January 20, 2007

The new journal I found at Barnes & Noble. We went to Calvary Mennonite for church Sunday morning.  We have quite a few friends there and have never been there for morning worship.  John Ivan Byler brought the message on Non-resistance.  Very good and challenging sermon.  It was good seeing James Groffs, Harry Lee Showalters, Uncle Orens, and many others.  Unfortunately, Kenneth Martin was out sick but Audrey was there.  After visiting a while we came back home for a dinner of sloppy joes, baked hominy, cookies and fruit.  We got on the road for SC around 2:00 and made pretty good time.  Home to Govan at 9:30.  Around Charlotte, NC Aunt Sharon Shank called and wondered where we were.  I told her we were at mile marker 65.  She said she was at 66.  By the time we ascertained which way the markers were counting and that she was in a black mini-van, we saw them go zooming past.  She and Aunt Sue along with Bonnie Goering were on their way back from Florida & Georgia and had remembered that we were traveling that same day.  She decided to call us and it was amazing that we were so close.  There couldn't have been more than 40 seconds between when I answered the phone and when we saw them.
Watching "Mommy & Me" on the computer. We were back into our normal routines on Monday.  Ina Sue worked on a large batch of wash in between caring for the children.  She also canned 7 pints of our tenderloin that we brought back and worked on slicking up the ponhaus.  I headed in to work and ended up staying a bit late in the evening.  It was a lovely sunny day.  When I got home we had grilled chicken breasts, gourmet potatoes, and green beans for supper.  We spent what was left of the evening at home.
Carolina Sue played with all the other youngsters in the school.... I went in to work early on Tuesday while Ina Sue started on the ironing duties.  She had Gilbert & Erica Korver here for a while over lunch while Mary & Heidi went to a birthday party for Shea Amstutz.  Carolyn Heatwole very kindly came over for several hours in the afternoon to entertain Carolina.  I had a very full day at work (Hendrick is still off teaching at Heritage Bible School).   I came home for a quick supper of cabbage and sausage and to spend a little time with my family then I drove back in to work and worked until 3:00am...
while we attended the marriage seminar taught by David & Naomi Hostetler. We all got up a little early Wednesday and I helped get the children ready before heading in to work.  Ina Sue took the children with her and went down to Mary Korver's for a morning tea and to plan out the menu and festivities for our upcoming Valentine's supper for the older "young" marrieds.  Gwen Amstutz, Ruth Ann Bange, Mary Korver, and my wife are responsible to plan it for this year.  The others are to be responsible next year.  Ina Sue also picked out about 10lbs. of pecans that we had picked up from our tree.  (Dale D. had cracked them out for us)  In the evening we went to church for prayer meeting.  Uncle Enos led the discussion on "Calvanism & Arminianism"  Interesting and informative.  After we got home we canned our 7 pints of canned ham from the butchering.
The obligatory snack afterwards... Thursday was cold and rainy.  I had a morning service call to setup a POS computer in the Subway in Edgefield, SC. (About 2 hrs. away)  I left at 6:00 in order to get there by 8:00.  I like to do my work while they are not trying to do sales...  Ina Sue finished canning the rest of our pork.  We ended up with 12 pints of ham & 7 pints of tenderloin.  We love the canned pork because it is so easy to make a really quick good meal with it.  We feel like we are finally making some real progress with our daughter in the potty-training saga.  We've been bribing her with cotton-candy and that seems to be quite an incentive. :)  We had a quick supper of ham salad sandwiches then headed off for the first session our our first marriage seminar.  Barnwell agreed to host the seminar that is put on by Siloam Ministries.  Bro.  David Hostetler and his wife Naomi from Indiana are the speakers.  We thought the first evening was beneficial and interesting.  Afterwards we all ate doughnuts and visited.  (Dad & Mom came over from Hephzibah for the service tonight)
Daryl B. converses with Val Miller (One of the organizers of the seminar) Friday was a very normal day with Ina Sue cleaning and me at work all day.  In the evening we went to the second session of our marriage seminar.  Tonight was mainly focused on the role of the husband as the leader in the home.  Another delicious and fattening snack afterward with fellowship.  Kevin & Dawn Eshleman have been coming over for each of the sessions and are planning to spend the night in Wendell Heatwole's trailor to be here for the morning session.  We invited them to come by here for breakfast at 8:00
What happens when you "bake" Pyrex lids. We had quite a morning Saturday.  I got up early and started getting ready for breakfast while Ina Sue worked on getting the children bathed and ready.  I was making cornbread and sausage gravy for breakfast so while I started the gravy I turned on the oven to 400 degrees.  I thought we also needed some type of sweets to eat with our tea so I started making up a batch of pecan bars that I planned to put in our convection microwave to bake.  Suddenly I started smelling something burning.  I first thought it was something just spilled on the stove burner but then I noticed that the smoke was actually coming from the back burner which wasn't even turned on.  (Our oven has a vent up through the back burner)  I opened up the front of the oven and was immediately enveloped in smoke.  There were flames and strange blue and greenish stuff among the smoke.  I quickly slammed the door shut and covered the back burner with a pan lid to hold the smoke but it was too late.  The smoke detector went off and smoke continued to emit from the oven.  I opened the windows but we had no fans to move the smoke out...  This was around 7:50 and our company was supposed to be here for breakfast at 8:00!
Children playing at the marriage seminar. Thankfully, things like this are no really big deal with good friends so when Kevins got here we still had a really good time talking even with half-done cornbread and the smell of smoke in the air...  Oh, and by the way,  the strange green and blue stuff in the oven that was smoking & burning was four of our good Pyrex baking lids.  Carolina Sue had evidently been "cooking" earlier in the week and we hadn't realized that they were still in the oven cooling. :)

We went to church then for the last two sessions of the marriage seminar.  The first session was with men and ladies separate, then we came back together for the last session.  It has been an enjoyable series.  We came home for lunch then I worked out in the garden and kept the children while Ina Sue went to BILO for groceries.  In the evening we made soft pretzels for a special supper then had a restful evening.  I played a game of "Risk" with Nevin & Duane over the internet.  Fun, but they made an illegal alliance against me over a private telephone connection and wiped me out because they thought I was "too arrogant".   ... Just because I had come up with my own "Michael Doctrine" of European non-interference.