June 16, 2007

A finger food supper after the program. It was a hot day on Sunday.  Bro. Gary preached in the morning.  We came home and I made dinner of ham biscuit roll-ups with spinach cheese sauce, broccoli and bars for dessert.  Ina Sue entertained the children and let them take a quick swim in the pool while I made dinner and did the dishes.  We took a short nap then got up and I made deviled eggs while Ina Sue baked a pan of bread sticks for our carry-in meal tonight.  A men's singing group from the Mennonite churches in the Up-state gave a very nice choral program.  After the program we all ate a finger-food meal together.  Very good!
Fixing a planter for the front porch. I got up Monday morning and made Carolina Sue & I soft-boiled eggs over English muffins for breakfast.  Ina Sue cooked her egg until it was hard...  I had a normal day at work while Ina Sue did her normal Monday washing.  It was very hot but humid today and the clothes barely dried on the line.  After supper I made Puerto Rico calls while Ina Sue got into some major cleaning/straightening up of her drawers & cabinets.
Carolina & her tree at 3 years old. I made sausage gravy & biscuits for breakfast on Tuesday.  I had a meet with a fellow here at home at 9:00 about some business then I headed in to work.  Ina Sue went over to Jane's and picked some more fresh sweet corn for our supper.  She also fixed us a delicious squash casserole to go along with the corn.  After supper Ina Sue fixed up a planter for our front porch then took the children over to Hendrick's for a visit while I made more Puerto Rico calls.
Mother Showalter hopes to sell her lily blooms at the Produce Auction. Ina Sue made us breakfast of French Toast on Wednesday.  She also cleaned out the car before breakfast while I worked on some conference finances.  I went off to work for the day.  Ina Sue cut out two new dresses today.  She said it just about did her back in before she got finished.  She made us sausage/egg quiche and broccoli/cauliflower salad for supper. Afterward, I worked on Puerto Rico work and on updating our webpage while she took the children for a walk.  A thunder storm blew up while they were walking and she had to run the whole way home in the rain.  She was very tired and a bit wet when they got home...
Timmy, Marjorie & little Michael at the Michael Showalter get-together. I had a normal day with work on Thursday.  Ina Sue did some cooking and several loads of laundry to get us ready for the weekend.  For supper she fixed us a delicious meal of new potatoes, ham, broccoli, cucumber salad and bars.  For a restful evening we watched a DVD from the library about a flock of parrots that lived on Telegraph Hill out in San Francisco.  Very interesting!
The get-together was held along Dry River at W.E.B enterprises campground. Friday was hectic and long.  I had piles of stuff to do at the shop but was determined to get home a little early in order to leave in good time for Virginia.  Ina Sue's back was really bothering her but she was able to get the cleaning done and get most of our stuff packed for the trip.  I did get home around 4:30 and got everything loaded in the car in time to leave around 5:00.  That meant we got to Virginia at 11:30 instead of 1:00am like normal.  Mother Showalter was still up and waiting for us when we got there so we visited a little with her before putting the children to bed and hitting the sack ourselves.
Obligatory visit to Dayton Farmers Market. We didn't sleep very well Saturday morning.  It was pretty hot & humid and Ina Sue's back and allergies were bothering her.  We got up in good time and got around for the Mike Showalter re-union.  Mike Showalter would be her great-grandfather on Papa's side.  In fact, Mike Showalter is also my great-great uncle.  As you may deduce this makes my wife & I third cousins.  Not near everybody came to the gathering but there was still quite a crowd there and lots of delicious food.  The day actually turned out to be very nice weather-wise with a nice breeze to keep it cool. 
Party on Dale & Eleanor's back deck. After the dinner and visiting we went to the Dayton Farmer's Market and bought some drinks from the Coffee Klatsch then sat down and visited with Marjorie Rohrer for a little.  When Ina Sue was in her teens she worked for two years for Marjorie and Ethel in their "Country Village Bake Shop"  Since then Marjorie sold the bake shop, bought a lovely (and big) home, and runs a catering business in her new home.  She also just published a cookbook in which she featured several of Ina Sue's recipes.  For contributing the recipes Marjorie gave her a new copy of the cookbook.  We went home and took a short nap before going over to Dale & Eleanor Shank's new home for an evening deck party with lots of family & friends.
Carolina Sue partied with friends on the swingset.... While the men played "Corn Hole"