October 6, 2007

A crown for the Hilda water tower. Sunday was a nice restful day.  Bro. Austin Hege from Burkeland preached the message.  He spoke on the subject of fear and in his introductions he went down over quite a list of things that we could be fearful of.  I told my wife that I wasn't fearful to begin with but after that list, I was starting to fear! :)  He did go on to give us the remedy though.  We came home and had leftover cheddar chowder and grilled reuben sandwiches for dinner.  In the evening the service was made up of character sketches of Solomon, Daniel, Jeremiah & Jonah.
Now a sock to protect while painting it. Ina Sue had a huge wash to do on Monday.  She said it completely filled up all three of her lines.  I went in to work at 6:30 and didn't get home until 9:00 in the evening.  I had to drive up to Clarendon, SC to pick up some stuff then dropped by Plain or Fancy Signs in Orangeburg to do some work.  I never did make it in to the shop...  I started another weight loss fast today so the day seemed particularly without cheer.   We did get a joyful phone call after we went to bed.  Robert & Lori have a new baby girl, Erica Noell.
Happiness is...Mommy & his favorite banky We got up in good time Tuesday morning and I helped get things ready for Ina Sue to take the children to sewing circle.   She spent the morning sewing baby burial gowns for a hospital in Charleston.  After they got back from sewing circle, she put the children to bed and tried to give Prince a haircut without much success.  His hair is so thick that our clippers barely make a dent.  After I got home from work we finished staining the bench & window boxes on the deck.  That finally finishes it up.  It was a beautiful evening so we all went on a walk after supper.
Finishing the last of our deck staining. We got started early on Wednesday.  I went in to work at 6:30 while Ina Sue got the children ready and took them along with her to her back appointment.  They did a little shopping then and stopped at Taco Bell for dinner.  I didn't meet them because I was still fasting.  After she got home and put the children to bed she finished housecleaning the kitchen by completely cleaning out and washing the bottom cabinets.  In the evening we had our communion service.  Bro. Mark preached the message on "Jesus, Who He Is, and What He Means to Me"  It seemed different to have communion on a Wednesday evening instead of Sunday like normal.  Still a very meaningful service though.
The happy couple. Jennifer & Ellis Riehl It was rainy on Thursday.  I spent a busy day at work while Ina Sue did odds & ends around the house.  I fasted again today but broke it to eat supper.  After supper we played with the children and just had a lazy evening together.  After the others went to bed, I stayed up for a while getting all the Puerto Rico stuff together for our meeting tomorrow.  Ellis Riehl is staying here at our place tonight and tomorrow night before their wedding on Saturday.  He came in around 11:00 and I got him settled before hitting the sack myself.
From the Strite archives, circa 1976 I left at 5:30 Friday morning and drove to Columbia where I met Royal Barnhart for our drive to Jonesville, NC.  Our PRMC meeting there started at 10:00 and things went fairly well.  We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel then wound up our meeting around 3:30.   Meanwhile back in SC, Ina Sue did her normal Friday cleaning.  She kept Bethany Heatwole's two children for about 5 hrs during the middle of the day while Bethany helped get ready for Jennifer's wedding.  She also roasted a beef shoulder roast for the carry-in on Sunday and did a quick shopping expedition to Bamberg.  I got home at 7:30.  One result of our meeting that I am not sad about is the passing of the chairman's title from me to Bro. Ellis Beery.  I feel sure that he will fill the role better than I ever could.  With my added work load at the shop, I couldn't hardly see how I could fulfill the responsibilites expected of the chairman for the next year.
Around the same period at Hunting Island. Later in the evening, Randy Mullet came along with Ellis for the night.  We had a nice time visiting with them before we all went to bed. 

Saturday morning, Ellis had to leave early for pictures but Randy stayed and ate breakfast with us.  I washed the car while Ina Sue got the children ready then we dropped them off with Ina Sue Schrock on our way to the wedding.  Ellis & Jennifer's wedding started at 11:00.  It was a very nice wedding.  Myron Mullet preached the sermon and Bro. Wendell performed the ceremony.  For the reception meal they served a delicious pasta alfredo with grilled chicken, grean beans, salad, and hot rolls.  For dessert they served the regular wedding cake along with a whole ice cream bar with all the fixins.  Wow!   We picked up the children on the way home then I quickly mowed the yard while Ina Sue whipped up a supper.  We were thrilled to have Galen & Jeannie Schrock here with us for supper and a wonderful evening of fellowship.