September 1, 2007

Sherman & Marsha ready to head north... Elvin Eshleman from Monticello, GA preached the sermon Sunday morning.  He compared the Christian Experience with building a home.  (especially fitting since he is a builder).  We came home & I grilled hamburgers for lunch while Ina Sue fixed baked macaroni, cabbage salad, and lemon lush to finish out the meal.  Marsha & Sherman ate lunch with us then packed up and headed for Virginia around 2:30.  Ina Sue got in a nap while I read and then watched the children.  The service tonight was a song service with some very nice variety.  Four different leaders picked out an assorted group of Anabaptist song-writers and told about their lives then led some of their songs.  The men's chorus sang several songs for us and a men's octet also sang.  After the main service there was a separate anointing service for Daryl Brubaker.   He has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  We pray that God will grant both healing and grace during this time for both him and his family.
Using the new iron I bought her... Not much happened on Monday. I got up early to exercise.  I went in to work and Ina Sue worked on the Monday laundry.  I actually started another weight fast today so the day was somewhat dreary... :(  Ina Sue called me in the afternoon to tell me that our much used iron had bitten the dust.  It so happened that I had a service call over in Aiken in the afternoon so I was able to stop at Lowes and pick her up a new Rowenta iron like she likes.  In the evening I worked outside and Ina Sue gave Prince a much needed bath.
Combining the corn in front of our house. On Tuesday morning Ina Sue had to get ready for an early dentist appointment.  She left about 7:40 and I finished getting the children dressed and fed then dropped them off with Mary K. while I went on in to work.  Work has been very busy since Adam left and I have been putting in quite a bit of overtime.  After Ina Sue got back from the dentist, she made a batch of cinnamon buns then finished up the ironing with her new iron.  I worked in the evening on finishing up some details on the deck.
The children have adopted a stray kitten. I went in to work a bit early on Wednesday.  Ina Sue baked and sewed throughout the day.  I came home from work at 5:30 and kept the children while Ina Sue went to Deb Hochstetler's to finish planning Jennifer Heatwole's bridal shower.  Audrey Dickerson & Norma Hochstetler are also helping to plan and host it.  After she got done with that meeting she drove in to Walmart and got some groceries.  It was almost 11:00 before she got back home.  I spent the evening playing with the children and working on the deck.
At Jason & Karla Schrock's reception. Thursday was yet another busy day.  I think sometimes that if our days weren't quite so busy they wouldn't seem to fly by so fast.  I spent the whole day on the road doing service calls.  Ina Sue cooked most of the day.  Landon has been very fussy lately.  Ina Sue says it is because he is cutting more teeth....  For supper she fixed us grilled chicken salad on crescent rolls.
Congratulations to the happy couple! I went in to work on Friday at the normal time.  Ina Sue worked on cleaning the house and fixing food.  She, Naomi Heatwole & Gwen Amstutz provided a meal today at the school for all the folks helping to get ready for Karla Heatwole's wedding tomorrow.  They fixed three different kinds of delicious sandwiches: crab, reuben & stroganoff.  I was happy to be able to take a break from work and come by the school to eat with them and to help with the children.  Then I went back to work and Ina Sue took the children home for their naps.  She fixed us poppy-seed chicken, corn & stuffed peppers for supper.  Later in the evening David & Rachel Schrock stopped in for a visit and a snack on their way over to Uncle Howards where they are staying.  Tim was along as well.  We had a really nice time visiting with them.   Soon after they left, Lois Schrock (Titus Schrock's wife) and her three children got here.  I had given them incomplete directions and they actually got a little lost in Govan. (is that possible?)  :) 
TItus Schrock's family (minus Titus) stayed at our house over the weekend. Saturday was the big day for Karla & Jason Schrock.  We slept in for a bit in the morning.  My sister Laura brought niece Kari Hobbs and Deanna Goering over to baby-sit our children while we went to the wedding.  The wedding started at 11:00.  They had a very nice wedding at our church then we walked down to the school for the reception.  During the service it had started raining but had mostly died off by the time the service was finished.  For the dinner they served a true Southern meal of pork BarBQ, rice & hash, cole slaw, rolls, cake & ice cream.  Delicious!  After we got home we took a short rest then Uncle Willard Heatwoles stopped by for a short visit.  Lois & her girls went over to Wendell Heatwole's for a Schrock get-together there so we were left to our selves.  We has soup & sandwiches for supper then I mowed our front yard in spite of the wet grass.  The children went to bed early and we had a nice restful evening