December 15, 2007

Dad & Mom on his 68'th birthday. Wendell Heatwole preached Sunday morning on "The Winter of Life".  It was an intersting look at the concept of winter and how it is used allegorically in the Bible.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the weather did not fit with the sermon.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day.  We came home and had pork tenderloin, cabbage casserole, and jello salad for dinner.  We got in some rest in the afternoon then went to church in the evening for a song service.  The Barnwell Mennonite Chorale sang a couple of really nice songs in the middle of the service.
The family & significant others... Ina Sue made up breakfast burritos for us Monday morning then started on the wash.  I got the children up and ready for the day then headed off to work.  After the day of work I came home to a delicious meal of ham stuffed chicken breasts, couscous, and zipper peas.  Then I entertained the children for several hours while Ina Sue went on a shopping expedition to Walmart.  While we were waiting on her to get home we drove over to Carl's and did a little computer work for him.
Kent mugs Kay K. on the road to Joppa... Tuesday was another beautiful warm winter day.  We slept in a little this morning then I headed in to work.  Ina Sue and the children spent some time picking up more pecans.  While Ina Sue was trying to finish up the laundry the washing machine started leaking really bad out of the bottom.  She called me and we decided to call Neeley's and see if they could repair it reasonably.  They got one of their men to come out that very afternoon and said that he had it fixed.  We had sloppy joes for supper.  We were both pretty tired so we entertained the children and tried to rest.
The business lady cannot even call for help. I had a really full day on Wednesday with a number of service calls up around Columbia.  I was hooking up Sonicwall firewalls and setting up VPN's for a chain of convenience stores.  I ran into some hassles with the store in Swansea, SC but the other one went very well.  Was able to get home by around 5:00.  This morning when Ina Sue went to use the washer she was very disappointed to find that it was still leaking pretty badly.  I called Neeley's back and they sent their man back out to take a look at it.  He said it was just a bad pipe clamp and seems to have fixed the problem.  Ina Sue wrapped some Christmas gifts (for under our tree;) and made up a batch of Monster cookies.  After a light supper she helped me stuff a Puerto Rican turkey.  Our kitchen smells pretty garlicky right now!  After we got that done she went to bed and I headed back into work for some late night accounting.
The homemaker passes on by. I got home from work about 2:30 Thursday morning.  We got slept in a little to help me catch up on sleep then I rushed off to work while Ina Sue got the children dressed then started washing windows.  I came home from work around 4:00 and we all loaded up in the minivan and drove to Hephzibah to celebrate Dad's 68'th bithday.  Duane and Janice hosted the event at their new house.  Everyone contributed to a smorgasbord of delicious foods.  After supper we divided up into two groups and performed a number of skits to everyone's great amusement.  For a change, everyone had gotten babysitters for the children.  Our children stayed over at Milton & Karen's house where Kari Hobbs and the Goering girls babysat and entertained.  The more restfull atmosphere was really nice for one time.
Even the retired carpenter is so concerned about setting his clock that he passes by... I spent the day at work on Friday.  Ina Sue spent time getting our Christmas letter wrote up.    After I got home from work I took the children for a walk so Ina Sue could relax.  The children can get pretty stressful some days!  After we got back and the children were in bed, she helped me put the Puerto Rican turkey in to bake.  It had been marinating since Wednesday evening. 
Finally the hip young youth stops his music to offer the much needed aid.... Saturday was a lovely day at home.  We didn't get a whole lot done but really enjoyed doing it. :)   First we had breakfast then worked to get the turkey all cut off the bones.  I went over to Ivan Skrivseth's to use some of his woodworking equipment to make up some hook boards for the children's bedroom.  In the afternoon it started a really nice little rain shower.  I went in to work to catch up on some projects for a couple hours.  We took Landon's pacifier away from him this evening.  He really wanted it pretty bad when he went to bed but we stayed firm.
Carolina plays "Yertle the Turtle"