February 10, 2007

Landon & Kaitlyn Myers playing together. We got up Sunday morning for a delicious breakfast of cereal, pastries and fresh fruit juice.  Then to church at the Seguidores de Christo (Followers of Christ) church at Anasco.   Craig had devotions and moderated.  Bro. Dago led the Sunday School discussion and I did my best to bring the message with Bro. Dago translating.  It is challenging to say the least to communicate through a translator...  For dinner we had a carry-in dinner with lots of good food.  Celines' mother-in-law even brought my favorite dish of garlic baked bananas.  I love that dish!  After a time of visiting we went back to our apartment in Craig's basement and rested for a little before traveling up to Barceloneta in the maxi-van for a song service.  I always enjoy the singing here even though I understand few of the words.  It is always inspiring to hear the gusto with which the Puerto Ricans sing.  Kari had packed us some delicious subs which we ate on the way back down to Anasco.   After we got back to Craigs, they also fixed us some papaya shakes.
Steven Heatwole & Royal discuss issues Royal & I got up earlier on Monday and ate a quick breakfast with Craig before meeting with him and Carl for a time of prayer.  After that we went ahead and had our interview with Craig and Kari. The other ladies slept in a little then took the children to the beach for a little recreation.  We guys went down the road to the local road-side pincho stand/restaurant and ordered up some Puerto Rican food for dinner. 
At the carry-in dinner Sunday at Anasco. Jerrel Goods came down from Barceloneta this morning and Jerrel spent some time with the workers while we were not interviewing them.  They ate dinner along with all the rest of the crowd.  In the afternoon the ladies packed our supper while Royal and I had our interview with Carl's.  We left around 4:15 with the Anasco crowd & Jerrels for a little evening outing.  First we drove up onto a high mountain where we visited with Frank for a while and enjoyed the amazing view from his housetop.  Then, on to the beach at Rincon where we ate our picnic, visited, and sang along with Bro. Samuel as he played his accordian.  Very nice!
Fellowship after Sunday evening worship. It is hard to believe that Tuesday was already our last day in Puerto Rico.  The week has really gone by fast!  We got up and started packing up before we went up and ate our last breakfast with Craigs.  They have treated us (and fed us) so well while we have been here.  We washed some clothes and tried to clean up our apartment then Craig and I worked hard to strip out two coconuts to take back home.  It is quite a job getting those hulls/shells off of the inner nut.  We left around 10:00 and dropped by the house where Samuel is staying to pick a box of grapefruits and oranges.  Then on to Barceloneta where we met up with the Barceloneta crowd for dinner and goodbyes. 
Royal got to help with some mechanic work Monday morning.... We had a very full load to fit into one maxivan, with us and Royals plus Jerrel's whole family, Bethany Headings, and lots of luggage plus Luke to drive the van back.  We all got in though and arrived safely at San Juan in plenty of time to go through the "ag" and security checks.  We flew out around 3:15 and arrived in Charlotte right at 6:00. 
Helping with the housework. Jerrel's were flying on from there to Raleigh-Durham so they had to sit and wait on their next flight while we checked out our bags and started driving south.  We ate a quick supper at Burger King and arrived home soon after 9:30.  Carolina Sue rode home from Virginia today with Uncle Howards & Uncle Enoses.  She was still at Uncle Howards so we quickly drove over to pick her up.  It was so good to see her again!  I think a week and a half is almost too long for her to be away.  Her mother thought so especially!  We are all so glad to be home again!
The other half of the delegation. Wednesday was a big day for both of us.  I had quite a bit waiting for me back at the shop while Ina Sue had to get everything put away here at home and start on a huge load of washing.  I had a service call in Bamberg so I dropped in for lunch with my wife and chilluns.  It was a lovely spring day to be home again in SC.  In the evening we went to prayer meeting where Bro. Wendell finished up his series on the Holy Spirit by looking at the "Sending" and "Glorifying" work of the Holy Spirit.  It was good to see all our friends here at Barnwell again.  After church we came home and had a snack of mocha shakes.
Cameron & Kaitlyn with Frank. I made us egg gravy over toast for our breakfast on Thursday.  Then I headed off to work for a fairly full day.  I was able to get off just a little bit early in order to help the wife with some of her work.  She worked on finishing up the laundry, took the children on a walk up to Andy's to deliver fruit from PR, did odd jobs around the house, and made us a supper of upside-down pizza and collards.  We made this evening a "Date" night and just spent the evening together with each other. (and of course the little munchkins)
Our wonderful hosts, the Craig Myers family Not much happened on Friday.  I went to work and Ina Sue stayed busy here at home.  The children are acting a little under the weather or maybe just grumpy...  Ina Sue started working to tear out one of my new suits in order to change it over.  She's not sure she wants to do it but I have full confidence in her sewing abilities.  Had a delicious supper of meatloaf (one of my favorites), herbed potatoes, cole slaw, and collards.
Helping Carolyn celebrate her 16'th birthday. Saturday was a wonderfully relaxed day at home.  I made three turns of rosemary bread.  One for us to eat and two for our Valentine's banquet next week.  Ina Sue took Carolina over to Dons for a little to wish Carolyn a happy birthday.  Then Ina Sue made a run into Barnwell for groceries and misc. shopping.  She stopped in for a little to get advice from Benita Hege on changing over the suit.  I took care of the children. Carolina Sue has a small fever but they acted very nice while Mommy was gone.  I spent the evening making Puerto Rico calls.