March 10, 2007

My camera was on the blink this week so I am going to share some of my old family photos that I have been scanning in...

My grandfather Ralph & grandmother Vera

Sunday was a glorious day. (And not just because I went off my fast today...)  It was a beautiful day weather wise.  We went to Mt. Pleasant for church in the morning then back to Ina Sue's home for lunch.  Mother fixed us hot rolls, turkey breast, dressing, steamed veggies, salad, angel food cake & blackberries for dinner.  I used a massive amount of willpower and abstained.  We got left for SC around 2:00 in the afternoon and made pretty good time.  I started drinking some juices on my way home so as to bring my digestion back online slowly.  We gat to Govan at 9:00, got our duds unpacked and everyone hit the sack.
Vera's mother's mother's father Israel Rohrer. (My great, great, great grandfather) Monday was Ina Sue's 33'rd birthday.  I think she thought it was a pretty ordinary day...  She had a big batch of wash to do and I was pretty busy in the shop all day.  In the evening we went to church to hear "Sanctuary" give a program.  "Sanctuary" is a handpicked group of singers that Korwin Schrock put together to go on tour and to raise money for Bald Eagle Boy's Camp.  I thought it was admirable that the singers all paid their own way and all the proceeds from offerings went to support the boy's camp.  Chad & Kendra Brubaker and Hendrick were all along on the tour so we were doubly glad that they made a stop here at Barnwell.  They gave quite an impressive program.  Afterward, Jean Coblentz came and spent the night here with us.  She had lived with my parents while she taught school at Waynesboro so we knew her somewhat from seeing her there.  We had a nice time visiting then got to bed in decent time.
Vera's maternal grandfather, Daniel P. Showalter. (My great great grandfather) Tuesday morning we got up fairly early and I made us breakfast of waffles and sausage gravy.  Jean needed to be at the church by 8:00 to catch the bus so I dropped her off there on my way to work.  Ina Sue loaded the children in the van and headed off to sewing circle for the morning.  She didn't feel like she got much sewing done because she had to keep taking care of the children...  For dinner they came in to Barnwell and met me at Taco Bell for a quick bite.  Ina Sue wasn't feeling very good in the afternoon so I came home from work a little bit early to take care of the children, clean up the house, and make supper. 
Vera's mother Ida Showalter as a young girl. (My great grandmother) Ina Sue was really feeling pretty rough on Wednesday morning.  Since Hendrick is off singing on the chorus trip, and Adam is out sick, I didn't hardly see how I could stay home and help out.  So, I called Jane Brubaker and she very kindly agreed to take on an extra set of children for the day.  Her younger boys are up in D.C. for a class trip so her house "needed" the extra children.  I had a very busy day at work.  Ina Sue started feeling a little better in the afternoon so she went and picked up the children from Jane around 1:30.  For supper we had chicken fajitas then spent a nice evening at home.  Landon pulled himself up to a standing position beside the bathtub tonight.  It is hard to believe how he has grown!
Ralph's grandfather Joe F. Heatwole (my great great grandfather) and his wife & children.  Ralph's father Enos is on the far right. Click to enlarge. Thursday was a lovely Spring-like day.  The azaleas and redbuds are both just starting to bloom.  Ina Sue spent most of the day working on my suit.  She still says she is not happy with how the neck fits...  After I got home from work we went on a walk around the neighborhood with the children then sat down for a supper of sausage, potato quiche, cabbage salad, and kale.
Ralph's mother's mother Hannah Shank (on right) and her mother Mary Ann McMullen. (my great, great, great grandmother) I headed off to work again on Friday.  Ina Sue took the children along and walked up to Mary Korver's for a tea party.  Gwen Amstutz & Cheryl Bange were also there.  In the afternoon the children took their naps while Ina Sue cut out a new dress for herself and cleaned the house.  We had tacos for supper then another relaxed evening at home.
Grandfather Ralph's parents Enos & Clara Heatwole. We got up early on Saturday morning so that we could get to the Springfield flea market in good time.  We do not go to the market very often but had an enjoyable time "shopping" together on this beautiful day.  We bought a small glass "aquarium" with two tiny turtles in it for Carolina Sue.  She and Ina Sue named the turtles Moses & Aaron.  I suggested Gertrude & Slimey but got outvoted...  I am still planning to use my suggestions for their nicknames.  I also found me a collectors edition Monopoly game.  It is quite a snazzy edition and we couldn't keep ourselves from playing a quick game after we got home and before we got to work...
My Dad's parents, Ira & Cora (Horst) Strite In the afternoon I mowed the lawn while Ina Sue took a little rest.  Around mid-afternoon we had some drop-in company.  John & Irene Heatwole, Lester & Ellen Heatwole, Louise Heatwole, Joann Knicely and Don & Betty Heatwole stopped in for a short visit.  The Virginia folks were on their way down to Florida and had stayed the night with Dons.  We were really glad that they took the time to stop in and see us.  After they left, I washed both cars & Ina Sue vacummed out the minivan.  I fixed a spinach-kiwi salad and egg-fried rice for supper.
Grandpap Strite as a young man with his brothers.  Paul, Ira, & Joseph Strite