October 7, 2006

Picnic at Myron's pond. This Sunday was our communion service along with baptism for four of our young people.  Mark had the sermon on "The Blessing of the Cross".  It was a challenging & inspiring service.  Leon & Beth D. had invited us to a picnic at Myron's pond for lunch and told us we could invite someone else.  We invited Charles B.'s and they invited Chad & Kendra.  Everyone just brought whatever they had and we had a delicious dinner together on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  The adults had a nice time visiting and the little ones enjoyed their time together too.
Gavin & Carolina Sue Carolina Sue has been struggling with a bit of a cold so we took her home and put her to bed.  We even got in short naps ourselves.  Since this was the first Sunday of the month we did not have any services in the evening.  Chads invited us over to their house along with Myrons for a game of croquet and a snack.  I thought I was doing very well in the game,  (Blacksnake way before anyone else) but in the end Andrew came from behind and took me out.  :)  When it got dark we all went inside and enjoyed food and fellowship around their chocolate fondue fountain.  Kendra had pretzels, rice crispy bars, apples & bananas to dip in the fountain.  She also had chips and sausage/cheese dip along with ice tea and Chad's grilled chicken wings.  It was quite a spread and a really fun evening.
Sunday evening croquet at Chad's I got up and made waffles for breakfast Monday morning while Ina Sue started the weekly wash.  The weather was lovely again today.  I went in to work for the day.  Ina Sue called me when she heard about the Amish school shooting.   It is sad to think of the blackness that is man's heart....  After we got home we ate a quick supper then Hendrick very kindly came over and helped me switch our mattresses around.  We are hoping that the different mattress will help Ina Sue's back.  In the process of the switch Ina Sue was thrilled to get the chance to clean under the bed.  I have no problem knowing that there are dust monsters crouching under the bed, but it seems that they give Ina Sue no end of stress... :) 
And supper around the chocolate fountain! I had a long day at work on Tuesday.  I went in at 6:00 to prepare for our meeting and stayed working until 7:30 when I went to the jail for bible study.  I did have a call in Bamberg in the afternoon so I was able to stop by the house and eat dinner with my family.  The lady that owns the house beside us (but lives in Charleston most of the time) stopped in to visit for a little while I was there.    Ina Sue went to sewing circle in the morning and spent her time sewing up burial gowns.  The sewing circle makes these gowns for the hospital where they are given to people who's babies are stillborn or die in the hospital. 
Our Confederate Rose is blooming finally. I spent the day Wednesday again at work.  Ina Sue dropped the children off with Mary K. then went into Barnwell for another dentist appointment.  Then she went shopping for home supplies at Walmart.  Our neighbor Ms. Margaret J. came to visit for a while in the afternoon.  I got home around 6:45 from work and we had to really hurry around in order to eat supper and make it to church on time.  Wendell is continuing his study on the Holy Spirit.  Tonight's topic was "The transforming work of the Holy Spirit"  I am really enjoying his talks.  They are interesting and informative.
Kent & Royal ready to head to NC. I got up and on the road by 5:30 Thursday morning.  I met Kent & Royal Barnhart in Columbia and we drove on up to Jonesville, NC for our quarterly Puerto Rico meeting.  Royal has been elected to take Kent's place so this was the last time I'll ride up with Kent.  The meeting went fairly well and we were able to head for home by about 3:30.  That got me home by about 7:30 and which was only about an hour behind my wife...
The birthday girls make their wishes. Ina Sue packed up the children in the morning and drove over to Aiken with Jane B. & Kendra B. for a day of shopping.  Ina Sue has agreed to help teach a craft class for the high school girls on counted cross-stitch.  She is only responsible for two afternoons so she needed to find a fairly small project.  She has decided on some really nice bookmarks that she has patterns for.  The ladies spent most of their time at Hobby Lobby (four hours, can you believe it?) and were able to get pretty much everything they needed.  They ate at the Atlanta Bread Co. for lunch.  On the way home the van ran out of water and started to overheat.  Ina Sue called me so I talked her through adding water to the radiator and they got home OK.  We were both pretty beat by the time we got the chilluns in bed.
Monopoly for old times sake. I went in to work a bit early on Friday for our morning meeting.  Ina Sue got started on her Friday cleaning.  It was a lovely day weather-wise.  Ina Sue brought the children in with her to the shop around 4:30 and we drove over to Duane & Janice's for Jenna's 3'rd birthday party.  Laura's birthday is next week so we also celebrated hers.  They served us a delicious supper then Duane & I worked on his computer a little then played a game of Monopoly while the ladies did up the dishes.  Dad & Mom came over later in time for the birthday cupcakes with icecream.  A very enjoyable evening with family!
Grandfather, granddaughter & grandson We got up in decent time on Saturday and ate a quick breakfast before heading out yard-saleing.  It had been advertised that there was going to be yard sales the whole way along Hwy 64.  We started in Olar and didn't find but one yard sale for the first several miles.  From there though they really started piling up.  At most of the sales we didn't find anything we needed but we did make a number of purchases that we were very happy with.  We decided that our morning had been profitable! 
Doing the yard sales... We drove on into Barnwell then and picked up some supplied before heading back home.  A short nap in the afternoon then I worked outside on planting and mowing.  I also washed & vacuumed the car, made two batches of bread and baked up a pizza for supper.  Ina Sue took care of the children and cleaned the house.


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