September 23, 2006

Uncle Mike & Aunt Sarah Showalter Sunday was a bit out of the ordinary.  First we got up with Uncle Mikes and had breakfast together, then we all went to church for our fall council meeting.  Since we normally have open testimonies for our fall council and our church is getting pretty large, we have been skipping Sunday School the last several times and using the entire two hours for a sermon and the testimonies.  It was after 11:30 before we got out but I always find these services inspiring.  It is good to see what how God is working in others lives and in our church.  We came home to a dinner of grilled chicken thighs, gourmet potatoes, zipper peas, salad, & caramel custard for dessert.  Uncle Mikes left soon after dinner to head back to Virginia.  We were so glad they took the time to come see us!  After our afternoon naps we went to church again in the evening for a Bible Quiz by Leon Dueck.  Interesting.
Landon enjoying his bath Ina Sue spent a very busy day with the wash on Monday.  With her having to watch two children these days, the ironing often times gets left over for the next day.  I had a busy day at work then stopped at Danny H.'s to help them with a little computer issue on my way home.  They amply repaid my effort with two bags of Grandma Utz potato chips.

We were thrilled to get the news this morning that Nevin & Kay K. have another little boy in the family.  Nevin had called me several weeks ago to let me know that they really like the name Michael but that they were concerned about there being two Michaels in the family.  He was wondering if I would mind starting to go by the name Mikey.... :)  In the end though they decided to name him Wade Michael.  We are  so very happy for them!

Teaching Landon computer skills Tuesday was an ordinary day with me at work all day.  Ina Sue finished up the ironing and also started working to clean all the ivy off of our screen porch.  We have never done any work on the porch and it has been in a pretty sad state.  We plan to tear off what screen is left, repaint, then put on new screen.   I came home from work for a quick supper then headed back into Barnwell for Bible study at the jail.  Stopped in at Nelson H.'s to work on a little computer problem for them before coming home to my family.
Ina Sue scrubbed the front door... I took the day Wednesday off.  It has been a little less hectic at the shop this week and I decided to take a day when I could.  We worked for most of the morning tearing off old screen & lathwork on the porch.  Then while Ina Sue scrubbed dirt off of the porch I started working on cleaning up the garden.  I pulled out all of our old tomato plants except for six.  I cut those six way back and am hoping that they will put out new growth and maybe give us some tomatoes yet this season. 
while I tore out the screen porch It was a lovely day to be working outside!  I had to go back into the shop for a phone meeting at 4:00.  Ina Sue got all the children bathed and ready for church.  It was prayer meeting tonight and Wendell H. continued his study of "The Work of the Holy Spirit".  After we got home our little girl successfully had a bowel movement in the toilet.  We celebrated with peach milk shakes. :)
Cleaning out the tomato patch I started my new leaf on Thursday by getting out of bed at 6:00.  After a quick read of the morning paper I whipped up a breakfast of eggs a la goldenrod over toast for my little family.  Then off to a busy day at work.  Ina Sue worked on the porch and did other misc. jobs around the house.  For supper she fixed us a feast of parmesan-herb baked fish, zesty herb potatoes, & broccoli.  It was such a lovely evening that we got the children together and took a walk around Govan.  It has been almost too hot for our family walks so it felt good to do it again.  We stopped in at Duane Bange's to visit for a while then walked home in the dark.  Wendell H.'s bull nearly scared us to death by following us down the road and bellowing...  Sir Prince nearly had a fit...
Christopher & Randy holding newborn Wade Michael Strite I made us waffles for breakfast on Friday then headed off to work while Ina Sue started her weekly cleaning.  In the evening Joshua Heatwole came over to eat supper with us.  We have been appointed to serve on a Youth Service Committee along with Joshua for the next year or two.  We spent some time coming up with things that the youth group could do over the next year to serve & minister to our community.
Saturday evening pizza with Nevins We both got up in good time Saturday.  Ina Sue made bars while I sprayed two gallons of Round-Up on the garden & yard.  Ina Sue finished the cleaning while I started the weekly mowing.  At 10:30 I helped her load Prince into the pickup and they drove into Barnwell for his first professional hair cut in  SC.  While they were gone I dropped Landon off with Naomi H. for a little while I mowed our yard and Carolina watched from her stool.  When Ina Sue got back with Prince I nearly laughed my head off...  The groomer sheared him right down to the quick.  He looks like a rat with floppy ears... :)  Ina Sue says that he looks nice and besides he'll soon grow out...  She picked me up some broccoli plants while she was in town so I spent some time planting them in the garden then finished up the mowing.
Sir Prince got a serious shearing We got our tasks done just barely in time to get ready for our evening plans.  We left around 4:30 to drive over to Hephzibah to visit Nevins and our new nephew.  We stopped in Augusta and picked up pizza from Pizza Hut then dropped in on Dad's for just a couple minutes.  Mother had made a beautiful little cover for Carolina Sue and wanted to give it to her.  We got to Nevins soon after 6:00 and ate supper together.  Wade Michael looks so small... especially compared to Landon, and yet he weighed almost the same thing at birth.  It is amazing how fast they grow.  After supper Nevin showed me his yard then we visited and played pool for a while before we left around 9:30.  We stopped at Lowes on the way home to buy some pansies for our front walk.  Finally got back to Govan around 11:00
Carolina loved Christopher's marble roller.  


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