February 24, 2007

Keiths are ready to hit the road... I got up early Sunday and fixed us bacon, egg & cheese mcmuffins for breakfast with orange julius.  Keith and Jeanne got their children & luggage loaded up and headed for Maryland by 8:30.  We quickly got ready and went to church.  Gary Hege had a very good sermon on "What Freightline Do You Pull For?"  Home for leftovers then some much needed rest.  Wasn't God really wise in setting aside a day for rest & worship?  In the evening we had a song service.  There were three different special singing groups interspersed with the congregational singing.  Enjoyable.
Having company wore Landon out.... Ina Sue felt pretty sick Monday morning and I wasn't sure I should go off to work.  She told me to go ahead though and she said she started feeling better by about 9:00.  She had a huge wash to work on but it was a lovely day to hang out clothes.  I came home a little earlier tonight because Ina Sue likes a little help in getting the children ready for church.  This is our first evening of revival meetings with Bro. Myron Mullet as the evangelist.  He brought a very good sermon tonight on "Are You Ready for the Marriage Supper?"
Milton grills sausages for our breakfast. I left at 6:00 on Tuesday to do a service call over to Edgefield, SC to the Subway there.  I sold them a surveillance system and was setting it up for them.  It was after dinner before I got back to Barnwell.  Ina Sue worked of finishing the folding & ironing.  Landon's teeth have really been bothering him and he seems to take quite a bit more attention.  Ina Sue made us our favorite tater tot casserole for supper then we rushed around to get ready in time for prayer meeting before the service.  Myron preached tonight on "Sacrificial Living".  I had a customer with an urgent computer problem call me right before church so after church we drove up to Bamberg and Ina Sue took the children grocery shopping while I took care of the service call.  It was almost 12:00 before we got home to bed.
Dad & Mom enjoying our "brunch". I headed off to work at normal time on Wednesday.  Ina Sue had trouble with allergies but was able to spend a bit more time working on my suit.  It poured down rain in the morning.  In the evening at revivals, Bro. Myron preached on "The Kingdom of God".  I have been hoping to take off tomorrow for my birthday but am very behind on the accounting work there.  I went in to work after church to try to get caught up a little.  Ina Sue had me pick up some groceries from Walmart so it was after 11:00 before I got to my office. 
Kent has started sporting some extra hair. I was accounting away at 1:00am when I heard a tremendous racket out front.  I knew immediately what was going on and called the police.  Since this was our 5'th burglary in seven months, the police were very quick to respond.  Unfortunately, they were not able to collar the burglars in the store and I have not heard that they have made further progress since...  I can only surmise that the three guys that threw the block through the front window and came in to get what they could, did not know anyone was in the store.  I could watch them on the surveillance system but since they were wearing masks I wouldn't be able to identify them.  Thankfully the police were on-site within 3 minutes and it doesn't seem that the burglars got away with much.  As has been the case the last two times, the main loss is from the front window...  I am quite thankful for God's protection!
Duane and Janice get really "close". It was after 4:30 Thursday morning before I had all the glass cleaned up and the window boarded over and the police gave me leave to go home.  I came home and slept for about 3 1/2 hours before the children got me up.  We had a delicious birthday breakfast of waffles then just had a good day spent together with family.  I spent most of the day working on this webpage, helping the wife in the kitchen, and taking care of children.  We had Myron Mullet over to help celebrate my birthday with biscuits, roast beef, hearty stuffed potatoed, ceasar salad, glazed carrots, and rhubarb torte for dessert.  What a wonderful spread.  At church tonight Myron preached on "Assurance of Salvation".  I am so thankful that I know that I am one of God's children! 
Way too many cameras... :) Friday seemed to be a very normal day even though I was now 35 years old.  I told my wife that I feel God has blessed me so much in my life.  I don't know what I would change if I could.  I have a wonderful family, a wonderful church, and most of all a wonderful God.  I was able to spend quite a bit of the day doing accounting work but did have a small wiring job in the afternoon.  Thomas Peachy's son Brian was kind enough to help pull the cables underneath the house for me.  I used to do that kind of work but am either getting too thick or too old to do that much anymore.  Ina Sue spent much of the day cleaning and getting the children ready for church tonight.  The topic was "The School of Christ"  He talked about different rooms in the school: Submission, Commitment, and Perseverance.  We came home and had some late night shakes as a reward for Carolina behaving so well in church.
Dads and their children... Saturday was a day we have been really looking forward to.  My sister Karen Hobbs had planned a big Strite get-together at the Waynesboro School.  We all got there in time for a big breakfast/brunch that Karen & Milton supplied.  Grilled sausages, pancakes & sausage gravy, eggs, grits, fruit bars and to finish it off, shoofly pie.  Yum.  We spent the rest of the day chatting, playing games, and playing with the children.  Dad took an hour or so to show us some of his old family pictures and tell us some of his memories of his aunts & uncles.
Dad tells about his old family pictures. For supper we all brought in dishes from "Taste of Home".  Nevin & Kay K. brought some wonderful meat balls in sauce.  We took hearty stuffed potatoes.  Duanes supplied tasty "Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage".  Rhonda brought a delicious spinach/lettuce salad with all the extras.  Karen H. brought homemade herb bread.  For dessert Laura brought two different varieties of cheese cake.  We cleaned up the school and locked it before playing a couple games of volleyball together.  Then we headed for home.  We stopped at Walmart in Waynesboro to pick up some needed groceries for Sunday but were still able to get home by about 9:15.  We were all pretty tired.  Landon is starting to get up on his hands and knees and crawl just a little.