April 7, 2007

Carl H. grilled us pork chops for lunch We had communion at church on Sunday.  Uncle Enos preached the message on "How Can We be Worthy".  After church we were invited to Carls for dinner.  Carl grilled up some delicious pork chops that we ate with gourmet potatos, green beans, cole slaw, leftover communion bread, and fruit pies for dessert.  What a feast!  Uncle Enoses, Benjamin Brubakers, and Douglas Heatwoles were also there.  After a time of visiting we drove home and all went down for naps.  Unfortunately, our dear children weren't much in the mood for naps so that kind of limited the nap of yours truly... :(
Benjamin & Charity were there with their little girl Katherine Since this was the first Sunday of the month, we didn't have any church service scheduled so we decided to have some company.  Nevin & Kay K. drove over with their children.  My co-worker Adam Cooper and his family came and Joe Byers.  Ina Sue fixed stuffed shells, spinach salad, corn and cream puff dessert.  It was a lovely evening so we all ate outside on the back deck.  Afterward we came inside and played a game of "Apples to Apples".  We had just bought the game a week or two ago so this was the first opportunity to play it. 
In the evenings Adam Coopers came over for a supper on the deck. Monday was a very normal and busy day.  I had a number of projects lined up before I went to work but even more piled up after I got there.  I had a hectic day of rushing from here to there to get everybody worked in.  Ina Sue did the normal washing and took care of the children.  We ate leftovers for supper.  Aunt Miriam came over after supper to help Ina Sue a little more with my suit.  Ina Sue says that it is NOT a very fun job!
My brother Nevin & son Wade I made us panhaus and eggs for breakfast on Tuesday.  I am glad that at least I have been able to train my girl to like fried eggs the way they are supposed to be fixed.  My wife on the other hand, likes her fried eggs to be fried hard.  What a shame to waste a perfectly good egg in that manner!   I headed off to work and Ina Sue took the children along to Aunt Miriam's for a comfort knotting for Aunt Miriam's belated birthday party.  Jane Brubaker,  Phyllis Mast and Charity Brubaker were also there.  For dinner they all went up to Jane's.  In the evening Thomas & Bonnie Peachey came over and worked with us to plan for the mystery supper for the youth next week.
Aiden Cooper played me a game of chess I left around 6:00 Wednesday morning to drive 2 hrs up to Clarendon, SC.   There is an OSB plant being built up there just like the one I have helped with in Allendale.  They wanted me to terminate all the phone & networking for their plant offices.   Ina Sue took the children with her to the church to meet with the other sewing circle ladies to go Easter caroling.  They split into two groups and went to different nursing homes then met back at the church for a carry-in lunch.  My mother came over to Uncle Enoses to help work on a book they are having written about Grandmother Vera.  She stopped by here on the way home and mentioned that she would enjoy keeping our children again sometime.
The children were happy to ride home with Grandmother for several days. My work at the plant in Clarendon had gone fairly well and I had most of the end jacks already installed.  Since there are over 250 cable runs and none of the runs are labeled, we have to use a tone generator to match the end jack up with where it goes in the patch panel.  This makes it almost a necessity to have two people working together.  I had discussed the possibility with Ina Sue of her helping me out for a day or two.  Well, just after Mom left our house I called while driving home and Ina Sue mentioned that Mom had said she would be happy to keep our children sometime.  The idea quickly occurred to us that this would be a wonderful time.  Unfortunately, Mother did not have a cell phone with her so I couldn't call her to get her to come back.  Ina Sue said she thought that she was going to be stopping by Myron Brubakers so I quickly called there to try to catch her.
My wife as a construction worker... When Myron told me that she had just left I called in to the shop and asked Hendrick to drive down to the intersection that she would have to drive through and flag her down and get her to call us.   I was hoping that Mother wouldn't have a heart attack when a black man in a pickup tried to flag her down...  To make it even more interesting, Hendrick has been driving Randy Ocker's pickup to work.  Randy is in the fire department and has red lights on the top of his pickup... :)  When I called back to Ina Sue to tell her what I had lined up, she said oh no, Mother is at Uncle Howards and is trying to call you...  So, I had to call back to the shop and get someone else to go tell Hendrick he could stop waiting on her.  Then I called Mother at Uncle Howards and she said she would be happy to babysit for the next two days.  I got home about 6:00 and we got the children all loaded in with Grandmom and they headed off.
while I punched down the patch panel. It felt somewhat strange going to prayer meeting this evening without any children.  Bro. Delmar had the talk on "Teaching Sunday School".  He did a good job with numerous pointers.  After church we drove in to Walmart and looked for some steel-toed shoes for Ina Sue to wear tomorrow.  The plant has a policy of requiring steel toes, hard hats, goggles, & reflective vests anywhere there is construction going on.  We didn't find anything in her size...

Thursday morning we got on the road by 7:00 and stopped by the Walmart in Manning, SC to get the steel toes.  We had a very nice day working together and Ina Sue said she enjoyed the work for a change.  We ate dinner at Arbys and got left around 4:30.  After we got home I had to drive in to the shop to take care of payroll then came home and we went to bed tired.

Carolina helps me shine shoes. We were on the road again on Friday by 7:00 and worked like tigers to get as much done as we could.  Since I knew the children would be back and Ina Sue wouldn't be able to help me next week, we tried to get all the wires toned out.  It was after 7:00 before we left the plant.  We stopped at Taco Bell for supper and were pretty tired out be the time we got home.  We are starting to miss our children...

We enjoyed sleeping in a while on Saturday morning without children to wake us up.  We drove over to Dad's to get the children and got there around 10:30.  I worked for a little bit installing a new hard drive in their computer then we all headed back to Govan.  I worked on mowing the yard in the afternoon while Ina Sue vacuumed the car and took care of the children.  We grilled hotdogs for supper then I took the children for a walk while Ina Sue finished cleaning up the house.  It is getting very cold and windy.  They say it is supposed to get down to freezing tonight...