September 16, 2006

Landon just keeps growing... I went in to the jail for bible study Sunday morning but when no one came out, I hurried back to church and got in on part of the Sunday school class.  Mark Hochstetler preached on the beatitudes in a sermon titled "Developing Christian Character".   Had teriyaki turkey, rice & veggies for dinner then rested for a little.  Our alarm at the shop called me during the afternoon with an alert but when I looked at the surveillance cameras I couldn't see any problem.  I went ahead and drove in to the shop though but still didn't find what set off the sensor.  It must have just been a false alarm...  In the evening we went to church for a song service then came home and had pina coladas for a snack.
Late night peanut picking... Monday was the anniversary of the twin towers destruction.  I still remember waking up in our hotel room in Las Angeles and turning on the tv just in time to see the 1'st tower go down...  (We had just flown into LA early that morning on our honeymoon.)  I spent the day Monday at work while Ina Sue did the wash.  It was a lovely day weather wise.  When I got home I ate supper quick then drove up to Delmar's to pick some more peanuts.  It was dark before I got home so I rigged up a light and worked for a while picking off peanuts.  Hendrick came over for a while and picked some off for himself.  After I got a bucket full I went ahead and put them on to boil then worked on getting the web page updated.
Carolyn helped babysit on Tuesday I started the day Tuesday off with our early manager's meeting.  Ina Sue kept Mary K's three children for most of the day.  Carolyn H. also came over and helped with the babysitting.  Ina Sue was even able to get the front yard mowed.  Nelson H. came over and mowed the rest of the lawn.  Since we have been gone the last two weekends, I didn't have a chance to do the mowing myself.  The yard was getting pretty wooly so I tried to hire Nelson to get me caught up... 
I combed Carolina's hair on Friday... Wednesday was rainy all day.  I went to work while Ina Sue spent most of her day in the kitchen.  She made spiced nuts for the ladie's seminar the weekend, pecan pie for our company Sunday, and pizza pie for our supper tonight.  She also polished up our shoes.  In the late afternoon she had a dentist appointment and it didn't suit me to keep the children so she dropped them off with Aunt Miriam.  After we both got home we ate supper and had a nice evening at home.
The hairstyle several hours later... :( Thursday was a very normal day.  I did my normal stuff at work.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and started packing up for the weekend.  In the evening Ina Sue cut my hair.
Wifeless supper at Andy's We got up early Friday morning in order to get Ina Sue on her way by 5:00.  She took Landon with her and also picked up Kendra B. & Mary K. with her girl Heidi.  They left early in order to get to Hartwell for the Ladies Seminar in time for the first session.  Betty Miller from PA & Java Prada from FL were the main speakers.  Ina Sue also took a workshop by Hilda Barnhart on "Courtesy". and one by Mrs. Knepp on "Being a Helpmeet to Our Husbands".  On an aside...  I have a serious pet peeve about referring to our wives as our helpmeet.  To me it sounds like a slab of beef...  The context of the verse where this is mentioned speaks of a woman being "meet for him"  This is merely old language meaning "suitable for him".  I was amused to see one sheet that my wife brought home actually entitled "ABC's of being a help meat"  In the evening, the Barnwell ladies were responsible for supplying the tea party
While the ladies dined sumptiously While the wife was being enlightened at the seminar, I got Carolina Sue up, fed her breakfast & combed her hair then she went along with me to work.  We had a very full day with numerous service calls.  The customer's didn't seem to mind having her along.  In fact it seemed like they felt they had a responsibility to spoil her.  At the one doctor's office the office manager sat down on the floor and played ball with her.... :)  She received enough candy and cookies to rot her teeth for good!  On my last call she ended up falling asleep in my lap and I laid her out on the floor under the desk.  When we finally got home around 6:00 she was still sleeping so I just stuck her in bed until we were ready to go down to Andy's for supper.  Since his wife was gone, he invited the other wifeless bachelors on our street down for a hotdog roast.  After supper we sat around and talked for a while before I took my little girl home for bed.
Women's seminar at Hartwell On Saturday,  Ina Sue had two sessions at the ladies seminar & a brunch.  Her van load got left from Hartwell around 1:30 and got back here around 4:30.

The munchkin & I got up pretty early on Saturday and I did a little mowing, pulled weeds, & trimmed the ivy on our front porch columns.  Carolina helped me pull off the rest of the peanuts that were piled on the back deck then we put them on the stove to boil.

I tried this tricolor braid Saturday afternoon While she took a nap then, I tried a new recipe for a tri-color bread braid.  It used white flour, whole flour, & rye flour mixed with molasses & cocoa for the different colors.  I made two loaves and thought they turned out pretty good.  I called Dad in the afternoon and he said that he too had been cooking while Mom was away at the seminar.  When he said he had made caramel custard it inspired me, so I got his recipe and whipped up a batch.  It turned out good but I would probably make it a little less stiff next time...  After Ina Sue got home I took Carolina Sue & Landon with me to Denmark for grocery shopping & to wash the car.
Grandmother shows her tatting technique (Picture courtesy of Uncle Robert) When we got home we all worked to get everyone bathed & ready for our company.  Uncle Mike & Aunt Sarah Showalter got here around 7:00.  We had a snack of pretzels & dip, pecan pie & ice cream.  After the snack, Uncle Mike & I drove over to Daryl's pond to see if we could see any gators.  No Luck.. :( 


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