January 15, 2005

Eating our picnic lunch Sunday morning we all went to church at Barnwell.  Carl had a wonderful sermon on "Christ the Master Gardener" illustrated with a orange tree and pruning tools.  Bill & Dorcas had invited us to go with them on a picnic so after church they piled in with us and we drove down to a state park in Hampton county.  We had ham subs, potato salad, party mix & bars.  It was a perfectly lovely afternoon for a picnic in January.  After eating we went on a short hike then rested in the playground while the children played and we talked.  We got home around 4:30 and had time for a little rest before our evening service.  The program was on the topic of "Miracles".
Our friends Bill Bylers and us Both of the "kids" were up at 6:00am Monday morning so we were forced to get up as well.  Ina Sue got an early start on the wash and I headed off to work.  Andrew spent quite a bit of the day playing with Maria.  Ina Sue fixed us soup & cornbread for supper.  I cut out a bunch of quilt patches after supper while Ina Sue bathed the babies.
Taking a hike Ina Sue spent Tuesday morning playing "Lemmings" and such with the young'ins.  Actually she said she spent some time ironing & cleaning.  In the afternoon she brought the children in to the shop to see me and play with the RC cars.  Andrew made big friends with Richard.  On the way home Ina Sue laundered our bed quilt at the laundry-mat.  She fixed us chicken nuggets and kale for supper.  I went in to the jail after supper for Bible Study while Ina Sue kept CarolineHeatwole & Maria Byler while their parents went to the PTA.  We had a really nice visit with Dons when they came pick up Caroline.
Andrew & Carolina playing Carrom


I had a really busy day at work Wednesday trying to get everything caught up so that we can leave before too late tomorrow.  Ina Sue cleaned up the mini-van & hemmed up some of my pants.  She took a walk with the kiddies in the afternoon.  I came home for a supper of breakfast burritos.  After supper I worked a while on the new web page for our conference.
Unfortunately, I sort of lost my camera for the last part of the week and wasn't able to get pictures.... :( Thursday was pretty hectic!  I rushed around all morning trying to get everything done.  I had a number of things I had to do in at the shop but was hoping I could get home before 12:00.  I didn't quite make it.  Ina Sue got everything packed up in the van and had the children waiting when I got home at 12:30.  I jumped in the van and off we went.  We had a good drive and got to Harrisonburg at about 7:30.  Papa Showalters family was getting together at 7:15 so we hurried around and changed clothes at Ina Sue's home then hurried over to the event.  Had a good time visiting with the relatives then came back home for bed.
  Friday I got up and got ready for a PRMC meeting while Ina Sue & Carolina Sue got ready to head for Maryland.  My meeting got started at 8:00 and the ladies (Mother, Marsha, Lori, Aunt Reba, Julia & Lola) left for Jeanne's birthday party soon after.  Our meeting went well and we pretty much finished up by dinner time.  Irene Heatwole & Angela Goering provided a wonderful lunch for us.  I went home and napped for a while then took the car to the car wash and dropped by the Dayton Farmer's Market for a hot fresh pretzel and a good visit with Phil Hoover.  Ina Sue & the ladies got back a little before 6:00 and Mother fixed us a supper of chicken-rice soup & pizza subs.  After supper we went over to Jonathan & Janet Burkholders for a visit then to Uncle Lee's for a while.   Jonathan & Janet's little boy Loren is 5 days younger than Carolina but seemed much bigger & more mobile....  
  We slept in a bit Saturday then Mother made us runny eggs & sausage links for breakfast.  Delicious!  Then we made our regular run to SharpShopper to pick up some staples.  Robert & Lori came back home for dinner so all the Showalters were there but Jeanne & her family.  Had taco salad.  I loved it!  We were able to get left around 1:15 and hurried over to Uncle Eldwin's to pick up Grandmother Heatwole and her goods.  Our dear Grandmother will be 99 years old in about a month but she traveled very well with us.  We made one stop above Charlotte for a restroom break and got some supper.  We got home right at 7:30 and dropped Grandmother off at Uncle Howards.  Then we came home, unpacked & soon hit the sack.  It's good to be home!


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