November 25, 2006

Early morning yogurt breakfast... Sunday morning we got up early and got ready to go to church at Hephzibah.  We got on the road around 7:45 and were almost over to Augusta when my cell phone rang...   We have been having a little trouble in at the shop with the toilet not sealing up after it is flushed.  Water continues to run through the bowl and into the septic tank.  It does not take very long at all for out septic system there to fill up then water begins backing up into the bathroom.  We had noticed it happening last week once but got it stopped before the water got very far out of the bathroom.  This time we were not so lucky.  We close at 3:00 on Saturday afternoons now and someone had flushed the toilet right before they left on Saturday.  Unknown to him and us, the toilet did not seal up and started to overflow...
Milton gives Kimberly photo pointers... My manager, Adam Cooper happened to stop by the shop Sunday morning to pick something up and was horrified to find almost the entire store under about a half inch of water.  There was water actually flowing out the sides of the metal building.  When I got the call I didn't know what to do.  Richard was already there trying to clean up.  Adam volunteered to help after he got home from church.  Since my family had everything lined up to take pictures this afternoon I really felt like I needed to be there for that but considered driving back home for a couple hours at least to help clean up.  However, after talking to Adam & Richard they said that they would be willing to spearhead the cleanup without me.  So, we went on to church for the morning service, then to Dad's for a delicious lunch. 
The patriarch & matriarch... The rest of the family dropped in around 4:00 and we began the picture taking.  Kimberly Eshleman agreed to run the camera.  It was quite a job getting all 30 participants arranged and looking happy at the same time.  Actually that turned out to be impossible, but we took piles of pictures in hopes that we could cut and paste individuals from one picture to another in order to achieve a masterpiece.  We grabbed some finger foods from the table the headed up to New Holland Mennonite Church for the evening service.  Our chorus from Barnwell was just finishing up their tour for the season and this was their final program.  We wanted to hear it after it had been perfected. :)The chorus gave a very nice program and the New Holland folks treated us to a wonderfully delicious meal afterwards.
The whole tribe  (click to enlarge)  I've been hired to help to man the IT help desk at Grant Forest Products in Fairfax for the next three days.  Today, Monday,  I met one of their IT staff from the Ontario office and worked with him on several projects.  Ina Sue spent her day doing laundry and sewing on her dress.  We had chicken breast salad for supper.
... and just our little tribe. It started to cool off quite a bit on Tuesday.  In fact we ended up with some pretty good snow coming down for an hour or two.  Thankfully, it wasn't cold enough for it to accumulate for long.  (Actually, when my wife called me in at the shop to tell me it was snowing I think she was almost crying...)  She kinda misses the snow they used to have in Virginia.  I went in to the shop early to get ready for our managers meeting.  Ina Sue quickly cleaned out and vacuumed the minivan before it got too cold.   She spent the rest of the day finishing up the laundry and ironing.  I worked the morning down at Grant then finished up the day back at the shop.  I had a coupon for Dominos so I picked us up pizza for supper and gave my dear wife a break.  I had to leave after a very quick supper and go in to the jail for Bible study and to finish up some work at the shop.  Didn't make it home till after 3:00am...  Tired
IT'S SNOWING!!!!! We got up in good time on Wednesday and I marked off the hem of a dress for my wife.  I drove down to Grant again this  morning but due to various circumstances they didn't need me... so I went back to the shop and worked on catching up the accounting.  It was a pretty drippy and miserable day.  I got home from work around 6:30 and helped Ina Sue get the house straightened up and supper ready for our guests.  Chad & Becky McMurray got here along with their seven children around 8:45.   We served them a light supper of garlic cheese bread, chicken wild rice soup, a relish tray with dip, and pumpkin chiffon pie.  It was pretty late be the time we finished visiting and got everyone bedded down.
Chad and Becky McMurray and family. We got up and ate breakfast with Chads on Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning.  I made up a grits & egg casserole with orange juice and Ina Sue made up a batch of BarBQ'd smokeys, english muffins and apple slices.  They left to continue their trip down into Florida by about 9:30.  After they left we finished packing up our stuff and headed for Virginia for the weekend.  Aside from the difficulty of finding any fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving, we had a good trip up with very little traffic problems.  We got to Ina Sue's home at about 6:15.  Mother Showalter made us stromboli for supper then we had a restful evening and an early bedtime.
Landon with Jonathon McMurray. We slept in a little on Friday then Mother fixed us grits and butter gravy for supper before we drove in to Costco for some shopping.  We weren't trying to get any special bargains but just wanted to get our standard bulk groceries from there and Sharp Shopper.  The crowds really weren't too bad by then and we got home in time to put the children to bed for their naps.  In the evening we went over to Uncle Jim & Aunt Ida's for a supper of corn bread and chili soup.  We had a nice time visiting with them and John Ralph.  Regina (Goering) Knicely was there for the evening with her children while Fred was out hunting.  It was nice seeing her again since they have moved back from Idaho.  Aunt Ida has been serving as the custodian of Grandmother's decades old sour dough starter.  She very kindly made up a batch of it for me to bring home and use in SC.  By the time we got back to Ina's home Keith and Jeanne had arrived with their children.
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Ehst (Our prayers and wishes for a long and happy life together) Saturday morning we got up early and got ready to leave for Robin Brubaker's wedding in Reading, PA.  We have been wanting to buy me a new suit and Keith said that he really liked a shop just out of Hagerstown.  We left a good hour early so that we could stop in and see what they had.  The shop was two exits off of I81 on I70.  When we found the shop the salesmen were very helpful and we decided on a suit that we liked.  Then the saleman told us that for $50 more I could have a second suit.  How can you resist that?  We left the suits there for them to do some alterations on the slacks then headed on up the interstate.  Unfortunately, we inadvertantly headed up the wrong interstate!  We were about 25 miles down the road before we realized that we were going east on I70, not north on I81.  We quickly got turned around but had a sinking sensation that there was no way we were going to make it to the wedding on time.  We prayed as we sped back up the road and it
We saw our friends Fred & Suzanne Edora with their adorable little Easton.


seemed like God answered our prayers.  Traffic just kept flowing at a steady pace and when we made a pit stop to get gas and go to the rest room, we were back on the interstate in under 3 minutes...  We got to the wedding about 6 minutes before it started.  There was still a line of people waiting to be seated.  Whew!  The wedding was nice though not our traditional Mennonite wedding.  Jordan's dad had the meditation and Uncle Howard performed the ceremony.  The food at the reception was top-of-the-line with chicken cordon bleu and other delicacies.  I was delighted to find us seated at the same table with Jonathon Sauder and his wife Brenda (Beachy) Sauder.  I had met Brenda years ago while out in North Dakota for my brother Nevin's wedding and I don't think we had seen each other since.  It was interesting catching up on what all has happened in the intervening years.  After the reception we headed straight back to Harrisonburg and arrived around 10:00.