August 25, 2007

Carl & Joel fried us catfish & shrimp. Uncle Howard Brubaker preached the sermon Sunday morning on "The Importance of Training and Educating our Children".  We came home for a quick dinner of leftover pizza from the evening before then hit the sack for our afternoon naps.  We were actually in bed by soon after 1:00.  That has to be a record!  In the evening we went to church.  Kendall Myers came over from Hephzibah to give the main topic on "The Method & Purpose of Christian Education".  We are so very blessed to be able to have our own school and to be able to teach our children what we believe God wants them to know!  After we got home Ina Sue fixed us iced coffee shakes.
Carl's hosted our last small group evening for this year. Monday was a rushing day!  I made us breakfast of corn bread & gravy then headed in to work for a very full day.  Sometime during the morning Landon tripped and fell into our bookshelf.  The corner of the shelf gashed a cut on the rim of his eye.  He seemed remarkable nonchalant about he whole ordear and we decided against taking him to get it stitched.  It bled quite a bit but didn't seem to be gapping.  In the afternoon I had to do a run up to the Grant Plant in Clarendon (about a 2 hr drive both ways) I had been hoping to get back in time to pickup some lumber in Denmark but was not able to finish up in Clarendon in time.  We decided sometime during the day to try and host our small group at our place Wednesday evening.  With this in mind I really wanted to get our deck all finished up so that we could eat out there.  I called back and lined up Ina Sue to run in to Barnwell to pick up the lumber that I needed. 
Karla helped Carolina play the piano... She dropped the children off with Jane Brubaker and borrowed their truck for the quick trip.  She got there just as there were getting ready to close but they loaded her up and the lumber was waiting for me when I got home.  Ina Sue fixed us taco salad for supper then I started calling our small group members to let them know our plans.  When I got hold of Carl he said "Oh no, that is already taken care of,  You all are coming over here for supper".  We were very  reluctant to take them up on the offer because they have been busy prepaing for their daughter Karla's wedding coming up in only a week & and a half.  He insisted thought that they already had everything lined up, that they were going to be frying catfish & shrimp.  We were thrilled to accept their kind offer.  It really took the preasure off of Ina Sue & I.    I even took a break from working on the deck tonight.
My sister Karen & son Jordon helping with  painting  Duane & Janice's new house Ina Sue made us some delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Tuesday.  A very normal day with me at work and Ina Sue working here around the house.  She fixed us a feast for supper with parmesan baked catfish, rice, kale and cole slaw.  We did some work outside after supper but generally just took it easy.
Grandmother & Grandad kept the children. Ina Sue had a back appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning.  I had a very busy day scheduled for work so I was not able to babysit.  She took the children with her and they behaved very well she said.  A barely got off work in time but rushed home then rushed over to Carl's for our last small group meeting of this year.  We will be assigned new small groups next month.  Carl & Grace treated us to a wonderful meal.  He deepfat fried catfish fillets and battered shrimp.  Grace fixed all the regular side items and even had peach delight for dessert.  It was very hard not to be a glutton!  After supper we fellows went out to the pond and fed the fish while the ladies visited inside.  Then we all came in and visited together for a while.  Carolina Sue really enjoyed playing the piano with Karla. 
Brothers Tree Co. trimmed our trees on Fri. We got up at 6:00 on Thursday.  I helped get the children fed, dressed and ready to go by 7:45.  Ina Sue took them with her to Hephzibah.  She dropped them off with Grandmother then went down and met Janice at their new house to help paint.  Duane & Janice have bought a house down close to where Milton & Karen live.  They are pretty much completely repainting & re-carpeting it.  When they tore off the old layers of wallpaper it was very difficult to keep the paper from coming off of the sheetrock.  They are having to spend quite a bit of time working on that.  Ina Sue helped paint from about 9:00 to 5:00.  My sister Karen was there part of the time and Duane helped in the afternoon.  I spent most of my day up in Orangeburg helping get the phones and network installed in the new Plain or Fancy Sign building.  I got home around 7:30 but Ina Sue and the children didn't get back until after 9:00
My almost finished bench on the deck. I left for Orangeburg at 7:00 Friday morning.  Linford is trying to get everything moved today so I want ot make sure the network and phones are working for them.  Ina Sue called me in a panic around 8:30.  She had forgotten about her scheduled jury duty and cold not get hold of anyone in the clerk of court's office.  She had sent in her response form indicating our beliefs and the fact that she had two small children to care for, but she had not heard anything back.  She didn't know what to do.  I advised her to go ahead and try to line up a babysitter for the children and to plan to drive up to Bamberg but to keep trying to get through to the office.  After she hung up we both were praying for her to get through.  Praise God, she did and they told her that she had been excused.  What an answer to prayer! 
Marsha & Sherman got here Friday evening.  We took a walk Friday eve.... I was able to get away from my work in Orangeburg by around 12:30 and hurried home to meet with Brother's Tree Co.  I had called them several weeks ago to come and trim up our big pecan tree in the back yard.  It has some very low hanging branches that have been interfereing with our smaller trees.  They arrived soon after 1:30 with their boom truck and shredder.  It was fun to watch how professional tree trimmers worked.  They used ropes and the boom truck to cut off each limb in sections and to lower them slowly to the ground.  Then they stuffed them into the shredder that blew ther shreds into the back of their truck.  We were pleased with the work they did.  It took them until about 5:00 to finish up what we had for them to do. 
....over to Wendell's to pick scuppernongs. Ina Sue's brother Sherman & sister Marsha arrived here in Govan around 5:30.  We ate supper together then took a walk over to Wendell's to pick some scuppernongs.  They are so good and sweet this year.  Gordon & his children stopped in while we were picking and we sat around and talked with them and Wendells for a while.  As we walked home we met up with Marcia Heatwole taking a walk.  Joshua was out hunting so we invited her to come in with us for a snack.  Ina Sue fixed us iced coffee floats.  We visited for a while then got to bed in very good time.  We were all pretty tired.
  I made us a tater-tot, egg, & sausage casserole for breakfast Saturday.  Then I headed in to work for the day.  Sherman, Marsha & Carolina Sue took a tour of the neighborhood dairy farms while Ina Sue got some cooking done.  I came home from work at 3:30 and finished our deck bench then mowed grass.  Ina Sue fixed us shrimp fried rice and egg rolls for supper.  Then just a relaxing evening together with Marsha & Sherman.