November 17, 2007

Sunday supper with Grandpa's Ina Sue got us dinner together before we left for church Sunday morning.  Bro. Carl preached a very informative and thought-provoking sermon on "No Joy in the Journey".  It was about depression and specifically clinical depression.  It was a different style of sermon but I thought he presented it and tied it in very well with the Bible.  After church we got an invitation to James & Esther Bange's for dinner so we hurried home and put Ina Sue's dinner in the fridge for later and went to the Bange's instead.  She served us a delicious dinner and we enjoyed the fellowship with Chad Brubakers, Dewayne Stovers, Joshua Heatwole's and Merle Diems.  We came home at 2:30 and put the children to bed for short naps...
After church snack at Uncle Byards. We got the children back up at 4:00 and left for Hephzibah.  We stopped at Dads for a delicious supper of Laura's soft pretzels.  Jean Coblentz was there and Sheldon Keller also.  Dad & Mom rode along with us to the service at Burkeland in the evening.  It was the ordination service for Tim & Lydia Groff.  I don't think I've ever seen the Burkeland church so packed!  I think Tim will be a great addition to the ministry there.  I've never heard anything but the highest praise for him and his family.  After church we went over to Uncle Byards to see some of their recent renovations and to visit with them and Uncle James's over a snack.  We had a nice time but it was late before we got left.  Home at 12:30am....
A beautiful maple on the way to Denmark.. We were tired from the late night on Monday morning but I got up and exercised while Ina Sue started the laundry.  It was a gorgeous day outside.  These are the days when the South really shines!  I worked a full day at the shop then came home to a delicious supper (left from the aborted lunch on Sunday)  After supper I folded the laundry for Ina Sue while she took care of the children. 
Ina Sue made us breakfast of waffles on Tuesday.  She was blessed to have Carolyn Heatwole come over for part of the day while Betty was in Columbia at the women's prison.  They picked up quite a few pecans off of Hendrick's trees.  For supper Ina Sue made us ham quiche and California blend.  After supper I worked for quite a while on the computer getting pictures of Landon ready to send off to be printed for his photo album.
Trying to work on the computer... Wednesday was another absolutely beautiful day.  A little chilly in the morning but warming up wonderfully during the day.  Ina Sue and Mary Korver picked up some pecans together in the morning.  I was able to get off work just a little bit early and got home in time for Carl Heatwoles to pick us up at 6:00.  Since he is the conference treasurer, he has very kindly made it part of his job to treat the bookkeeper out each year.  He and Grace took Ina Sue & I to eat at the Chestnut Grill in Orangeburg.  We had a very nice evening visiting and the food was wonderful.  I had a rack of babyback ribs while Ina Sue had a grilled chicken salad.  Ina Sue took the children over to Marcia to spend the evening while we were gone.  It seemed so peaceful to not have to spend the whole meal time responding to children's needs and wants...  :)  We love our children but a break was really enjoyable.
Me, Todd & Kent at the picnic last week. After we got home from supper we got a call from my sister Laura to let us know about a terrible accident that Kent's boy Todd had.  About a year ago, Todd was hit in the eye with a lead weight that his brothers were using to practice their rod & reel casting with.  The weight actually detached his retina and caused tremendous pressure to build up.  As a result of the pressure he lost all sight in that eye.  Now Laura told us that he had caught a clothes hanger in his good eye and punctured the eyeball.  Kents were currently with him in the emergency room where they were praying that this eye could be saved.  It seems almost impossible that God would allow two completely separate accidents to take his sight entirely from him...  We are certainly praying...
Randy, Joel & Sara Ocker We got a call from Dad on Thursday morning to give us some good news.  The eye doctor that examined Todd last evening does not think that his eyeball was actually punctured and believes that it will heal without permanent harm.  There was even some other good in his doctor visit.  While examining his hurt eye the doctor realized that his blinded eye was actually following his light.  After some further tests they believe that it may be possible for him to have some vision in the other eye after all.  Praise God!
I planned to take the day off on but had to go in for a quick service call in the morning.  I took Carolina Sue along with me while Ina Sue took Landon to Dr. Glenn's office for his 1-year shots.  They gave him five separate shots and he was NOT impressed.  On the way home she stopped at the courthouse and paid our car taxes.  The parking lot there was packed out and she found out the court was in session in the case of James Brown's estate.  I read on the news later that my good friend David Cannon from Barnwell was on the stand at least part of the time.  He was James Brown's accountant for many years and is embroiled in the whole controversy over the estate.  In the afternoon I planted some pansies around our mailbox & signpost.  Ina Sue picked up more pecans.  For supper I fixed us fried chicken, couscous and pickled beets.  After supper I entertained the children while Ina Sue did the dishes and made up cinnamon rolls for our morning meeting at work tomorrow.
Putting up new screen on the back porch It was much colder when we got up Friday morning.  I went in to work at 6:30 to get ready for our employee meeting.  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning and cooking for our supper in the evening.  I got home just in time to greet our company and sit down and eat.  Ina Sue fixed pizza, corn & salad for our supper with Randy Ocker and Joel & Sara Ocker.  For dessert she served us a wonderful icecream pie with peanut butter/rice crispie crust.  After supper we visited and played several games of "Apples to Apples".  A nice evening.
Carolina helps with the new siding... We slept in till 7:30 on Saturday.  Then I worked on a stuck back bathroom window for a while until Ina Sue had breakfast/brunch ready for us.  She made us pancakes and sausage gravy.  After breakfast I worked on re-screening our back porch and putting up some new vinyl siding on sections that the plywood was deteriorating on.  Around 11:00 we all piled in the van and ran some errands.  We stopped at Brookers and ordered some paint for our back porch floor, then I dropped Ina Sue & Carolina off at our new Piggly Wiggly in Denmark while Landon & I drove on up to Sanders Building Supply to pick up some vinyl siding pieces that I needed.  We barely made it there by their closing time at 12:00 but were able to get what we needed.  Then back to Piggly Wiggly to pick up the ladies before finishing with a dinner/snack from Nelson's WeeBake.   In the afternoon I continued my work on the back porch while Ina Sue picked up sticks, watched the children, and pulled out annual plants that the frost killed.  After a light supper I took the children with me to Denmark to wash the car and get gas while Ina Sue washed the dishes and the floors.