May 5, 2007

Ready for church Wendell H. brought the message Sunday morning on "The Duty we have to Worship" taken from the sacrifices in Leviticus.  It was informative, interesting and challenging.  We came home from church and I made us dinner of shrimp & grits, biscuits and caesar salad.  Ina Sue had made us some custard before church so we had that for dessert.  We all went down for naps in the afternoon until the youngest member put a stop to that... :(  Ina Sue made us some fresh quacamole for supper then we went to church for a song service.  My sister Laura, along with Coleen Barnhart & Kimberly Eshleman presented several songs and the Barnwell mens chorus also gave a number of really good selections.
Helping Mommy pick strawberries I started another weight-loss fast on Monday...  Ina Sue took care of the children and started the wash as I headed off to work.  I had a very normal day at work.  After the others ate supper we all took a walk around the block together then Ina Sue took the children up to Mary's and chatted for a little while I came back home and worked on SAMC finances.
Sampling said berries in the sink. When I left for work Tuesday morning, Ina Sue was working on finishing up the ironing from the wash yesterday.  She worked some on getting our finances caught up in Quicken and also baked 8 dozen cookies. (With help from the two little ones)  I'm still fasting so I didn't get to enjoy supper.... :(  I took the children for a walk in the evening to give Ina Sue a break.  She worked on scrap-book pages while we were gone.  When we got back I worked for a while making Puerto Rico calls.
Shopping for a tree rose... I went in to work early Wednesday morning to get some things caught up.  Ina Sue took the children to the strawberry patch and picked 3 buckets.  She brought the children by the shop and ate dinner then dropped by Walmart before taking the children home for their naps.  I unfortunately was still on my fast so I missed them for dinner.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting.  Nathan Goering is presenting two evenings on finances.  Tonight he talked about debt, credit cards, and investments.  On the way home we stopped and dropped off a bucket of strawberries with Benji Brubakers for them to take up to Mother Showalter.  Ruth Ellen Dickerson had surgery today to remove her cancer.  The doctors think it went well.  We pray that they got it all.... 
OSB line at Grant Allendale... I had a early morning managers meeting on Thursday.  I had several service calls with the largest being another trip to Grant Allendale to terminate some more fiber runs.  This time I had to do some of the terminations up on the OSB line.  It was really interesting seeing the chips going through the process of being made into OSB.  Ina Sue made strawberry jelly and froze about a gallon of it.  She also finished up her dress she's been working on.  I worked late in at work since I couldn't come home for supper....  This fast can be a real drag!
Hendrick doing his technician thing... I went in to work early again on Friday, this time for an employee meeting.  Ina Sue started the Friday cleaning but then took Landon up to Dr. Glen's office for a professional check on his skin issues.  It was nice to know that it is only eczema (as we thought).  I came home a little bit early and Ina Sue cut my hair.  After the others ate supper we took turns mowing the Govan Square.  Ina Sue mixed up a batch of poor mans steak.
Not sure I claim this one.... :) Saturday was a wonderful day at home.  It drizzled for most of the day so we weren't able to mow our yard.  I spent a bit of time cleaning out our desk and my filing cabinet.  Ina Sue emptied out the small freezer and I beat and scooped the ice out of it.  In the afternoon we left around 4:00 with the chilluns and drove over to Aiken for supper and some shopping.  We ate supper at "Fire House Subs"  to end my fast.  We bought wedding presents for some of the upcoming weddings, got groceries, and picked up another push mower to replace ours that gave up the ghost...  We also stopped at a Yard & Garden center and bought a tree rose for out by our front stoop.