December 1, 2007

Jasmine Cottage in Fall Gary Hege preached a good message Sunday morning on Our Relationship with Christ as a Marriage Relationship.  Unfortunately we had numerous disciplinary issues with our children and probably didn't get as much from it as we should have....  We came home to a dinner of Romanian sarmales.  Hendrick joined us for lunch.  After dinner I took the children for a long walk while Ina Sue washed the dishes and started her nap.  After we got back we all went to bed for a while.  In the evening we went to church and heard the Calvary church from Blackville present the service.  They had a very good and interesting service.  Afterward we all shared together in a fellowship meal.
Just out of bed I made "washals" (Carolina's term for waffles) for breakfast Monday.  It was a fairly dreary day with light showers through-out.  We do really need the rain but actually didn't get very much.  I went in to work and Ina Sue did the usual Monday washing.  A nice quiet evening at home....
Carolina & Ashleigh Tuesday turned out to be a beautiful Fall day.  Ina Sue baked bread for us and finished up the ironing.  Then, she and the children took a walk down to the Govan Square and picked up a few more pecans.  I had a really busy day at work but was able to get home soon after 6:00 for a special supper.  We had Ashleigh, our first grade teacher over to eat with us.  Ina Sue fixed upside down pizza, green beans, and spinach salad.  We had a really good time visiting then after she left I worked for a while mounting our new back porch screen door.
Our old ceremic tile counters Lloyd & Emma Oberholtzer arrived at 8:00 Wednesday morning to begin work on our kitchen counters.  We worked to get everything cleaned off of the cabinets then they got right to work tearing up the old tile.  Ina Sue had an appointment with the back doctor and dropped the children off with Aunt Miriam while she was gone.  I had a very busy day at work and since our kitchen was all torn up Ina Sue brought the children in with her to Barnwell and we all ate supper at Blimpies.
Lloyd & Emma begin the destruction The work in our kitchen continued on Thursday.  The old counter was built with two layers of plywood glued tightly together.  Lloyd had to work and work to get the layers separated because he wanted to retain the bottom layer.  He had to do quite a bit of sanding which made lots of dust....  I went off to work at the regular time but knocked off mid afternoon and met Ina Sue at Neeley's Appliance in Denmark to pick out a dish washer.  We pretty much decided on what we wanted to get. 
Our dining room became a store room After I finished a couple of calls in Denmark I came home and crawled under the house to run a new electric circuit to the dishwasher.    That was a bit of hassle but I got it done and was able to help Lloyd carry in our new kitchen counters.  He made them in two sections at this shop then needed to make the one joint here in place.  He got it glued before they left around 9:30.  We think it looks really nice!
Buffing the new countertops Lloyd & Emma continued their work on Friday.  I needed to go into work but Ina Sue said that Lloyd had a really difficult time getting the dishwasher in place and plumbed.  Ina Sue spent part of her day cleaning up the back porch.  She and the children also picked up some more pecans.  It was a lovely sunny day.  Lloyd was still working at supper time so I brought home some subs, fresh veggies & ice cream floats for us all for supper.  Lloyd and Emma ate a quick bite with us then worked hard to get everything finished up.  The job is all done except for some minor things he needs to do in the shop.  They left a little after 10:00 and we were left to admire our new counter-tops.  They will be so much more practical then the old ceramic tile ones.
Landy gets his haircut. Saturday was extremely busy!  We started off by housecleaning the kitchen and washing off all the walls, cabinets & drapes.  The dust was pretty thick.  Then we started putting stuff back in place.  Since the dishwasher used up some of our old cabinet space we had to find new places for some of our stuff.  We got the kitchen pretty much together by dinner time then I worked outside while Ina Sue finished up the cleaning and the final touches on the kitchen.  I put up vinyl siding on a couple sections of the screen porch that still needed it then cleaned off our asparagus bed, mowed the front yard, blew leaves and cleaned up outside.   Ina Sue spent her afternoon making breadsticks and deviled eggs for the Govan picnic.  She also was able to fit in a little nap while the children slept.
The "Lancaster Street Singers" provide sacred selections at the Govan Picnic In the evening we went over to the Govan Christmas picnic at 5:30.  There was a very good turnout this year with even more people then would fit at the tables.  The mayor had a little program before supper including some singing by our Lancaster Street neighbors.  (Wendell Heatwole, Mike Epperson, Josh Heatwole & Korwin Schrock)  There was piles of delicious food and good fellowship with our neighbors.  A very nice time!  After we got home we worked for a while straightening up the house then knocked off for the Sabaath....
We had a full crowd this year at the picnic.