September 30, 2006

My sweethearts after church on Sunday. Sunday was a normal blessed day for us.  I went to the jail during Sunday School.  Bro. Gary preached the sermon on "Obstacles to the Christian Life".  We had leftover pizza for dinner than naps in the pm.  Patrick H. had a topic in the evening on "Priorities".  He took his points from Matthew 23 where Jesus condemns the Pharisees.  Interesting & thought provoking.
The butt-end of an armadilla I had a normal Monday at work.  Ina Sue put her normal washing on hold and  took her children along with her to a quilting at Susan B's.  It was her birthday so a number of ladies got together for quilting and lunch.  She evidently had fun because she didn't get back until after 3:00.  During the day we got the news that Nevin & Kay K.'s dear newborn boy Wade Michael has Down's Syndrome.  It is hard for us to understand God's purposes sometimes but we trust that he will work his blessing through this.  Our prayers & thoughts are with them as they come to grips with this new reality.  It seemed like our minds were over in GA all evening.  We just moped around here at home.
Carl & Josh demonstrate chainsaw acrobatics... Ina Sue had to pay the price for her play yesterday by doing a extra large wash Tuesday.  I went in to work for the day and spent quite a bit of the day reworking part of the barnwellweb.  We've had a bit of controversy lately in regard to the local forums that we host on the barnwellweb.  It made front page news in the local paper and the article even turned up in the pages of the Augusta Chronicle.  I am working to bring the page back up with moderated forums and other enhancements.  I came home for a quick supper with my family then hurried back into Barnwell for bible study at the jail.  After jail I did some grocery shopping at Reids.  They had picnic ham on sale for 99 cents per lb. so I bought one. 
Burning up the trimmings. We stayed up till about midnight doing this and that and happened to see an armadilla digging around out in our yard.  Armadillas have done lots of damage to our yard & shrubbery beds.  I even offered to pay a neighbor $20 for each armadilla he could trap.  So far I think I've paid him for 6 of them.  With all this though, we have never actually seen one lose in our yard.  I got the camera quick and very quietly tiptoed out the front door, down the walk and tried to 'neak up on him.  I got to within about 10' but before I got the camera up and ready he took off.  All I got was a picture of his butt. :(
Frank & Mary with Fred & Alma Wenger. I got up at 3:30 Wednesday and put my ham on to bake, then again at 6:00 to cut it off the bone.  It was pretty fatty with quite a bit of waste.  I'm not sure it was such a good deal after all....  I did chop us some of the pieces and made us a breakfast of eggs in ham nests.  It is a recipe I always like that Mom made us.  You make up a white sauce/ham gravy fairly stiff then break eggs into the gravy.  Put the lid on and steam/cook them for about 10 minutes and the result is delicious!  After I went in to work Ina Sue finished slicing up the ham.  She was taking a nap in the afternoon when we got some unexpected but welcome company from Virginia. 
The product of our workday on Thursday. Frank & Mary Etta Wenger and his brother Fred & wife Alma dropped in on their way back to Virginia from Florida.  I came home a bit early and was able to visit with them a while too before they left around 4:30.  I was feeling pretty under the weather with my cold so I laid down and took a short nap before helping get us around for our small group evening.  We got together out at the Govan Square and spent the evening cleaning up, mowing, trimming & otherwise making it look good.  Our fire chief Mike Epperson brought a fire truck down to do fire control if needed and also helped with the work.  We roasted wieners over the fire and had potato salad, baked beans, potato chips & ice cream sandwiches to go along.  Carl H's & Aden D's & Richard B. are in our small group.  We had a very nice evening working and talking together.
The quartet at practice. Thursday morning I went over to Wendell's at 8:30 to help him with his addition onto his shed.  He is in the process of buying a pecan cracker/sheller and is adding onto his rustic shed to accommodate it.  He is doing a really nice job trying to keep the addition fitting in with the flavor of the rustic building.  We were able to get the porch built, perlins in the roof & the metal put on before we knocked off around 4:30.  Carl H. & Brent H. were also there helping along with Wendell.  The lady folks brought us dinner of grilled chicken, baked beans, potato salad & homemade blackberry ice-cream.  After supper I worked on Puerto Rico stuff while Ina Sue took the children for a walk.  They ended up over at Andy's.  Andy, Hendrick, Gordon & Chad have been practicing music as a quartet so their wives were there to visit.  I drove up later in the evening in time for the snack. :) 
The Strite family walking... Friday was very uneventful.  Ina Sue said that Landon was grumpy all day long...  When I got home the evening was so beautiful that we took a walk around the community before supper.  We found out that if we hooked Prince up to the stroller he could actually pull both children down the road.  Carolina thought that was quite a blast!  A nice relaxed evening at home together.
Old Tyme plowing We got up in good time Saturday and I worked at pulling out our old vinca along the front walk and getting the bed ready for our new pansies.  Ina Sue made us a breakfast casserole for breakfast then I continued work on the pansies while she scrubbed off the front porch.  We wrapped our work up around 12:30 and drove up to the Old Tyme Horse Farmer's Gathering in Blackville.  This was the 11'th year it had been put on but the 1'st time we've every made it.  It was interesting and informative.  We ended up at the food tent and were surprised to see our brothers from the Calvary(Blackville) congregation in charge of the food services.  They were grilling hotdogs & hamburgers along with other sundry goodies.  (I believe they were actually trying to raise money to support their school)
The wife is all ears as weaving is demonstrated. We ate a nice lunch there then drove in to Barnwell to pick up some collard & cabbage plants.  When we got home we all took a nap for about an hour then I planted my plants and staked up the peppers in the garden.  My wife thinks I planted too much stuff.  I have 36 broccoli plants, kale, 6 collards, & 12 cabbage plants.  I don't want us to go hungry during the long hard winter...  While Ina Sue worked to get the children all bathed I worked at bathing our two vehicles.  They both needed it pretty badly.  By the time we finished up all the work we were both about ready for bed....


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