December 27, 2007

Bedtime stories. I got up early on Sunday morning to study to teach Sunday school.  Carolina Sue sat with me while I taught this morning.  Gary Hege preached.  We came home for a dinner of leftover pizza and spinach salad.  After we finally got the tigers to sleep we were able to get a little sleep ourselves.   In the evening we went to church for a Christmas service with singing and testimonies.
Christmas morning. Monday was Christmas Eve.  We were pretty busy.  I went in to work at 6:00.  Ina Sue got up about a half hour later and started on the laundry.  It was a cold morning.  We kept the store open until about 3:00 in the afternoon then shut down.  I had a meeting with my business partner Steven Brubaker for several hours until supper.  Ina Sue fixed us a big spread for our supper.  Burger balls in sauce, stuffed potatoes, zipper peas, cole slaw.  Delicious.  After supper I helped with the dishes and finishing up the clothes.  Then we knocked off to celebrate Christmas Eve.
A new wagon.  
Watching a funny video clip on Dad's comp. Tuesday was Christmas Day.  We had a really nice family time with just us.  Read Christmas stories, sang songs etc.  Then we gave our gifts.  We gave the children a wagon and a few other small goodies.  I made us waffles and sausage gravy for breakfast.  We were able to leave for my home in GA around 9:30.  All of the Strite clan were together at Dad's to celebrate Christmas.   
Milton plays his banjo. The family just keeps growing and makes Dad's house pretty full when we are all there.  Mother made us the Christmas feast at dinner of ham balls, sweet potatoe souffle, collards, beans, a dish of carrots, peas and onions with rosemary, cranberry ring, pecan and rhubarb pies.
Duane's little boy Stuart. We had a nice afternoon visiting and playing together.  Part way through the afternoon we all got together outside for a casual family portrait.  For supper in the evening we all brought dishes to share.  It was quite a spread!  Everything from eggrolls to cheeseball.  Artichoke dip to jalapeno sausage squares.  After supper we got in a few games of Dutch Blitz and ping pong.  We left soon after 9:00 to head back to Govan.  It was raining most of the way home.
My wife the ping-pong ace. Strite Family 2007 (click to enlarge)