November 3, 2007

A delicious Sunday dinner... I woke up Sunday morning with a bit of a headache.  We went ahead and got the children dressed and went on to church anyway.  Bro. Gary preached but I had a hard time concentrating.  I felt feverish and throbbing headache.  We came home and I took care of the children while Ina Sue threw us together a delicious dinner of ham biscuit rollups with cheese sauce, salad and lemon meringue pie for dessert.  After dinner we put the children to bed then went to bed ourselves.  I definitely wasn't feeling any better by the evening so Ina Sue took the children with her to church.  The Steve Keupfer family from Northern Youth Programs gave the program.  After they got back home Ina Sue made us a delicious cup of tea to sip together before going back to bed.
Mother & girl in matching new dresses Ina Sue said I snored really badly Monday morning so she got up at 5:30 to start the laundry.  I am still fighting my headache but felt like I had to go in to work.  It was a much cooler day today.  Definitely feeling like fall weather.  Ina Sue baked some chicken divan over rice and took it to the Korvers as a gift for Mary's birthday.  She made enough for us to eat for our supper too.  A nice evening at home.  I think my headache is getting better.
Taking puppy for a wagon ride. I went in to work at the normal time on Tuesday.  Mary K. dropped her children off here with Ina Sue for the morning.  In between taking care of children, Ina Sue did some sewing and worked on getting our Quicken all caught up.  I came home a little early and worked on re-painting our front porch railing.  It is looking much better I think!  I am just using aerosol KILZ and I ran out of paint so Ina Sue took the children with her to Brookers to get some more.  She made us chili soup and corn bread for supper.  After supper Carolina helped me get our lettuce bed ready in the greenhouse and plant some lettuce plants and spinach.
Planting lettuce in the greenhouse. I helped get the children dressed and ready before I left for work on Wednesday.  Ina Sue had a back appointment so she dropped the children off with Mary K. while she got that taken care of.  I had a busy day at work but called Ina Sue in the evening and told her I would fix supper.  She went ahead and fed the children some noodles before I got home.  It took me until about 8:00 to fix Curried Chicken over rice, BarBQ Green Beans and CousCous with Nuts & Currants (out of a box :)  We put the children to bed and enjoyed a quite supper together without interruption.
Michael made the supper Tuesday. I left around 6:30 Thursday for work.  It was a lovely fall day and Ina Sue decided to make use of it to scrup off the front porch.  She scrubbed the ceiling, soffet, siding, entrance, & floor.  She was pretty tired by the time I got home from work.  She did find time to make us some delicious strombolie and salad for supper.  What a wife!  After supper I did the dishes while she sewed on a dress for Carolina.
Kendra looks through Carolina's favorite magazine. I worked in the shop almost all day on Friday.  It seemed like I hardly got anything done but was extremely busy the whole day.  Ina Sue said that Landon was really fussy all day.  She got the Friday housecleaning all done then got supper ready for our company tonight.  We invited our neighbor, Wayne Gunnells along with Chad & Kendra Brubaker for supper.  Ina Sue fixed us poor man's steak (grilled), mashed potatoes, baked corn, salad and a pumpkin chiffon pie for dessert.  We had a really nice time visiting after supper then after the company left and the children were back in bed, I drove back in to work for a couple of hours yet.
We enjoyed visiting with our neighbor, Wayne Gunnels. We had a lovely day at home together on Saturday.  The weather was lovely; cool in the morning and warming up through the afternoon.  We made a run up to Driftwood Nursery in the morning to pick up some plants for between our house and the deck.  On the way through Denmark we splurged and bought our breakfast from McDonalds.  Carolina was crushed that she couldn't get out and play in the playground. (It was locked up)  Thankfully we were the only customers at Driftwood this morning so we had Ms. Connie's undivided attention.  We were pretty happy with what all we picked out. 
Our acquisitions from Driftwood Nursery. After we got back to Govan, Ina Sue started scrambling to make food for the evening.  I cleaned and vacuumed the minivan, finished painting the porch railings, and cleaned up in the back.  As I cleaned the van I realized that we must have left our stroller up at Driftwood Nursery... So I took Carolina with me and we drove up and got it then stopped at Brookers for some "Black Kow" fertilizer to add in to the shrubbery bed. 
Evening with Kents at the Riverwalk. Around 5:00 we left for Augusta.  We met my brother Kent and his family at the Riverwalk and shared a picnic supper there together.  It was a lovely evening and thoroughly enjoyed.  The only bad spot was just as we started eating and Carolina Sue informed us that she needed to go potty.  I could not find any restrooms nearby so I took her and we started walking down the riverwalk.  After about 10 minutes of walking I started seeing signs directing to "Public Restrooms".  Unfortunately, there were no restrooms to be found where they said they should be.  I asked a nearby policeman where the restrooms were and he said, "There used to be some Porta-Potties over there but I don't know what they did with them".  By this time Carolina was telling me that she needed to go REALLY BAD!  After walking down the river a little I was delighted to find us on a deserted stretch.  We quickly decamped off the walk, down along the riverbank and Carolina Sue finally got to take care of her business.  Then, another 15 minute walk back to our picnic area.  I was less than impressed with Georgia's accommodations.  After finishing our supper of stromboli, vegetables & dip, chips, iced tea and apple bars, we had a more leisurely stroll along the Riverwalk than just sat and talked for a while before heading back to SC.  We got home aound 10:00 (9:00 on the new non-Daylight Savings time)  A very nice evening!