hour or so while she had a back appointment.  We had a fairly busy day at work.  When I got home we had supper of ham/broccoli quiche and pecan pie.  The children and I spent a while putting together their new wagon then taking them for a ride in the cold and dark...
I went in to work again on Thursday but was able to take off early at 2:00. I came home and surprised my thrilled wife.  We were able to get things packed up and left for Virginia around 3:30.  We had a good trip up and arrived at her home around 10:30.  The children traveled very well and slept a good bit of the time.
Ina Sue made all of us breakfast casserole for a brunch Friday morning.  Roberts came up from New Hope and Keiths were down from Hagerstown.  We all had a nice time eating and visiting together.  We all rested a bit in the afternoon then got up in time for a big supper and our "Christmas" in the evening.  Mother Showalter made us Louisiana Gumbo, ham buns, fruit, fruitcake, cranberry sauce, and cheeseball for the supper.  Then we gave our gifts to each other.   A very nice time together with family.  Unfortunately Uncle Sherman was in FL for a volleyball tournament so we missed him.
We slept in a bit Saturday morning then I helped Ina Sue make up a fruit tray to take to the Warren Showalter get-together at the Hickory Hollow school.  We shared a delicious pot-luck dinner together but didn't stay too late because Landon was getting pretty tired and fussy.  We did distribute most of the 400 lbs of cracked pecans that we had brought up.  We went home and the children got their naps.  We had a restful evening around the house.  Papa & I took the children along with us to IGA and to wash the car.
We went to Mt. Pleasant for church Sunday morning.  They had a visiting minister from PA (Richard Burkholder) who spoke from Phil. 3&4.  We came home to another delicious lunch.  Canadian bacon, potatoes, corn & lima beans, salad, cranberry salad, and a whole variety of desserts.  We had a rest in the afternoon then Chad & Becky McMurray and their family dropped in for supper and the evening.  A nice time together.
I got up and around Monday morning and left for SC around 7:30 with Myron Brubakers.  The wife and children stayed in Virginia to continue their vacation.  We stopped for a late breakfast at Shoneys but otherwise made very good time.  I was back in our home in Govan by 3:00.  Aunt Marsha had to go to the hospital this morning for surgery on her leg.  She had a 4-wheeler wreck a couple weeks ago and bruised her leg badly.  A large blood clot has formed so they did surgery to remove the clot and built up fluid.  Ina Sue helped Mother with the laundry.  In the evening Carolina Sue went with Uncle Sherman to the youth volleyball game.  Didn't she think she was hot stuff!!  Ina Sue went and picked her up and took part in the refreshments.  She stayed up and read till the new year came in.
I had a busy day at work Tuesday.  In the evening I stayed and did accounting work until about 10:30.  Meanwhile in VA, Ina Sue and Carolina drove up to see Chad & Becky's house that they are building.  She said it is pretty immense!  They do have a pretty large family so it will be used I'm sure.  A cold snap has come in to VA so it was pretty bitter cold.  In the evening they went to a Harmonia Sacra singing at Weavers then to Uncle Galen's for a party.  These Showalters sure know how to party!!!!
It was bitter cold and windy in VA when they got up Wednesday morning.  Mother, Marsha, Ina Sue and the children drove down to New Hope to see the new dairy barn that Marsha & Robert are building.  After they got back from that Ina Sue took the children with her to visit her old friend Sonia Knicely.  She said they had a wonderful time visiting and the children enjoyed their time together too.  In the evening Elvin, Sandra & Faith Shank came over to visit the recuperating Aunt Marsha.  Our car has been having some issues with starting properly so Papa took it this evening to get it fixed.

For me in SC it was another hectic and busy day.  I worked late again and picked up a plate of Chinese food on my way home around 9:30.