December 09, 2006

Our paster Gary Hege & family Carl preached us an challenging sermon Sunday morning on "The Cost of Discipleship".  It was also the baptismal sermon for Thomas Brubaker (Daryl & Sharon Brubaker's youngest son).  It was really nice that it worked out that he could be baptized over this time that they are back in the States for a short period.  Ina Sue was the designated hostess and we were happy to have our table full with Gary Heges and Aden Diems.  Ina Sue fixed us turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dill rolls, baked corn, broccoli salad, rhubarb crisp & ice cream.  We had a nice time visiting then got in a short nap after they left. 
Aden Diem Family Ina Sue suggested we have company over to help us eat up some of the leftovers...  We invited the Dueck's over for a light supper and evening of visiting & games.  Enjoyable evening...  Oh, we still don't have hot water but we got along fairly well all day by heating it on the stove.
Caroline & Gavin playing "Blocks" We did actually seem to have some slightly warm water Monday morning.  The one element must have still been functioning to a degree.  Ina Sue started doing the washing but after a load or two realized that the water was no longer heated at all.  I spent the day at work but did manage to stop and pick up an element for the water heater.  When I got home I drained out the water heater again, replaced the element and filled it back up, this time allowing the air to leach out of the tank before I turned the power back on.  We are back in business with hot water once again.  What a blessing!  Ina Sue fixed us turkey sandwiches and salad from the greenhouse for supper.  After supper we went over to Uncle Enoses and worked with them to scan in a bunch of Grandmother Heatwole's old family pictures.  We didn't get near finished.
Leon Dueck Family Tuesday morning felt pretty cold.  Our thermometer said 30 degrees when I left for work at 5:30.  Thankfully our broccoli still looks fine so I don't think we lost it.  I spent the day at work while Ina Sue finished up the washing, took the children for a walk, and made us Puerto Rican "Rice & Gandules" for supper.  After supper I worked on the computer while Ina Sue made up a batch of cookies to take caroling on Thursday.
Uncle Enos with pictures of our ancestors. My first service call on Wednesday was up in Orangeburg so I took Carolina Sue along with me.  We got back around lunchtime and I dropped her off at home then went on in to work for the rest of the day.  Ina Sue & the children worked for a while in the afternoon raking the old leaves & pine straw out of our shrubbery beds.  It was a beautiful day.  For supper she fixed us turkey, baked hominy, & collard greens.  We went to prayer meeting in the evening.  Bro. Wendell continued his study on the work of the Holy Spirit.
Carolina loves our neighbor's trampoline, (and her little friends) We had to get up in good time Thursday morning so that I could get my ladies off for the annual Sewing Circle Christmas Caroling by 8:15.  They sang at the area Nursing Homes and took plates of cookies to share with the residents.  Then they finished off with a dinner at the "mule barn".  After I got them sent on their way, I drove over to Nelson's to borrow his big lawn mower and leaf shredder/bagger.  I'm afraid using his machinery had done spoiled me now.   I'll never look on my old push mower with much favor again after this...  I had the majority of the yard mowed and the leaves bagged up by the time Ina Sue got home around 1:30.   
Cleaning leaves from the shrubbery beds In the afternoon I went down to the town square and spent about two hours mowing and bagging the leaves there.  We were still working to bag up leaves from our shrubbery beds when it got dark around 6:30.  We ate leftovers for supper then I worked for a while scanning in more of the old Heatwole family pictures.
Ready to sing for the "old ladies" at the nursing home... I went in to work for our employee meeting at 8:00 on Friday.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and minded our children.  They both have slight colds and it makes them pretty grumpy at times.  In the evening they came in to the shop and we ate fast food from Hardees before going to Hagood Avenue Baptist Church for their "Living Christmas Tree" program.  Unfortunately, we had gotten mixed up on the time and got their about 20 minutes after the program started.  We enjoyed it though and Carolina Sue was enthralled by the "Ain-gles".  After the program we went to Walmart and bought some paper and envelopes for Ina Sue's Christmas letter.  We went in to the shop and started printing the letter off.  Ina Sue soon took the children on home but I stayed until 4:00am doing accounting work. 
Mayor Ganus shows off Govan's $500,000 grant for a new water system. Thankfully, we were able to sleep in a while on Saturday.  I was pretty beat!  Ina Sue spent most of her day again making food in the kitchen.  She was making food for the Govan picnic in the evening and also for Benjamin & Charity Brubaker's Sunday lunch.  They are the proud parents of a new baby girl and she was happy to help them in this way.  I borrowed Nelson's mower/leaf bagger again to finish up outside but ran into some problem getting the bagger to crank up.  I tried everything I could think of to start it but with no success.  Finally I gave up and worked on some other tasks. 
Ina Sue's Christmas vegetable wreath. The Govan Christmas picnic started at 5:30.  Ina Sue took baked pineapple, chocolate chip bars, and a Christmas vegetable wreath to the potluck.  There was lots of good food and we always enjoy seeing and talking to our neighbors.  Our dear mayor Mr. Ganus made a little speech about the $500,000 grant that Govan has recieved to replace its water system.  That's a lot of money for a town with just 26 residences... :)