October 27, 2007

Morning & blankets. Ina Sue woke up Sunday morning with her throat still really sore and her glands in her throat swollen way up.  I took the children with me to church while she stayed home and rested.  When we got home she was still in bed.  I made us dinner of hamburger helper :) then the children & I took a long walk around the neighborhood.  By the time we got back home they were ready to go down for their naps.  In the evening I took Carolina Sue with me to church while Landy stayed home with Mommy.  Mel Sweigart from the Springfield church brought a message on "Ministering to our Neighbors". 
Ina Sue played a game of volleyball Not much happened on Monday.  I went to work and Ina Sue did the wash.  It was a lovely fall day and Ina Sue said that her throat is starting to feel a little better.  We had a nice evening together at home.  Ina Sue did a little sewing while I bathed and got the children ready for bed.`
While Michael looks on impassively... I made us egg gravy and toast for breakfast on Tuesday then headed off to work.  Ina Sue spent all her spare moments today sewing on a new dress for Carolina Sue.  She has it almost done.   Ina Sue fixed us a delicious supper of baked chicken, curried rice & zipper peas.  Another evening at home.  We have really been enjoying a more relaxed schedule.
Birthday party afterward. It rained off and on throughout the day on Wednesday.  We were so thankful for the rain although it didn't amount to a whole lot.  In the evening we met together at the school with our small group and Dale Dickerson's group for a volleyball game and light supper in celebration of Hendrick & Joel Heatwole's birthdays.  A nice time!
The birthday man receives congratulations from his adoring sidekick. We slept in for a little Thursday morning then I rushed to work while Ina Sue started on another batch of bread.  She also cut out another dress for Carolina Sue.  I had planned to do a couple quick jobs at work then be home by lunch but it turned out to be after 2:00 before I got home.  We worked for a while on scraping loose paint off of our front porch railings.  It is a bit aggravating to have to work on repainting them so soon after we did a very thorough paint job on them about 2 years ago.  This time I'm planning to just spray paint Kilz on them in place.  After I scraped the loose paint off, Ina Sue spent several hours scrubbing off the mildew and dirt on them while I went on a service call to Denmark.   After getting her and the Mrs. in bed I drove in to work to finish the day.
At Mary Korver's big birthday bash. I didn't get back from work until about 2:00 Friday morning.  We had a lovely rain through most of the day.  I would guess probably about half an inch in a slow continuous shower.  Ina Sue did the normal Friday cleaning.  I drove up to Clarendon to the Grant plant for a service call in the morning then dropped by Plain or Fancy Signs in the afternoon for some more work.  In the evening I kept the children while Ina Sue went to the school to help celebrate Mary Korver's 40'th birthday.
Daddy made Carolina a pancake man. We felt "ornery" in the Virginia sense on Saturday morning.  For those of you who don't know, my wife's clan equate's "ornery" with "lazy".  In other words, we slept in!  I made us pancakes and sausage gravy for a late breakfast / brunch.  I drove over to Carls and picked up his skid loader for some work I wanted to do around the back yard.  We cleaned up loose bricks and I scooped many loads of dirt out of the back field to landscape around our new concrete walks. 
Acting like big stuff in a skid-loader. When we were over at Carl's he gave us an immense lemon off of one of his trees.  Ina Sue brought it home and used half of it to make us a pitcher of lemonade then used the other half to make a beautiful lemon meringue pie.   As part of the dirt moving I was doing we had dug up a bunch of our liriope.  After I had the dirt all graded out nice we spent time transplanting it back into a border.  It all looks quite a bit better if I may say it myself.  I just wish all the fresh dirt had grass covering it....
Ina Sue raked leaves while Landon played with the kitty.