November 4, 2006

Carolina was a bunny for Halloween.... The time changed on Sunday morning.  It worked out really nice because we went with Uncle Howards over to Monticello for church.  The time change meant that we only needed to leave by the equivalent of 7:45 instead of 6:45.  It is about a 3 hour drive over there so we got there in good time for the morning service starting at 10:00am.  We were disappointed that numerous of our friends were away at other places this Sunday but we did have a really nice time fellowshipping with those who were there.  Tim Myers's were there also and he brought a really good sermon on "The Sin of Hypocrisy".  We all ate a fellowship meal together for dinner with a delicious spread of good food. 
Getting her "treat" from Naomi After visiting for a while we got left for Barnwell around 2:45.  That got us home to Govan by around 5:30.   I put the finishing touches on my devotional for this evening then Carolina Sue & I went to church while Ina Sue stayed home with Landon.  Douglas Heatwole had a children's meeting then Gordan A. and Benji B. had topics on Satan "The Christian's Enemy".  We left soon after the service and came home to be with the rest of our family.  All in bed by good time....
Mary helped with painting on Thursday. We slept in a while on Monday. (Trying to adjust to new time schedule)  Had cereal for breakfast then I headed up to Denmark for my first call of the day.  Ina Sue started on a gigantic batch of washing.  She said she pretty much had our clothes line completely full.  She also cleaned our dead zinnias out of the garden and fixed a wonderful supper of grilled chicken thighs, cottage potatoes, and broccoli.  After supper I made some Puerto Rico calls then we settled down for a restful evening.
The children & I took a walk. I went in to work at 5:30 on Tuesday and left my family slumbering soundly in bed.  After they got up Ina Sue took Carolina up to Mary's for some babysitting then got in some quality time painting.  She ran out of paint and I was to pick some up from Brookers on my way home.  Unfortunately, I thought Brookers was open until 6:00 but when I got there at 5:45 they were already locking up.  :(   We ate supper together then I headed back into Barnwell for Bible study at the jail.  While I was in there, Ina Sue and Carolina took Landon and went over to Wendells for some fellowship.  I dropped in on them when I got home and visited with Naomi & Julie for a little.  Ina Sue had dressed Carolina Sue up in a bunny suit so they pretended she was trick 'r treating...  I had to leave before they did so I could get home and have a Puerto Rico conference call about some urgent business.   
Playing in the Bange playground. I switched days off with Adam this week so I took Wednesday as my day off.  We started by driving up to Brookers to pick up the paint I missed last evening.  Then I made us a grits casserole while Ina Sue got her paint ready.  Mary Korver brought her two youngest children down and helped us paint for a while.  I quickly worked to roll paint on the ceiling then spent the rest of the morning taking care of the children while the ladies painted.  The children & I took Prince and went for a walk over to Duane Banges to play on their swingsets.   When I got back the wife was pretty upset that gnats were getting all over her nice new paint.  I tried to re-assure her that they would come right off but she wasn't convinced. 
Carl's oranges are about ready to pick. Our dear neighbor Carl has been spreading chicken litter on the surrounding fields over the last days and the stink is incredible!  I hope that the smell is not impregnating itself into our fresh paint...  I support  our dairy farmers during the rest of the year but these couple of days always stretch my support a little bit... :)  I fried up some canned beef for supper along with some of my canned potatoes & browned butter, and green beans.  After supper we went to prayer meeting where we prayed and Wendell led our continuing discussion on the work of the Holy Spirit.
Belated birthday supper for Hendrick with Benji & Charity. I headed off to work again on Thursday while Ina Sue continued her on-going painting project.  She also fixed us a delicious supper of horseradish meatballs, spinach/rice casserole, zipper peas & pear relish, and pumpkin bars for dessert.  We had Benji & Charity over for the meal along with Hendrick.  We missed Hendrick's birthday last week so we took this opportunity to put candles on the pumpkin bars and he let Carolina Sue blow them out for him.
Delmars provided pork BarBQ for the fellowship meetings Saturday evening. Friday was a normal day of business at the shop for me.  Ina Sue put off her normal Friday cleaning and instead cut out a new dress, and did other misc. jobs around the house.  She brought the children along and met me at the shop at 6:00.  I still had to finish up some accounting so she visited with Alissa for about an hour before I was ready to go.  We went to "House of Pizza" for chicken souvlacki (one of our favorites).  Then on to Walmart for some home supplies and finally home at around 9:15 to pack up for our trip tomorrow.
The Cottage where we stayed at the Center We got up at 5:15 Saturday morning and packed up and left around 6:15 for Hartwell, GA.  This is the weekend for the annual Southeastern Fellowship Meetings.  We got there in time for the 9:00 morning meeting.  Dr. Laverne Miller  was the featured speaker of the day and he spoke on numerous topics relating to "Our Body for God's Glory".  We had a nice time visiting with friends between the various meetings and were especially blessed to have our own bedroom right there in the Hartwell Center.  It made it really nice to be able to put the children down for rests when needed.  For supper Delmar Diems had roasted pork BarBQ which was delicious as normal.  After the service in the evening and the fellowship afterward, we retired to our cottage and spent another hour or so talking with Kent and Rhonda before finally getting to bed.