November 18, 2006

Sunday morning hair combing ritual We slept in a little on Sunday morning and had to scurry around to get everybody ready on time.  It really felt good to be back at Barnwell again after being away for several weekends.  For dinner we were invited to Uncle Howard's along with Elmer Bontragers & Daryl Brubakers.  Elmer Bontragers served in Romania for quite a number of years and still are quite involved in projects there.  Daryls are of course going to be returning to Romania with SLM sometime before Christmas.  It was a delicious dinner and stimulating conversation.  We didn't get left until after 4:00 then came home for a quick nap then to church to hear the Barnwell Mennonite Chorale give their program
Landon checks out his toys.... Monday was a normal busy day.  I left for work while Ina Sue rushed to get the laundry out on the line.  Then she dropped the children off with the neighbors and went to the school with Jane B. to teach her last home ec class on cross-stitching.  We were both pretty tired by supper-time so we finished up the dishes, put the children to bed, and hit the sack.
... then decides to take a bite out of the box. I stayed home on Tuesday this week instead of Thursday.  Ina Sue made us a delicious baked ham omelette while I finished folding the rest of the laundry.  Then we all loaded up in the van and headed up to Orangeburg.  We paid the taxes on our van in Bamberg then drove on to Lowes for some shopping.  We bought various items for around the house and some MDF for a project I need to build for the shop.  We stopped at Ryans for their dinner buffet then came on home by 2:00.   Ina Sue and the children laid down for a nap while I drove up to Ivan S.'s and used his shop to begin my project.  I got all the pieces sawed then came home and ate supper before spending the rest of the evening assembling it.  Ina Sue made us grilled chicken breast salad for supper.  Our neighbor Randy dropped in for something so we invited him to partake with us.  Ina Sue did some sewing after supper while I worked on the project.
Randy ate supper with us Tuesday. I spent a busy day at work on Wednesday.  Ina Sue had planned to get a lot of sewing done but she said the children were grouchy instead.  Landon actually seems to be coming down with a bug of some kind.  I got home from work late and when Carolina Sue started coughing and crying we just decided to all stay home from prayer meeting this time.
No, its not a coffin... Not much happened on Thursday.  Since I already had my day off this week I spent the day working in the shop while Ina Sue cared for our sickly children.  They do seem to be improving somewhat though.  For supper she served us sweet & sour chicken over rice with green beans.  After supper I continued the work on my project.  Last week when the Radioshack guys went to move our stereo cabinet the old fiberboard just fell apart and it was obvious that it was time for a new base.  They told me what they wanted so I am trying to create it.  I was able to get a coat of primer and the first coat of paint on it this evening.
The pretzel makers... I barely saw my family on Friday.  I needed to go in early for a meeting then worked until after 8:00 in the evening.  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning, sewing and cooking.  She fixed us a delicious late supper of lasagna and kale.  Late before we got to bed.
...enjoying the fruits of their labor. Saturday was an enjoyable break for both of us.  Ina Sue went with our neighbors K. & Elizabeth Epperson to Augusta for the annual "Christmas in the South" show.  She took Landon along with them and Carolina stayed here to keep me company.  We had a good time working and playing together.  I spent some time putting the finishing touches on the stereo cabinet then we drove in to Barnwell to drop it off at the shop.  We went on to Walmart and did some grocery shopping then came on home and cleaned up.  The ladies got home around 4:30 and we knocked off our work in time for Ina Sue to make us up a batch of soft pretzels for a supper/snack.  They were delicious along with grape juice from NY.
The Barnwell Mennonite Chorale, ready for their Tour...  Click to enlarge.