August 11, 2007

Ready for church We got up and around in good time for church Sunday morning.  We even had some time to take pictures of the children out front.  Unfortunately we had a hard time getting pictures where both of them looked nice...  At church Wendell H. preached on "Now that ye have Eaten and are Full"  He took the text from Deuteronomy where Moses warned the Israelites not to let their physical blessings turn their hearts from God.  A very timely and challenging message in our age of affluence.  We came home and had modified BLT's for dinner (Bacon, tomato, egg salad & cheese)  We got in a short nap in the afternoon then went over to Aden Diems for a delicious supper and very enjoyable evening with them and Patrick Heatwoles.  We spent a fair amount of time playing ping-pong in their basement.  A lot of fun!
Playing with "Henx" I made us a ham & vegetable omelets Monday morning while Ina Sue got an early start on the washing.  Mary K. dropped off her children here with Ina Sue for a while during the morning.  I had a fairly normal day at work but did take a break over lunch to babysit the children while Ina Sue went to the chiropractor for her back.  We went to McDonalds for dinner and Carolina Sue could hardly eat a bite for needing to play in the playground...  Ina Sue fixed us supper of pork tenderloin & gravy, puff dressing, broccoli & stuffed peppers.  After supper I went out and mowed the Govan Square while Ina Sue ironed and watched the children.
Helping Daddy make breakfast Tuesday was quite a day!  I went in to work but took a break in the middle of the day to go to a announcement/celebration of a new industry coming to town.  Elkay Industries' Cabinet division is locating in Barnwell and is to bring about 300 new jobs over the next 3 years.  The program was held at the First Baptist "Merge" Youth Center and was quite an affair!  SC Governor Mark Sanford arrived right after I did and I had a chance to shake his hand.  (A lady took our picture and was going to email it to me but must have lost my email address...)  The program lasted about an hour with all the local dignitaries as well as the governor and representatives of Elkay having speeches.  After the program they had a delicious and very fine dinner prepared.  I went through the line and got my food then sat down at one of the round tables with another man I had met.  Wouldn't you know that our Representative, Lonnie Hosey came in and sat down just one chair away from me.  As if that wasn't honor enough, governor Sanford came in and sat down right between us.  I think he actually sat down there to talk to Mr. Hosey but I was pretty tickled none the less. :)
This spells catastrophe....! After this fine dining, I went back to the shop and finished out the day in more mundane surroundings.  Meanwhile, Ina Sue was spending her day doing lots of cooking and baking.  She made a supper of Stuffed Pasta Shells etc. for Leon Dueck's and for our newly arrived school teacher Korwin Schrock & his wife Trenda.  After I got home form work we ate a hurried supper together then I drove up to Blackville to help Ralph D. clear some brush out so that he could park a new storage building there by their new store.  Dale Bange & Thomas Peachey were also there to help.
Calmed down with pacy' and a book until Daddy gets home to rescue him. Wednesday was another terribly hot day.  The heat index was forecast to be 113 degrees.  I sure felt like it!  Ina Sue started on some sewing while I went in to work.  Around 11:30 Ina Sue called me.  I could here children screaming in the background and I could barely understand her.  I finally understood that somehow Landon had gotten his head stuck between the foot-rest of the lazyboy and the chair and that she couldn't get him out.  I told her to try to calm him down and I would be home as soon as I could.  By the time I got there she had him calmed down and looking at a book.  I experimented with trying to put the foot-rest down but it would only pinch him tighter.  Don't ask me how he got himself in there in the first place...  I ended up taking out some screws and removing the rest in order to release him.  Then back in to work.  We had Hendrick over for supper with us then had a very nice relaxed evening here at home.
Chillin... I stayed home for the morning on Thursday.  It was another scorching day but I was able to get most of our grass mowed.  Then I worked inside on the computer on some pictures while Ina Sue and Carolina took the minivan for an oil change and some grocery shopping.  I went in to work around 1:00.  Carolyn Heatwole took Carolina Sue swimming with her in the afternoon and allowed Ina Sue to get in some uninterrupted sewing.  In the evening we grilled hamburgers for supper.
Building one of our new flower boxes. I started coming down with a nasty case of poison on Friday.  I don't know if it is poison ivy or poison oak, but I figure I probably got into it the other evening while I was working up at Ralph's clearing out brush.  I used to be terribly allergic to poison but seemed to outgrow it during my late teens.  So I wasn't very careful the other evening.  Boy do I wish I had been more careful!  I have got some on my face and some really bad patches on both of my arms.  Very uncomfortable.
  We had a wonderful day at home together on Saturday.  I spent most of the day working on the deck, building a flower box and setting posts for our bench.  Ina Sue made us waffles and sausage for a brunch.  Then she spent some time pruning and weeding in our shrubbery beds.  Landon really enjoys playing outside but he gets so dirty!  Ina Sue gave him three different baths today.  For supper I made up a batch of my favorite crab pasta salad.  Ina Sue made us Lemon Lush and a cabbage casserole for dinner tomorrow.  I took the children with me up to Denmark to buy some groceries for the grocery shower tomorrow evening for our new teachers.  We also gassed up the car and washed it.