March 24, 2007

Magnolia Mennonite Church Sunday morning we got up to a delicious breakfast that Crystal fixed us then we went to Magnolia Mennonite for church.  Paul Shirk brought the message on "How Broad can We Make the Narrow Way"  After the service we visited for a while then went to Galen Schrocks for dinner.  They put on a carry-in dinner for any of our friends and relatives who wanted to come.  Their daughter Jenn and husband Marvin were there along with Dwights, and all the Graber relatives.  We had a delicious dinner and a really nice time visiting afterward.  After everyone else left Galen showed us around their new house then we sat down and visited for another hour or two before finally getting back to Dwights around 5:00. 
The Schrocks have a dog that would be easy to confuse with a small horse... Dwight was already milking when we got back but after we got everything packed up he came back into the house to bid us adieu.  We are so thankful for the wonderful hospitality that Dwights showed us while we were there.  I was able to help with a little computer glitch then we started driving back toward home around 6:30.  We drove to Birmingham where we stopped at a hotel for the night. 
Galen, Jeannie & Jason Schrock We slept in for a while on Monday morning then we took the children down to the pool for a quick dip.  They both seemed to get a lot of enjoyment from that.   Carolina loved to switch between the heated pool and the colder one.  We left from the hotel around 10:30 and continued our drive back toward Govan.  We made a quick stop in Augusta at a Borders bookstore to pick up a game we've been wanted then drove straight on home.  We got back to Barnwell around 5:30 and picked up some pizza from Dominos for a quick supper.  We worked for a little unpacking and putting stuff away then headed to bed.
Carolina enjoyed their piano Tuesday was a beautiful day back in Govan.  I headed off to work while Ina Sue started on the washing.  Landon is crawling full tilt now and seeming to get into everything.  Ina Sue made us chicken/rice stir fry, baked cauliflower & cheese, and spinach salad for supper.  After supper we too the children out to the Govan square where I mowed and they pulled weeds until after dark.
Our wonderful hosts, Dwight & Crystal Lee Wednesday was more of the same with Ina Sue finishing up the washing & ironing while I worked at the shop.  After a quick supper of baked pineapple & ham salad we went to church for prayer meeting.  Patrick Heatwole had a topic on "How to Prepare & Give a Topic".  After everyone else left we did our last church cleaning with the Peacheys.  Ina Sue sent Landon home with Jane so that he would not be in the way... 
Enjoying the hot tub. Since I took off on Monday I needed to work Thursday.  Ina Sue cleaned out the van and worked on sewing a dress.  For supper she came in to Barnwell and picked us up supper from Hogg Heaven BarBQ.  (We had a gift certificate from one of my customers)  After we ate, she left Carolina Sue with me while she took Landon over to Walmart to do some shopping.  When she got back she helped me a little with the accounting then we headed home.  It was after 11:00 by the time we got the children in bed...
The honorable mayors of Olar & Govan We slept in a little on Friday morning then I headed off to work while Ina Sue cleaned the house.  It was a lovely spring day!  The azaleas are just starting and the other fresh new leaves are so pretty.   Ina Sue fixed porcupine meatballs, scalloped corn & mixed fruit salad for supper.  In the evening we dropped the children off at Andy's for the evening then drove in to Hagood Baptist for their annual Easter Passion Play.  It is sobering and awesome to think of what Jesus went through because of us...  After the service we were going to go to McDonalds for ice-cream to finish up our "date night" but they were to stacked up.  Instead we went to BP and purchased ice-cream bars and Combos for our little party. 
Govan Volunteer Fire Department Ina Sue made us breakfast of oatmeal/cinnamon pancakes Saturday morning.   After breakfast I picked, washed and cut up the last of our collards & kale crop to take to the picnic tonight.  I also mowed our lawn, cleaned out the shop, took the junk over to the dump, washed both cars and took care of the children during the afternoon.  Ina Sue made bread for the picnic, helped me on the shop and then spent an hour or two in the afternoon finishing the mowing out at the town square.  For supper we went over to the Govan Fire Department for a carry-in soup & cornbread supper.  I was pretty disappointed in the very poor turnout of Govan people.  There were only about four of our Mennonite families and not many more non-Mennos.
Govan Sunset We had very good food though and we enjoyed visiting with the ones who were there.   I drove home with Landon to study for my topic tomorrow but Ina Sue and Carolina walked home.  It was a beautiful evening with a lovely sunset.