October 13, 2007

Jackson (the cat) puts up with anything... This is the wife giving my husband a lift.... by the way we did typing tests last eve and he came in at 69 wpm while I came in at a lowly 27 wpm.  So this really is a labor of love.

Sunday - We raced off to church to get there before all the visitors came streaming in.  Church was packed we sat on the back bench at the back of the church.  John Hartzler (Jennifer's uncle from Va.  brought the message on "God's Omnipotence and Sovereignty".  He emphasized how God is concerned about the details.  There was a fellowship meal at the school for lunch.  We did not stay real long and came home for naps that is the me and the children.  Michael "worked" all afternoon putting the finishing touches on the photo CD's of Grandmother Vera's life.  Uncle Enos needed them by tomorrow morning, hence the rush.  We were invited to Andy's for supper.  We pooled our leftovers.  Hendrick was there also.  Gordon's dropped in for awhile.  Lively conversation....

Playtime on the hay. Monday - I got up early to do laundry.  Michael off to work.  Worked with clothes most of the day.  A hot day!  Carolina Sue begged to go swimming so I relented but oh what a mess.  Finished the ironing, etc.  Had creamed chicken over biscuits along with carrots and pearl onions for supper. Spent the evening catching up.
We stopped at Taco Bell on the way to VA Tuesday - Michael off to work.  I took the children to Delmar Diem's for the day while I met Mary Korver, Cheryl Bange, Glenda Stover, Betty Heatwole, and Bonnie Peachey at Byer's Tire at 10:00.  Today was our day for the ladies prison visitation.  They (the powers that be)  keep changing the time we are allow in to visit so this time we ate first.  Our favorite spot is Fazoli's.  We had a nice time at the jail, the ladies especially liked the song "My God is So Big".  Home by 3:30.  Michael came home for one hour and then he went back to work until 8:00.  The children and I  played on the hay bales in our back pasture which they love.  Nice eve. at home.



Mother helps modify one of Carolina's dresses. Wednesday - Michael to work early this morning.  I sewed a little bit.  I don't know where my days go...it seems I don't get alot done but keep up with my little guy.  He is so quick that I can not trust him.  His new favorite thing is to go out to our shed and eat dog food or I have even caught him eating out of the dog pan.  Do I feed him?  Yes, but he likes to snack.  Michael and I actually had a date night.  We dropped the children off at Dena Skrivseth's at 3:00.  Went to Augusta.  We did winter clothes shopping for Landon.  I thought we had very good success until we got home and almost everything drowned him.  He is 14 months and I bought 12 month clothes but his legs are short and stubby.  So most will need to be returned.  Grrr...   I ended up the most pleased with what I got at Walmart.  I hate that.    Thanks to a gift card from employees we went to Olive Garden.  The food was fantastic, Michael had Chicken Marsala and I had Chicken Florentine.  Home by 9:30 .A very good evening!
Michael with his new nephew Adam Michael Martin. (Keith & Jeanne's) Thursday -  Michael off to work.  I was a bit sluggish this morning.  Mary dropped off her two youngest for the morning.  The children had fun playing outside.  I made pecan bars and snowcap cookies to take to Va.  Did some laundry.  Lots of dishes, boy I wish I had a dishwasher. :)  Sewed a little.  We ate roast beef and avacado sandwiches.  Weird combination but good.  Michael is working on SAMC finances. 


Buddies! Carolina Sue & Sara Lynn Friday - Yeah I know it gets boring but Michael was off to work again.  He has been putting in a lot of hours lately due to a short staff.  I cleaned the house.  I did all the packing and getting everything in order to head north.  Michael surprised me and came home by 4:00.  I was delighted.  Packed up the children/loot and headed out about 4:45.  Stopped for supper at Taco Bell.  Made good time.  To Va. by 11:30..  We listened to a J. Grisham which made the time go fast. 


Aunt Marsha feeds her orphaned puppy. Saturday - Good night's rest.  Keiths came down after 10:00..  Got to see Adam Michael (Keith's) and Erica Noelle (Robert's) for the first time.  Lunch was chaotic.  Lots of children!  Bruce Martin and Gary Monroe also joined us. Grilled hamburgers, baked potatoes, baked beans, macaroni salad, bars and custard.  I helped Jeanne sew in the afternoon.  The guys went to get apples and apple cider.  Mother made pizza subs and coffee almond ice cream. We drew names for C'mas then Keiths left.  Robert's came down for the evening.  Michael and Robert played Risk.  We held babies.  As you can see Marsha now has a baby too.  The children were enamored by the fur ball.  Needless to say the bathroom arraignments for puppies in the house leave something to be desired. 
Showalter fellowship over Saturday lunch.  
Jonathon Byler gave us a tour of his father-in-law, Dale Heatwole's robotic dairy parlor.  Impressive!