March 31, 2007

Our happy boy Sunday was a lovely Spring day.  Bro. Gary brought us the sermon on "The Why of Adversity".    Leon Dueck is teaching my men's Sunday school class and doing a good job.  We have some interesting discussions.  We came home for a dinner of roast beef with potatoes & carrots and a side dish of collards.  We put the children and the wife down for their naps then I spent the afternoon studying for my topic tonight.  The topic is "Commit to the Lord" taken from Proverbs 16.  I find it difficult to develop a topic out of Proverbs...    After the evening service we came home and ate our supper of grape juice & popcorn.
Aunt Miriam helps Ina make final adjustments to my suit collar Some of the ladies from church were helping to clean Carl's house here in Govan on Monday in preparation of Joshua & Marcia moving in.  Ina Sue didn't think she could be much help while taking care of our children so she volunteered to keep Mary Korver's children while she went and helped.  I had a busy day at work while Ina Sue took care of children and did the normal Monday wash.  We had Uncle Howards over for supper.  Roast beef, ranch potatos, collards, salad, pickled eggs,  and fruit slush for dessert.  Ina Sue is still having some difficulty with final adjustments on my new suit, so Aunt Miriam spent quite a bit of time helping her with that.
Small group softball game I went in to work at 6:00 on Tuesday.  Mary & her children came down to work in the garden in the morning.  Carolyn Heatwole came over from 10:00 - 2:00 and helped Ina Sue with the children.  I came home from work around 4:00 and kept the children while Ina Sue went with Betty & Carolyn Heatwole, Laura Heatwole, and Susie Byers to a "Taste of Home" Cooking School program in Orangeburg.  While they were gone, the children & I weeded the flower beds and dredged out the old fish pool.  Ina Sue said the show was interesting and the evening a lot of fun.  She actually won a door prize!  It was about 11:00 before they got home.
Dayton Skrivseths were down visiting Ivans Wednesday was another busy day for me with lots of service calls.  Ina Sue and the children worked outside transplanting liriope and pulling weeds.  In the evening our small group joined with Ivan Skrivseths for a carry-in supper and softball game at the school.  Ivan's parents and his brother Dayton & family are down so it was nice visiting with them.  We had a nice ball game too although the sides were slightly uneven with an ending score of something like 22 to 6.
Dale D. & Landon Thursday was supposed to be my day off but I had some things that had to be done at the shop.  I took Carolina Sue along with me for the morning but was not able to leave until about 4:00 in the afternoon.  We went over to Mi Rancho's for a lunch with just dad & his girl....  Needless to say, Carolina was about whipped by the time we got home. (She missed her afternoon nap.) Ina Sue said that she & Landon had a nice day.  She did some sewing and used Mary's serger for a while.  We had leftovers for supper.  Gary Hege's came over for a while in the evening to take our counsel  for church and to visit.  After they left I spent some time scanning in some more of Dad's old family pictures. 
Eating pops on the back porch I decided to start a new fast on Friday.    It was a fairly cool day with temperatures down in the 50's.  I spent most of my day doing office work in the shop.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and took care of the kidlings.  In the evening we took a walk over to Duane Bange's old house and let Carolina Sue slide on the sliding board for one last time before they move it to Blackville.  After we got back Ina Sue took Carolina and drove up to Bamberg to do some shopping.  When she got home from shopping I broke my fast and ate a dish of noodles. :(  Carl had called and invited us to their house for Sunday lunch and I decided there was no way I was going to fast through that!    Landon is 9 months old today.... Hard to believe!
The azaleas are in full bloom Saturday was just a beautiful day together at home.  Ina Sue made us her special recipe of scrambled eggs then we all drove up to Driftwood Nursery to pick up some misc. shrubbery to fill in our beds.  On the way back through Denmark the Dogwood Festival parade was just starting up.  We parked along the road to watch it but it was so pitiful that I drove over to the car wash and washed the minivan while the wife and children watched.    After we got home we ate a quick lunch then put the children to bed.  I mowed the yard in the afternoon while Ina Sue worked on some cooking
Our back yard in bloom. We knocked off around 6:30 and drove up to Denmark for a supper at Subway.  We did some grocery shopping at Bilo and also picked us up some ferns from Maxway to hang on the front porch.  Seeing the macadamia nut cookies at Subway put me in the mind to bake up a batch, so I walked back to Bilo to buy some macadamia nuts.  Ina Sue drove the children and the van up to pick me up and just continued driving from there.  We stopped by Carl's to pick up some milk and wouldn't you know...  at the end of Thunder road the state troopers were doing a traffic check.  Ina Sue was not happy to see them because she knew she had left her purse & license at home.
Making macadamia chocolate cookies When she alerted the trooper to this fact he motioned us off onto the shoulder while he checked things out.  We had to sit for quite a while and Carolina Sue and I were discussing whether or not we should go and visit Mommy while she was in jail...  We finally decided that it would probably be too bad an influence on a girl her age to have to visit jail... :)  Well, it turns out the the trooper who took our info had to go chase someone down and that is why it took so long.  They did write her up a ticket for driving without a license but all she needs to do is send a copy of her license to the magistrate for the charges to be dropped.  After we got home Carolina Sue and I made up a batch of macadamia nut and white chocolate cookies from a recipe claiming to be just like Subway.  If I may say it myself, they did turn out to be pretty tasty!
A last slide on Duane B's sliding board.  (They have moved to Blackville)