December 22, 2007

Gordon Amstutz family was here for lunch. Gerald Eshleman preached the sermon for us Sunday morning on "The Dayspring on High has Visited Us".  We had Gordon Amstuzs over for a last minute dinner invitation.  Puerto Rican turkey, dressing balls, gravy, green beans, cole slaw and ice cream pie for dessert.  We had agreed with them that they would split right after eating and so they did.  (Gordon had to sing with the men's group in the evening and they had a pretty full afternoon.)  We did really enjoy our visiting over the dinner table though.  We all took a little nap then and in the evening we went to church.  Duane Bange & Uncle Howard had topics on "The Lovely Church".  An interesting service!
"Pops" on the back deck. Monday was a normal workday.  Laundry for Ina Sue and normal service calls for me.  Myron and Jane had a few computer issues they wanted me to look at so we all went over there for a sauerkraut & and pork supper.  She also had mashed potatoes.  One of my favorite meals.  After supper I helped with the computer while the rest of the family visited and played with toys.  After we got back home I went in to the shop from about 10:30 until 4:00.
Lloyd & Emma install our new cabinets. I was pretty tired still on Tuesday morning so I slept in until about 7:30.  We ate a quick breakfast then I went with Carl over to the Aiken Hospital to try to negotiate a discount for our Brotherhood Aid program there.  Ina Sue finished up her Christmas mail and put it in the mailbox.   Then she and the children spent some time picking up pecans up on the square.  She wrapped the rest of our Christmas presents then came in and met me at the shop.  Lloyd & Emma Oberholtzer were there at the shop in the late afternoon evening to install our new custom built Alltel counter.  I stayed to help him and the the rest of the family hung around.  We ordered in Mexican food from Mi Rancho for supper.  Ina Sue helped with some cleaning.  After we finished up, Ina Sue took the children home while I did some quick grocery shopping.
Blowing the leaves together. Wednesday was ordinary.  I went off to work for a normal day while Ina Sue stayed home with the children.  They made a batch of cookies and made up some cheeseball.  In the evening we went to the school Christmas program.  They gave a very nice program.  We really enjoyed it.  Afterward we had the regular delicious finger good carry-in. 
then, mulching & bagging them. I had planned to take care of a quick call Thursday morning then come home and surprise my wife.  Unfortunately, the short call lasted much longer than I had wanted and I didn't get home until about 2:00.  Ina Sue spent the morning cleaning house and baking cookies.  After I got home we worked at getting ready for the evening.  Our small group met here at our house to make up Christmas cookie plates then went caroling around Govan.  It was just Leon Duecks, Josh Heatwoles and ourselves.  We made a pretty small group but it went pretty good.  Then back to our house for a snack/supper.  Ham sandwiches, cheeseball, pretzels, pineapple, lots of cookies, candy and wassail.
The litter pickup crew. We woke up Friday to the lovely sound of rain.  Ina Sue babysat Patrick & Bethany's girls while I headed off to work.  The children had lots of fun playing together.  Ina Sue worked for a while getting our Quicken updated.  For supper we had pizza pie and spinach salad.  A lazy evening at home.
  I started out our big day Saturday by driving over to Nelson Hochstetlers and borrowing his big mower and mulcher/bagger.  I spent an hour or two bagging our leaves then went to help the church youth pick up trash along Rt. 70.  Ina Sue did the household chores then took the children outside to enjoy the beautiful day.  While I was gone and 86 year-old man stopped by and visited with my wife for a while.  He said that he had spent many a night in our house years ago.  After I got back from litter duty, we continued working on mulching and bagging all the leaves on our yard and shrubbery beds.  It sure looks a lot better after we got finished.  In the evening we drove up to Orangeburg so the children could see the Christmas lights.  We ate supper at IHOP then went to Lowes for some pansies.  They closed their doors just as we were driving up.  What a bite!  Home to our beds.