January 6, 2007

Keith, Benjamin & Sara Lynn We got up and around in fairly good time Sunday morning.  Went to Mt. Pleasant for church where a visiting minister brought the message.  Then we went back home for a family get-together & dinner of hearty vegetable soup and roast beef croissant sandwiches.  The whole family was there at Papa's including Marsha's friend Gary Monroe.  After dinner some of us took short naps.  Then as soon as the milkers finished there chores we all met again for our family gift exchange.  It is so much fun watching children open their gifts.  Benjamin had Carolina's name and gave her a robe, bubble bath, and "Floam"  She was thrilled!  She gave Emily a "Candyland" game, a tea set, and a monkey. 
Benjamin gave Carolina a gift. Gary had my name and gave me floor mats for my car and a box of chocolates.  (As a side note most of my chocolates somehow disappeared over the following week as the box sat on our kitchen counter.  I'm not mentioning any names.)  Jeanne gave Ina Sue some scrapbooking supplies and a picture to hang in our bathroom.  Mother gave her three granddaughters all a miniature kitchen set and aprons that she had made for them herself.  Actually, Mother & Papa very generousely gave everybody something.


She loved her new robe. For supper we had a fondue meal with chicken, pork and bacon cooked in oil.  Crackers, bread chunks and pretzels in a cheese fondue.  We even had a chocolate fountain where we dipped strawberries, pretzels, and bananas.  It was a delicious meal but took quite a while because of a limited number of fondue pots but a fairly large number of people needing to use them.  By the time the meal was over it was getting pretty late but those of us still young at heart played a game of "Spoons" while waiting for the new year.  Amazingly enough 2007 arrived right on schedule at the stroke of midnight. :) 
The granddaughters open presents from Grandmother. (Kitchen sets & aprons) Because of our late night we slept in Monday morning untill 8:00.  Actually, Ina Sue slept in.  I had to get up with Landon at 6:00 and we went down to the family room where I napped on the sofa between sessions with him.  Mother made us a wonderful breakfast of french toast before we left for home around 11:00.  It was a nice day for driving.  We stopped at Arby's for dinner with a blizzard from Dairy Queen for dessert.  Got home around 7:00 and quickly unpacked before settling into Govan again.
Adrian models his puppy dog slippers. Carolina & I took a trip up to Hartwell, GA on Tuesday.  Our shop was open today but I had worked out our schedule so that I could have off today yet.  We did drive in to the shop first to get a computer ready for Heritage Bible School.  Unfortunately, that took about 3 hrs and we didn't actually get left for Hartwell until about 11:30.  When we got there we hooked up with Arlen Yoder (the caretaker) and worked with him to get the telephones, alarm bells, and intercom all checked out and working.  Thankfully it went very well and we were able to start for home around 3:30.  We got back to Govan at 7:00.  Ina Sue spent the day doing the laundry and taking care of Landon.  She said it was a pretty restful day with only one baby.
Playing late night "Spoons" I went back to work on Wednesday.  Thankfully there was not too much of a backlog of work and the day went very well.  Ina Sue finished up the laundry & ironing then repackaged some of our big bags of cheese from Costco to freeze.  She fixed us grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup for supper then we went to church for prayer meeting.  Wendell led the discussion on "Spiritual Gifts".  After we got home I drove our truck over to Uncle Howards to pick up their Schwinn Air-Dyne.  We have decided that both of us could use some extra exercise and Uncle Howard has agreed to let us borrow their Air-Dyne to try.  I have always found exercise equipment extremely boring so we'll have to see how it goes.
Using her new kitchen set & play dough. Thursday was a pretty normal day with me at work and Ina Sue taking care of the children at home.  She did finish painting some boards to finish up our screen porch.  In the evening after supper Ina Sue took Landon with her and went to Kendra Brubaker's for a Pampered Chef party.  Carolina Sue & I stayed home and played Memory and other assorted games.
Ina Sue and Carolina try out the Air-Dyne Ina Sue was a bit under the weather on Friday.  She had problem with her allergies and a bit of a headache.  She slept in a little while I headed off to work.  She said the children were really good today and she was able to get the cleaning done and even made us a delicious chicken almondine dish for supper along with broccoli and a lettuce salad.  I worked for a while in the evening working to organize the pictures from Grandmother.
Filling in a plumbing project. Saturday was a wonderful day with all of us at home together.  Ina Sue fixed us baked oatmeal and peach shakes for breakfast.  I started working on replacing the faucet fixture on our back bath/shower.  Like always on my plumbing projects, I needed to make several trips up to Brookers to get all the needed pieces but finally finished it up.  Ina Sue finished painting the trim pieces for the screen porch and helped me weed our flower beds.  In the afternoon we all took a walk up to Andy's to look at their puppies and calf.  I made up a batch of pita pockets in the afternoon but it took me a while to perfect them.  Out of a recipe of 16 only the last two turned out the way I wanted them.  I want to try them again though because I think I know the right way to do them now.  Ina Sue baked a cake for our dinner tomorrow while I worked on PRMC business.  Ina Sue is still feeling kinda rough with her cold.