August 4, 2007

Carolina plays with Simon & Dr. Akor. To church again at Barnwell on Sunday.  Earl Barnhart from Burkeland preached the message on the life of Hezekiah and the four different types of tests that he faced.  Dr. Akor was back again after a long absence and he had a friend with him.  We invited them for lunch with us and had quite a time of visiting with them.  It turns out that Dr. Akor moved to the other side of Atlanta to take up a high school teaching job.  His friend Simon is a student from Burkina Faso who is studying English in hopes of getting into medical school.  They left around 3:30 and we got in a little nap before going to church for a song service.  The planners had asked me to lead two songs.  (Clearly, they must have forgotten my last failed attempt at leading over 6 years ago...)  My wife didn't think it went too bad though so I was grateful.  After the song service we attended an annointing service for Uncle Enos.  He has been having an ongoing problem with his blood cell count and the doctors can't seem to make any progress.  I was inspired by the service and by Uncle Enos's attitude and submission to God's will.
While dear wife did the dishes. We got up at 6:00 on Monday and I exercised while Ina Sue started on the wash.  The weather today was extremely muggy and the clothes did not want to dry out.  We were very thankful for the small rain that we had in the later afternoon.  I spent the day on various service calls at work.  We had a nice restful evening at home.
Playing Chutes & Ladders -the modern way I got up and made us grits and dried beef gravy on Tuesday then headed off to work a little bit early.  Ina Sue spent most of the day sewing.  Landon is starting to actually walk around some on his own (13 months).  He beat Carolina by about 2 months.  When I got home Ina Sue had a delicious pizza pie and salad ready to eat.  After supper I spent the evening mowing while Ina Sue cleaned up the kitchen then worked some on screwing down our decking.  The children played outside and got filthy dirty.  It is still extremely hot and muggy.  It seemed like I sweated buckets.
Shea Amstutz & Carolina played Monopoly Still very hot on Wednesday.  After I left for work, Ina Sue invited Shea Amstutz down to play with Carolina Sue.  They had a lot of fun together while Ina Sue got some sewing done.  In the afternoon Ina Sue worked some more in screwing down the deck and made us a quick supper of tacos.  When I got in we ate quickly then hurried to church for prayer meeting.  Bro. Ralph had the topic tonight on the subject of suffering.  He did good and their family has certainly been through some suffering this last year.  (Ruth Ellen is undergoing chemotherapy for colin cancer, and Ralph is suffering from ongoing undiagnosed pain)  When we got home we all sat down and had chocolate milkshakes for a bedtime snack.
while Landon helped with the vacumning. With Adam gone now it is a little harder for me to take off on Thursdays.  So, I went in to work on Thursday while Ina Sue frantically sewed on two dresses.  Mary Korver is away this week and is letting Ina Sue borrow her serger.  She also vacumned out the van and.  In the evening she and the children came in to Barnwell and we went to Hardees for supper.  Then we all came back to the shop and cleaned for about 3 1/2 hours.  It looks much nicer now but the children were getting pretty tired by the time we got done.
Supper with Dad's & Grandmother Since we got to bed fairly late the night before, we slept in a while Friday morning.  Then I went in to work while Ina Sue started on her weekly house cleaning.  We had been tentatively planning to drive to Augusta to get my new suit pants tailored at S&K Menswear.  Plans for that fell through though and I came home instead to a delicious supper of stroganoff sandwiches.  After supper I worked on the deck for a while then we all drove over and visited with our neighbor Wayne Gunnels for a while.
Laura, Jean & Carolina Sue. We got up in good time Saturday and Ina Sue cut my hair first thing.  After we ate breakfast I helped Ina Sue get Prince loaded up in the truck and she took him in to Barnwell for his haircut.  I stayed home with the children and worked as I could on the deck.  After Ina Sue got home I started mowing the yard and got finished around 2:30.  We left at 3:00 for our trip to Augusta.  We had been assured by the fellow at S&K Menswear that their tailor would be their until 5:00.  We got there soon after 4:20 and she was already gone.  I was not very pleased to say the least but they did go ahead and mark the pants and said that she shouldn't have any problem with them.  They were pretty impressed with my suitcoat.  They could not believe that my wife could have changed over the suit as neatly as she did and still need to come to them to get the pants fitted. :)  We met Dad & Mom, Grandmother Heatwole, Laura, and Jean Coblentz at "The Harvest Table" restaurant for supper.  Very definitely Southern Cuisine!  We had a very nice time visiting then we went on to Walmart for my wife to do some shopping then headed back to SC.  It was only 10:30 when we got back.