May 26, 2007

Sunday morning hair combing ritual... Went to church at Barnwell Sunday morning.  Gerald Schrock (Ms. Nettie's grandson) preached the message.  We came home for a quick dinner of taco salad then in bed for naps by 1:30.   We invited Hendrick to come over and eat strawberry pie with us for supper.   We went to church in the evening.  Carls had planned a service with an emphasis on missions.  Ina Sue was supposed to read the children a story on George Muller.  She spiced it up by having me dress up in a bakers uniform and Hendrick as a milkman.  At the relevant times in the story we knocked on the door and provided milk & bread for the poor starving orphans.  She actually handed out pieces of bread and cups of chocolate milk to all of the children.  There were also several reports on unevangelized areas of the world, and several testimonies from people who had served in voluntary service.
while Landon looks on inquisitively. Got up early on Monday and exercised then I made sausage gravy & cornbread for our breakfast.  Ina Sue started on the washing.  Steve Brubaker came by around 8:15 and we had a meeting for several hours before driving in to the shop.  He is down with the rest of his family for his yearly business visit at Computer Solutions (He is my partner in the business)  Steve spent most of the afternoon meeting with different ones of the employees while I caught up on my service calls.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us chicken enchiladas, salad & beets.  After supper Ina Sue & I worked outside for a while then Joshua & Marcia Heatwole came over for a while to discuss a new computer and to visit.
Hanging out the clothes. I fixed us waffles for breakfast on Tuesday but the waffle iron gave up the ghost half-way through.  It was a wedding gift and has given us many delicious waffles.  We were sorry to see it go, not to mention disappointed to waste half of our waffle recipe.  Ina Sue spent much of her day making bars and strawberry dessert, tea, etc. for our company picnic in the evening.   "Country Cupboard" fixed up trays with meat, veggies and cheese for a sub supper.  All the employees and Steves were here for a backyard supper and some games of "Amish Horseshoes".  We were afraid it was going to be very hot but it turned out to be a lovely evening and a nice time of visiting together.
Landon kinda likes this as a playpen Wednesday was another big day.  Ina Sue spent time fixing food for the evening, helped Mary cut out a dress, and cleaned the house.  I met with Steve for a while again in the morning to recap his visit then went on in to work.  In the evening our small group came over for the evening.  We played "Amish Horseshoes" for a while then came inside for a bible study and snack.  Carl Heatwoles, Aden Diems, Josh Heatwoles, and Richard Brubaker are in our small group this year.
Computer Solutions company picnic I stayed home on Thursday to babysit the children.  Ina Sue went with Jane, Naomi, Betty, Grace & Ruthie over to a 60'th birthday party for Aunt Rosie Heatwole.  Deborah Heatwole sponsored the event and it sounded like quite a delicious, pretty and interesting event.  They got back home around 5:00.  The children & I had a great day together.  After eating breakfast we got everyone dressed and drove in to town for a couple of things.  We went to Walmart for some groceries, stopped by the shop for some stuff, then picked up about 10 bales of pine straw from Williams Garden Supply.  I worked outside for a while then we made pizza for supper. 
Supper on the back deck Nothing much happened on Friday.  I spent the day at work while Ina Sue did the normal weekly housecleaning.  In the evening we went to church to hear the Eldon Hochstetler family present a program.  He is the administrator of Mountain View nursing home and his family presents programs under the name of "The Harbor Lights".  It was quite a program.  A bit more "Southern Gospel'ish" the what we are used to at Barnwell, but quite entertaining.  After church we drove in to Walmart to pick up some necessities.
Amish horseshoes after supper. We had a really nice day at home together on Saturday.  Ina Sue made us pancakes and sausage gravy for breakfast.  I worked most of the morning cleaning up in the shop and organizing my bolts and fasteners.  Ina Sue worked in the kitchen most of the day.  In the afternoon I worked on spreading pine straw in our back yard while the kids got themselves really dirty amusing themselves...   Ina Sue planted flowers out along the front walk.  In the evening we dropped our children off with Carl and Grace and went in to Barnwell for a "Date Night".
Aunt Rosemary Heatwole's 60'th... Some of the guests.