June 9, 2007

Sunday evening at Conrad Stovers It was still raining beautifully on Sunday.  Ina Sue taught the ladies Sunday School class.  It was on the book of Amos and was on the Christian's responsibility to respond to injustice.  Allen Schrock preached on "What does the World See When it Looks at You?"  We came home to a quick lunch of left-over pizza then Ina Sue cleaned up, put the children to bed and took a nap herself, while I studied for the upcoming Bible School next week.  I also made a quick run in to the shop to pick up our projector and drove to the church to get it setup correctly.  In the evening we were invited to Conrad & Roslyn Stover's for supper along with Douglas Heatwoles.  A delicious supper and nice fellowship afterwards.  Home by 9:30.
Lots of children there to play with. I needed to go into the shop at 6:00 on Monday to get ready for a meeting.  Ina Sue worked on the laundry.  I got my calls out of the way as soon as I could and came home to finish studying for Bible School.  This was the first evening of our Bible School.  We had a good attendance of around 150.  I started the study of I Thessalonians with a slide show of pictures dealing with ancient Thessalonica then went on into the first chapter where Paul reviews the Holy Spirit's work in Thessalonica during his ministry there.  The theme for the week of study is going to be "The Gospel and the Church"  and tonight's subject was "Evangelism, How the Church Spreads the Gospel" 
Me and my treasures. This is going to be a very full week with studying.  I got up at 5:00 Tuesday morning and studied for a while before going in to work then came home early to study some more before the evening.  Ina Sue ironed clothes, watched the children, and picked up sticks and pruned bushes outside.    For supper she fixed us a great meal of roast beef, cauliflower & cheese, and fresh cucumber salad.  The topic for our class tonight was "How Pastor's Serve the Gospel & the Church" and was based on Paul's defense of his ministry in chapters 2 & 3.  After we got home I helped put the children to bed then studied late while Ina Sue went to bed.
Making milkshake after bible school I went in to work at the normal time on Wednesday put came home around 3:00 to study.  Ina Sue did misc. jobs around the house including doing some touch up painting in the bathroom on some scratches I put in the walls when I fixed the toilet several weeks ago.  She also cleaned out the refrigerator.  The children spent some time splashing around in their swimming pool.  Tonight the topic was "Christian Behavior - How the Church Must Live According to the Gospel"  from the first part of chapter 4.  I found this a harder lesson to teach but we got through it...  We are over half done with only two more lessons to teach.  I am gaining a whole new appreciation for our ministers who preach on a regular basis!
Landon loves playing with sticks. I got up early again on Thursday to study.  Ina Sue fixed us breakfast of baked oatmeal then she worked on getting some material ready for making a dress, scrapbooked and did odds and ends.  I went in to work and worked until mid-afternoon when I came home for more study.  Tonight was on "Christian Hope - How the Gospel Inspires the Church"  taken from the last part of chapter 4 and beginning of 5 on Christ's return.  After we got home Carolina Sue helped me make us milkshakes for a special treat.
Wendell H. sprayed the bahia grass up on the town square for me. Friday was the final day of Bible School.  I think I will enjoy Bible school much more next year when I can learn from a sitting position....  Ina Sue fixed us blueberry pancakes for breakfast then I headed off to work.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and let the children swim in their pool for a while.  For supper we had fresh corn on the cob that Jane Brubaker gave us.  This last evening of Bible School was on "Christian Community - How to be a Gospel Church"  taken from the last half of chapter 5.  I used the first period to quickly cover the topic then asked for people to share their own comments, testimonies etc. from their study of the book this week.  The response was not overwhelming. :)  We were invited to Wendell Heatwole's for a snack afterward.  Naomi served us ice cream, cookies, chips and iced tea.  We really enjoy visiting with Wendell, Naomi & and girls.  It will be really different when the girls get married later this year and move away....
Making bars.  (and tasting...) We got up to a very hot and humid day on Saturday.  I met Wendell Heatwole down at the Govan square around 8:00 and he sprayed a herbicide on the bahai grass there.  The bahai grass requires that the square be mowed about twice as often as would otherwise be needed.  I am hoping we can kill it off and that the other grass will take over.  Wendell is afraid that bahai is about the only grass we have there and that we will need to replant the grass after it is killed.  We'll see.  I came home for breakfast then worked on mowing our yard.  Ina Sue picked up sticks, made bars, dead-headed the roses and cut my hair in the afternoon.  I sent Ina Sue off for an evening of shopping in Aiken around 5:00 while I took care of the children at home.  Ina Sue has done double duty this last week while I was studying for Bible school so I thought it might be nice for her to get away for an evening.  She said she had a blast. :)  It was after 10:30 before she got home.
Landon helps out under the sink.