November 11, 2006

Hartwell Fellowship Meeting. I took Carolina Sue down to the cafeteria for breakfast Sunday morning while Ina Sue got herself and Landon ready for church.  Dr. Laverne Miller had the Sunday School hour on the topic of "Proper Management of our Physical Bodies" then Marvin Freed spoke for the next hour on "Proper Management of our Spiritual Bodies".  Both were good topics but our children have had a little too much sitting in church over the last two days.  They were getting pretty restless!  After the lunch there at the center we went ahead and packed up and headed home.  We missed the last service of the weekend but we were afraid that our children would not have let us enjoy it much anyway...  We got home aournd 5:30 and I took the children and dog for a walk while Ina Sue got things put away.  We all went to bed early.
My brother Nevin runs the recording. Ina Sue spent her morning on Monday doing wash then around dinner time she dropped the children off with Naomi and went with Jane  B. in to the school to teach her cross-stitching class to the high school girls.  They are making bookmarks and they have three different color combinations for the girls to choose from.  Ina Sue thought that things went very well.  I spent the day at work then came home and watched the children while Ina Sue went to Charity B.'s baby shower.  Carolina Sue & I made clam chowder together but she decided she wanted to eat potpie instead.  I thought the chowder was top-notch though....
Carousel ride at the RiverBanks Zoo. Tuesday was another rainy day.  Ina Sue spent part of the day finishing up the laundry.  Mary K. came down and visited for a while.  Ina Sue fixed us taco soup for supper then I headed back in for Bible study at the jail.  When I got home I found that the rest of my family had walked up to Andy's for a visit.  They got home soon after I did though.

I headed off to work on Wednesday while Ina Sue spent most of the day keeping the children happy.  It seems that they have both come down with a bit of a cold.  It makes them rather grumpy at times.  She fixed us a delicious supper of creamed chicken in baskets, & cook carrots.  (The chicken was the same recipe I pioneered when I cooked her Valentines Day supper this year)  Lazy evening at home

My family ready for the 3D film Thursday was a wonderful family day together.  We slept in a little then got up and ate breakfast of gravy over biscuits.  We left for Columbia around 10:30 and got to the Riverbanks Zoo around dinnertime.  Columbia has one of the nicest zoos around and Carolina Sue was enthralled seeing all the animals that we have been reading to her about.  We even got a chance to watch a 3D film about an African Safari.  It really put you right there in the midst of the animals!  We got over pretty much all of the zoo by 4:00.  The children were getting a little tired so we headed over to Patrick Heatwoles for a little rest before supper.
The Strites at the Zoo... Patricks had invited us to come up and join them for a Jordanian meal.  There neighbor is from Jordan and has started catering Jordanian meals for a little extra income.  We love unique foods and were thrilled to get in on this opportunity.  The supper was delicious with baked chicken on a bed of savory rice.  The salad was quite unique.  It was actually made of sprigs of parsley mixed with small chunks of tomatoes, fresh lime, and seasonings.  While I would not have recommended the salad by itself it turned out to be absolutely wonderful to eat along with the rice & chicken.  We also enjoyed her homemade humus with chips.  We had an enjoyable evening visiting together then headed home before too late.
Supper with Patrick Heatwoles Ina Sue woke up on Friday morning with a really sore throat.  I had to go in to work but I told her to try to take it as easy as possible.  The children weren't feeling the best either though and so the day was a bit rough...  It was a lovely day outside though with wonderful fall weather.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us steak subs.  In the evening I played a game of Risk online with Nevin & Duane.  I also cooked up a batch of grits and made up a breakfast casserole for us to bake for breakfast tomorrow.
Our Jordanian meal, a culinary treat. We got up Saturday morning and ate our casserole then I started getting everything together for my screening project on our back porch.  It turned out that I didn't have any quarter inch staple so I took Carolina Sue with me up to Brookers in Denmark.  As we drove into down I could see that something must have been scheduled.  People were lining the main street in town.  I parked in front of Brookers and we went in and bought our staples.  By the time we got back outside though, a parade was already starting down our street.  We had no choice but to stay and enjoy the show.  Carolina Sue found it highly enjoyable and loved the horses, small cars and the marching bands.  This used up about an hour of our morning so when we finally got home I rushed to get started putting up screen.
Stapling up new screen... While I was putting up the screen, Ina Sue finished painting the last coat of paint on the lath.  We stopped for a lunch around 1:00 then laid down for a little rest.  Andy Korver's parents are down for the weekend and Andy & his father stopped in to see us for a little.  Then I worked on finishing up the screen project while Ina Sue worked inside cleaning up.  I finally got all the screen up just in time for Prince to rush his big bumbling self right through one of the bottom sections.  I decided that it would be wise to delay putting up the lath until he had learned how not to run through the screen...  I came inside and Carolina & I made up some pizzas and salad for supper.  After supper we got both of the children bathed for Sunday then knocked off.
Making pizza like Daddy.... And the finished result.