March 3, 2007

Landon & his toy telephone Bro. Myron Mullet brought us the message again on Sunday morning.  He used a verse in Proverbs that speak about dead flies causing a stink for his text.  "Dishonesty, Chronic Lateness, and Unthankfulness" are "Three Flies that make a Stink."  We came home and had leftovers for dinner then a nap before the children got us up.  In the evening Myron's sermon was on "The Resurrection".  We came home and had milkshakes & roast beef sandwiches.  I have decided to start a fast this week and this was supposed to be my "Last Meal".... :)
My favorite cook... Monday morning I got up to no breakfast... Arrrgh!!!  I survived though the week suddenly seemed a lot more grim.  It was a busy day at work but that still didn't keep my mind off of my stomach's increasing demands.  Ina Sue worked on the wash.  It was a really windy day outside.  Thankfully, when I got home from work Ina Sue already had the children fed so I didn't have to watch them eat.  We spent the evening at home and went to bed in good time.
Enjoying the company of Catherine Brubaker (Benji & Charity's) Tuesday was day 2 of the fast.  I am going through some major suffering! :)  I had to go in to the shop at 6:00 to get ready for a meeting so I was tired and feeling weak by the end of the day.   Ina Sue cut out a dress for Carolina Sue.  Carolyn Heatwole had given her some leftover material from a dress she made for herself so they are going to have matching dresses.  After I got home I had to do some PRMC calls then I went to bed to take my mind off of my poor stomach.
All enthralled with the camcorder... Wednesday, Day 3.  They say that the first 3 days of a fast are the worst.  I sure hope so because these have been pretty rough.  I am thankful though that I am clearly losing weight.  I'm down about 11 lbs by this evening.  I know it won't all stay off but at least it gives me a good start.  I think the fast is also good in that it makes me more aware of how much I do normally eat.   Ina Sue spent most of the day sewing a new dress for Carolina Sue.  After work we all went over to Benita Heges so that she could work with Ina Sue on fitting up my new suit.  It took a while and we didn't get left until about 10:30.  Landon has been pretty grumpy lately.  We think his teeth are bothering him.
View of Ina Sue's old workplace Thursday, Day 4.  I tell you, a life without food would be a dreary life indeed.  I didn't realize how much I look forward to my meals during a regular day.  My wife is a wonderful cook and to not be able to look forward to a delicious meal at least in the evening is a trial indeed.  Yes,  I am thinking about the many people around the world who face this reality on a daily basis and not just to lose weight!  I spent the day at work while Ina Sue ran up to Bamberg to renew her license.  Then she vacummed out the van and sewed for a while.  In the evening we went to church and cleaned for about 2 hours.  The school was selling chicken dinners as a fund raiser and we had ordered two plates.  They looked scrumptious but I refrained.  We found out this morning that Ina Sue's uncle James Knicely passed away.  We will probably be making plans to drive to VA this weekend.
The hearse used by the Old Orders. Friday was a busy day getting things finished up at work so that we could leave in the evening.  Ina Sue babysat Catherine Brubaker for a while in the morning for Charity.  Then she cleaned the house, got the children ready and packed up our clothes for the trip.  I was able to get home around 4:30 and we left soon after for VA.  We got to Virginia around 12:00am.  I have now survived 120 hours with no nourishment other than water, and down by about 16 lbs.
  We slept in a little on Saturday then got up and got the children dressed then went to Riverdale for Uncle James' funeral.  Uncle James had a farm accident 17 1/2 years ago and broke his neck.  He has been a quadriplegic in a wheelchair ever since.  He was 70 years old when he died at home of complications from pneumonia.   His life since the accident and the care of his wife and children have been a real testimony to many.  It was a huge funeral with an estimated 800 people involved.  Carolina Sue was wide-eyed at all the horsies and buggies.  After the funeral we dropped in at the Dayton Farmers Market to get homemade preztels for Ina Sue & Carolina Sue's dinner.  I'm still living off of my stores... :(  Ina Sue's family all got together after supper for a small informal business meeting then off to bed...