July 14, 2007

Farewell to our houseguests, Marvin, Sammy & Mario. We got up and had cinnamon buns & orange julius for breakfast on Sunday.  Carolina Sue poked around eating and we hardly got left in time.  She & I took Marvin, Sammy & Mario up to Williston to meet with the rest of their group for the program at a church there.  They needed to be there at 9:30 so it meant that we would be late for Sunday school....  Daniel Brubaker picked up Ina Sue and Landon and took them to church so that we could just go straight there from Williston.  Uncle Enos preached a good sermon this morning on "The Way of a Man with a Maid"  We ate leftovers for lunch then took a nap in the afternoon and played some games with the children in the evening.
Carolina Sue found a "Guitar" underneath the kitchen counter... Ina Sue started on the wash on Monday while I made breakfast.  She had a large wash with 3 beds to get cleaned up.  She said all 3 of her lines were full of clothes drying when a rain storm blew in...  She had to rush and bring them all back in wet and put them through the dryer.  We are not complaining about the rain though.  Everything is looking so much better now that we've had a little rain after the drought.  I had a fairly uneventful day at work and came home about 5:30.  Carolina Sue & I went over to Carl's patch and picked some sweet corn for our supper along with turkey sandwiches.  It is still raining yet tonight.  Sounds great!
Starla Diem has been a big help with the accounting in at the shop. I got up Tuesday morning and fixed breakfast of cheese eggs, sausage links, and English muffins.  Then before I left for work I drove our minivan up to Ivan's for him to fix our rear-view mirror.  Our little houseguest Sammy had a problem over the weekend with his head coming into sharp contact with it.  The head seemed to survive but the mirror didn't... :(  Since Ina Sue was designated to drive to the ladies prison in Columbia, she really wanted that fixed.    Her and the other ladies had a fairly good time at the prison but got chased out a little sooner than normal for some reason.  She didn't get home until about 6:00 so I picked up some subs for supper.  In the evening I had a bunch of PRMC calls to make.
Spectators at the ballgame for Duane's 30'th birthday. Ina Sue's back was really bothering her during the night and she had a hard time sleeping.  So, we slept in for a little on Wednesday.  I spent part of my morning working with Starla on accounting stuff.  She is really picking up though and is able to take care of quite a lot without my help.  Ina Sue made a batch of French bread, finished the ironing, cut up a cantaloupe, and made a delicious stroganoff loaf for our supper.  After supper I took Carolina Sue & Landon with me up to Bilo to get some cottage cheese.  When we got back I made up a batch of dilly rolls for Sunday.  It was pretty late before I got them done.  We had a pretty big storm tonight with quite a few branches down on the yard.
The children had a big time on this slide. Thursday was a very long day.  I headed in to work at normal time.  Ina Sue and Carolina picked up several wheelbarrow loads of sticks from our yard while Landon took his morning nap.  In the afternoon Ina Sue dropped the children off with Ms. Betty while she went in to the doctor for some back work.  She said that he really seemed to help her.  I got home from work about 5:30 and we hurried to get everybody ready and get left for Aiken.  Ina Sue had us an appointment at Sears for Landon's 1-year pictures and also for some family pictures of all of us.  It went as well as could be expected but we were all pretty stressed by the time we got done with some essential shopping at Walmart.  We stopped at McDonalds for some stress-relieving snacks then started the long drive home.  It was 12:00 before we got everybody in bed...
Todd, Jenna, Kari & Landon. Ina Sue went in for another back appointment Friday morning at 8:45 while I kept the children.  I loaded the children up then and met her at the doctor's office so that I could go on to work.  Dale and Ruthie Dickerson picked us up a bushel of shelled zipper peas yesterday, so Ina Sue had to work at blanching and freezing them.  She also roasted and cleaned up a beef roast for our dinner on Sunday. 
I look good even if I can't half hit... In the evening we went over to Augusta to the Diamond Lakes Recreation Park to help celebrate my brother Duane's 30'th birthday.  Most of my family and quite a few others were there.  We had a delicious supper then spent some time playing ball together.  A really nice evening and we were able to get home by soon after 10:00.  Unfortunately, I neglected to even get a picture of the man of honor... :(
Re-adjusting the car-seats to fit the occupants. We got up in good time Saturday morning and I worked for a little out on the deck while Ina Sue started the cleaning.  As soon as it dried off a little I started mowing.  I had most of our yard done before it started to drizzle around 11:30.  Carolina Sue and I drove in to Barnwell to pick up some pine-straw and to look over some concrete fountains that are for sale there along 64.  When we got back it was raining pretty hard so I put Carolina Sue to bed and worked on some computer stuff while Ina Sue continued her cooking for tomorrow lunch. 
Here is one from the archives.  Bet you can't guess who this is... and why she is holding his head underwater.....  :) The rain quit later in the afternoon so I was able to go out to the Govan Square and spread some pine straw and mow the grass before it got dark.  I made us spam & hash brown casserole for supper (an old recipe from bachelor days...), then I spent some time adjusting our car seats and setting up a new forward facing seat for Landon to start using.