May 19, 2007

Our "sanctified" daughter... :) I had a terrible time fighting sleep on my drive back to Govan from Charlotte.  I finally made it to my bed around 6:30am.  It was so good to be back home again but I could hardly sleep.  We decided to skip Sunday school but went for the preaching service at 10:30.  Carl brought a very good message on Stewardship and Giving.  We came home and had sarmales, brocolli and cheese, and pistachio fruit salad for dinner.  We took naps in the afternoon as much as we could with the children.  I didn't feel up to church in the evening.  We were sorry to miss Ryan Skrivseth's graduation but I really needed to catch up on sleep after the last few days.
Landy loves the garden hose... Monday morning we had a breakfast of ponhaus and Carolina & I had fried eggs along with ours.  I headed off to a full day at work while Ina Sue started on the wash.  Heidi & Gilbert Korver came down for a while and played with Carolina.  For supper we had BarBQ over rice and zipper peas.  We worked outside in the yard after supper.  I sprayed 4 gallons of Round-Up while Ina Sue trimmed up our lariope.
Late evening mary-go-round ride We canceled our managers meeting this week so I didn't have to go in to work early on Tuesday.  I went in to work at the normal time and Ina Sue got the children ready and went with Mary Korver and her children in to check out our new bulk food store/deli.  P.J. Zook and his wife Lydia have just recently opened it up in Barnwell.  They attend the "Charity" church in Williston.  We are pretty impressed with the amount of variety and the prices seem reasonable.  We really hope they are successful.  This area is not used to bulk foods like the folks in VA and PA.  I think the deli stuff will do well and he also has a nice line of organic foods that will appeal to a certain group...  For supper we had ham sandwiches, and fruit cocktail salad with marshmallows.  After supper we took the children on a drive.  We stopped at Hilda to see the gopher tortoises (we only saw the shell of the one down in his hole...) then went on over to the church to play on the swings and the new merry-go-round.
Swingin' with Mommy. Wednesday was a busy day for both of us.  Ina Sue says she didn't get much done though besides taking care of the children.  I tell her that is quite an achievement in itself...  She did make custard, 2 turns of bars, and cooked up a pot of chicken.    I got off from work around 2:00.  I drove up to Blackville and picked up about 11 bales of pine straw from Robert Yoder for our shrubbery  I  beds.  I worked for a while spreading it then we ate a quick supper before going to prayer meeting in the evening.  Uncle Enos had the discussion on "End of Life Issues".  The church seemed fairly empty with all the youth gone on their camping trip.
Ralph shows Landon the goats. I made us waffles for breakfast on Thursday.  The last batch of waffles wouldn't seem to finish...  Finally I realized that our poor waffle iron that we recieved for a wedding gift had finally kicked the bucket.  We were sorry to see it go.  It has served us up many waffles over the last 6 years.   I went on to work and Ina Sue spent most of the rest of the day in the kitchen.  She made bread,  poppy seed chicken casserole, more custard, tea, salad etc.  In the evening we took supper up to Ralphs and spent the evening with them.  Ruth Ellen is still recovering from her cancer surgery.  We had a very nice time visiting with them and seeing their goats.  Carolina had quite a big time playing with the young Dickerson girls.  Ralph even let her borrow their play car when we left.
This one was actually named after Carolina Sue... Friday was very ordinary.  A day of work at the shop for me and a day of cleaning for Ina Sue.  She also finished up my new suit coat.  We still need to have some adjustments for the pants...  I worked late then stopped at Blimpies and brought us home some subs for supper.  After supper Ina Sue took care of the children while I made phone calls and worked on the webpage.
Driving her "car" Saturday was a wonderful day together at home again.  I started off first thing putting down pine straw.  Ina Sue made us a delicious breakfast of cheesy egg bake then I took Carolina Sue in with me to Barnwell.  We picked up some more pinestraw at Williams Feed & Seed then made a stop at Country Cupboard, the strawberry patch, and even to Walmart.  After dinner we put the children down for their naps then I worked on mowing the yard while Ina Sue planted vinca out along our front walk and some impatiens in our shrubbery beds.  We had some store-boughten  sweet-corn for supper.  It wasn't too bad.  (Remember, we don't have a garden this year)After supper I gave the children their baths while Ina Sue washed up our minivan.