September 8, 2007

Sunday evening visit with our neighbors. We got up Sunday morning and had a small breakfast of cinnamon buns & cereal with our guests.  Lois Schrock & her children left to drive back to Meigs at about the same time we left to go to church.  They were really nice guests and we enjoyed hosting them.  This is the first Sunday in our new Sunday School year so I had my first morning as usher.  Phillip Knepp from Mississippi brought the message for us.  After church everyone met down at the school for a fellowship dinner together.  We took a short nap then all took a walk in evening.  We met up with Andy Korver's on the way and walked together.  We stopped in at Wendells for a while to snack on some of their scuppernongs.  Then we sat down with Andy's in their yard and visited until after dark.  It was a lovely day weather-wise & otherwise.
The kitty takes a bike ride Monday was Labor day so our store was closed.  I did get in some real labor anyway.  Ina Sue worked on the laundry while Carolina Sue & I went up to Ralph's new store to help him with some final work that needed to be done before they open for business.  Several other of the church men were also there helping with various projects.  I worked on putting up some wallboard in the kitchen part of the store.  We finished up in good time and were able to be home around lunch time.  In the afternoon I worked on the deck and got all the woodwork finally finished up.  Now we just need to stain/seal it.  Ina Sue finished up all the laundry and I drove up to Denmark and picked up subs for our supper.  After supper I cleaned up the kitchen and gave the children their baths while Ina Sue did some mowing outside.
Ralph Dickerson's new business. Tom & I had an early meeting Tuesday morning with a prospective employee.  Ina Sue had to pack the children up by herself and go to sewing circle at the church.   She helped some of the other ladies knot comforts.  (Usually she makes little baby gowns on her sewing machine for the hospitals)  In the afternoon she and the children went over to Carl's and picked more scuppernongs.  I came home from work a little early and we all got ready and drove over to Aiken for Richard's farewell celebration.  We all met at the Hole-in-One miniature golf course and played a round of miniature golf then we went down the road to Chilis and had a snack of all appetizers.  A very nice evening together with co-workers!
Dale & Ryan help set a refrigerator I was supposed to go with Tom to a Radioshack meeting in Myrtle Beach on Wednesday but one of my other employees got held up out of town and I needed to stay and cover for him.  Richard was willing to fill in for me so I guess it worked out OK.  We had a very busy day at work because there were only two of us there and we had lots of customers coming in.  We had BLT's for supper then went to church for prayer meeting.  Henry Hostetler (Grace's father) gave a talk about his work with Impact North and what they are doing now.
At the Hole-in-one miniature golf course. We ate a quick breakfast together on Thursday morning then we both drove over to Carl's.  I needed to deliver a printer and Ina Sue took the opportunity to get milk.  I went on in to work from there while Ina Sue and the children went home and started housecleaning the bedroom.  Ina Sue also gave Landon his first real haircut.  She trimmed him up pretty good and he really looks different.  I think he looks a lot more like his little cousin Christopher now. (Nevin & Kay K.'s son)  I came home to eat supper with the family then went back in to work later.  Ina Sue fixed us a delicious supper of steamed shrimp, zesty potatoes,  and zipper peas.
Tom lines one up... I didn't get done with my accounting work in at the shop until about 7:30 Friday morning.  By the time I got home I was pretty whipped.  I laid down and took a short nap then took Carolina Sue with me on a service call to Ehrhardt.  I went in to work for a short time in the afternoon but was able to be home part of the day to help Ina Sue get ready for the evening.  We had Marshall & Lynelle Quackenbos over from GA. for supper.  Marshall and & were good friends growing up but haven't seen much of each other lately.  It was nice to reconnect with them.    Ina Sue made us Mexican manicotti, baked corn, cole slaw, and fresh peach delight for supper.
Everyone showed talent at coloring chili peppers at "Chilli's" Saturday was our 6'th wedding anniversary.  It is unbelievable how quickly these six years have flown by.  We have decided to celebrate the anniversary a little later on in the year when we will hopefully not be quite as busy, so we didn't make any big deal about it today.  We spend most of the day sanding our deck then staining/sealing it.  We ran out of stain so we weren't able to quite get it all done.  In the evening we did go into Barnwell and ate supper with the children at Mi Rancho Mexican restaurant.  After a delicious supper we went to Walmart and did some shopping.
A very nice visit with an old friend. Marshall and Lynelle Quackenbos family.