September 29, 2007

Patrick Heatwole's shared Sunday lunch with us. I have been enjoying my new responsibility of ushering on Sunday mornings.  I had never in my life been selected for this duty and always thought I would enjoy it...  Now I finally get the opportunity. :)  Since this Sunday was our regular council meeting preceding communion, we skipped Sunday school in order to accommodate public testimonies from all the members.   Wendell preached a very good sermon on "Respect for God", then we enjoyed hearing what God is doing in the lives of our brothers and sisters.  We as Mennonites have been somewhat acculturated not to speak up as much as we should.  These services are are good opportunity to hear from each other.  
The Strite & Korver children playing in our fallen pecan limb. I had made beef rouladen the evening before and had potatoes ready on the stove so we decided spur of the moment to have Patrick Heatwole's over to share our lunch.  Thankfully, it suited them and they did not mind our last minute scrambling to get all the food made up.  I thought the meal turned out pretty good for a new recipe.  The beef rouladen was made by cutting sections of T-Bone steaks then hammering them out thin and wrapping them around small dill pickles.  These roll-ups were then fried in oil then slow cooked in a sauce with beef broth and savory.   We also had zipper peas with pear relish, mashed potatoes & gravy, and brownies & fruit slush for dessert.  We had a nice time visiting then took short naps after they left.  Church tonight was a song service.
Ina's freshly baked bread. Delicious! I went in to work at 6:00 on Monday.  Ina Sue got an early start on the laundry and got everything done (including the ironing).  She made us porcupine meatballs and creamed peas & onions for supper.  After supper we dropped the children off with Don & Betty while we came home and rubbed another coat of stain/sealer on the deck.  It looks better but I still wish we had gotten a more even job....  Korwin & Trenda Schrock stopped in to talk for a little on their evening walk.  We picked up the children around 9:00 and got everyone in bed before too late.
Josh & Darren help out for a Youth Service Evening. Ina Sue made us a delicious potato/egg/vegetable skillet for breakfast on Tuesday.  I headed off to work.  Ina Sue took the children for a walk then made up a batch of homemade bread.  Mary K. dropped her youngest children off for the day and they enjoyed playing with our children in a limb that had fallen off of our big pecan tree.  For supper Ina Sue made us some delicious cheddar chowder to eat along with her fresh toasted bread.  What a treat!  After supper I watched the children and worked on PRMC stuff while Ina Sue went over to Naomi's and helped pick out pecans.
Nevins & MaryAnn Yoder ate lunch with us on Saturday. Wednesday was a perfectly lovely day.  I spent most of the day in the shop unfortunately...  Ina Sue worked on re-painting parts of our screened porch that got messed up in our concrete project.   She also worked on housecleaning the kitchen.  In the evening we were invited to Joshua & Marcia's for a supper with our small group.  Joshua & Marcia are our group leaders this year.  Merle Diems, Leon Duecks & Daniel Brubaker make up the rest of the small group.  Marcia served us a delicious supper and we had a really nice evening sharing.
Carolina Sue, Wade, Landon, Christopher & Randy Strite. I went in to work early again on Thursday.  My dear wife spilled hot oatmeal on her foot while trying to fix breakfast for her children.  She was able to recover though and spent much of her day housecleaning and painting.  I came home a little bit early and got ready for our youth service evening.  I sent Ina Sue up to Denmark with about 6 youth to clean up the yard for an older lady there.  I and about 5 other youth cut up and piled up a big pecan limb that broke down on the Govan square.  Franklin brought his mower and mowed the whold square.  Daniel took all the rest of the youth and picked up trash along a 3 mile section of Hwy 70 close to the church.  After the work we all met back together at the school to go over our activities and listen to a talk that Bro. Wendell shared on "Why we Serve".  Then refreshments and a little time for volleyball.
Carolina & Landon check out the goods at a neighborhood yard sale. Friday was a busy day for both of us.   I headed off to work after a quick breakfast.  Ina Sue cleaned house and made food.  She says that it seems her life consists entirely of cleaning and cooking!  I got home from work in time for us to attend the evening session of the Southeastern Minister's Fellowship that is being held at Barnwell.  Anabaptist Foundation/Anabaptist Financial gave an overview of their programs and offerings tonight.  (The service was open to everyone, not just the ordained)   Dad and Mom Strite came back with us for the night.  We ate a snack of ice cream and hot beef dip with chips before hitting the sack.
  Ina Sue and Mom got up early Saturday morning and headed up to Springfield to get early morning deals at the flea market.  I made Dad & the children breakfast of hash brown-egg casserole then Dad left for the morning session of the Minister's Fellowship.  I made up a batch of cheddar potato chowder for our dinner.  Ina Sue got back around 10:30 and Nevins & MaryAnn Yoder got here soon after for lunch.  They drove over primarily to see Ralph Dickerson's new store but stopped by here for dinner first.   We had a nice time visiting and the children enjoyed playing together.  After Nevins left we got the children loaded up and drove up to Ralph's Country Store to checkout their grand opening.  Their homemade ice cream was delicious!  Then home for some frenzied yard mowing and car washing.  Andy Korver's dropped in a little in the evening for a visit.