October 21, 2006

Grandpapa & Landon getting their naps. We went to Mt. Pleasant for church on Sunday.  They had a young, newly ordained visiting minister from PA to preach the sermon.  Came back to the Showalters for a delicious lunch of ham, mashed potatoes, corn, salad and orange salad with a dessert of pecan & pumpkin pies.  Eric Good & Kimberly Rhodes were also there to share the meal with the family.  We got all packed up and left by around 1:30, but we stopped in at Uncle Orens to visit them and Grandmother Heatwole.  This is the first time Grandmother & Landon have met.  We had a really nice time visiting there and was able to get a picture of Grandmother with the children.  Since Grandmother is 100 years old, each visit is precious.  We had a good trip home and arrived in Govan around 11:00pm
The girls don't know what to make of Adrian It was an overcast day on Monday.  Ina Sue went ahead and started the washing while I headed in to work.  We had a reallyl busy day with an assortment of work at the shop.  Ina Sue fixed us a supper of pepper steak over rice. (one of my favorite meals)  A relaxed evening at home afterwards.
Landon with his great grandmother. I went in to work early for our meeting on Tuesday.  Ina Sue finished up the washing & ironing then loaded the children in the van and headed over to Burke county to visit Deborah Heatole.  Ina Sue's good friend Natalia S. was down visiting so they had a nice time visiting together.  While she was visiting she also worked at cutting up a batch of fresh peppers to freeze.  They got home around 3:00 and were pretty beat.  I came home for a quick supper with them then drove back in to Barnwell for bible study at the jail.
Uncle Oren & Aunt Margaret with Carolina. I spent a normal day at work on Wednesday.  Ina Sue worked on scrubbing down our back porch. (with help from her two young proteges :)  She said they made it quite interesting!  Mary K. stopped in for a while with her two youngest for a visit and brought us a sample of the beef she had been canning.  When I got home we ate a very quick supper then rushed to get ready for prayer meeting.  Unfortunately, our dear church had decided to skip prayer meeting this week due to other gatherings going on, but had neglected to let us know.  Thankfully, chorus was planned so Ivan drove in and kindly informed us of the change of plans.  Dr. Akor unfortunately was in the same shoes we were.  We invited him to go shopping at Walmart with us but he declined. :)  We drove on in to Barnwell and did our shopping at Walmart & Radioshack.
Carolina & Joshua Heatwole (Burton's boy) I spent the day Thursday at home.  We had a casserole for breakfast then Ina cut my hair.  After we finished that task we sized up all our old lath for the screen porch and got an order up for what needed to be replaced.  Then Carolina & I drove up to Sanders and picked up lumber and supplies while Ina Sue made us up a peanut butter pie.  Then Ina Sue worked on caulking while I painted Kilz.  She wanted to get in some painting to I brought the children inside and Carolina Sue helped me make pizza for supper while Ina continued the painting.  After supper and putting the children to bed, we made a quick run up to Byer's Tire and picked up our minivan.
Natalie helps Carolina put a puzzle together I spent a normal day at work on Friday.  Ina Sue cleaned house, made grape tapioca and took care of the children.  Our dog Sir Prince has been having a sordid affair with a ill-bred local dog named Midnight.  You would think that a dog with such a illustrious bloodline would know better than to make a fool of himself with a dog twice his size.  :)  We have been having a hard time keeping him tied up and they run all over the neighborhood....  Ina Sue made white chili soup for supper with ham buns on the side.  Delicious!  After supper I kept the children while Ina Sue went over to Janes to work on organizing her cross-stitching class for the high school girls.
Landon Cole... I was scheduled to work on Saturday so that used up most of the day.  Unfortunately, that meant that we missed out on our conference meetings.  Ina Sue worked on the porch some between caring for the children.  I got home soon after 3:30 and took care of the children so Ina Sue could focus.  She got all the caulking done and most of the priming.  We took a quick walk around the community before it got dark then came home for a supper of Puerto Rican tostones.  Landon rolled over today from his tummy to his back.  He seems to be somewhat ahead of where Carolina was at his age.