September 2, 2006

Landon is getting pretty alert... This was my last Sunday for teaching the men's class.  I'm glad to be finished but overall had an enjoyable quarter.  I am very thankful for my class and the way that they participate in discussion.  Uncle Howard preached on "Proper Church Etiquette".  After church we had a quick dinner of leftovers then rested for a while.  Tom & Ella Anderson got here around 4:30.  We had asked Tom to share his testimony for our service this evening.  Tom & Ella lived in Ina Sue's papa's tenant house for several months when she was about five, so they enjoyed connecting again after all these years.  We visited a while then had tomato soup & cheese sandwiches for supper.  Tom had so much to share of what God had done for him that he had a hard time fitting it all in to one evening...  I think everyone was challenged by his testimony.  After we got home we visiting some more until pretty late.
Tom & Ella Anderson We got up and fixed egg mcmuffins for our breakfast with Toms on Monday morning.  I had to leave around 8:30 and they left for Fairplay soon afterward.  I had a busy day at work while Ina Sue did the washing here at home.  Pepper steak over rice for supper.
Our little contortionist. I went in to work early on Tuesday for our meeting again.  Ina Sue finished the ironing and did misc. tasks.  After work I came home for a quick supper with my family then went back in to Barnwell for Bible study at the jail.  After that I dropped by the shop and worked for an hour or two on several projects there.
James & Brenda packing up to move to Harrisonburg. We got up in good time on Wednesday and I helped Ina Sue get the children all loaded up for their trip to the doctor.  It was Landon's 2-month checkup.  We already weighs 12 lbs.  That's almost double what he weighed when he was born!  Ina Sue went ahead and got him his immunizations.  (5 shots in his tiny leg...)  From there they went to the library and to Piggly Wiggly, then to Taco Bell for lunch.  In the afternoon Ina Sue sewed and cut up peppers from the garden to freeze.  I came home from work to a delicious supper of grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes & green beans.
A birthday party for Uncle Galen S. I had planned to take the day Thursday off but when we got up it was raining pretty steady.  I decided to go ahead and work after all but we were able to have a more relaxed morning.  Then I took Carolina Sue with me on several service calls.  We didn't get home until after 6:00 but Carolina seemed to enjoy riding along with me.  She always behaves herself so well and charms my customers so it isn't too much hassle having her along.  We had chicken strip salad & break sticks for supper then I mowed the front yard.  It started raining about half way through and I got pretty much soaked.  James & Brenda loaded up their belongings and started their move to Virginia this evening.  Sam & Bev Groff were down to help them load up and drive north.  We will miss them!
The guest of honor. I went in to work early Friday morning but even after rushing all day long I still did not get home until about 7:00.  My wife wasn't very happy...  We got left for Virginia around 7:20 and pulled into Mt. Crawford around 2:30.  The drive actually went very well for a Labor Day weekend.  I thought that perhaps it was good that we left as late as we did.  It did make for a very tiring trip for Ina Sue though.  The baby seats in the van prevent you from laying your seat back much from the vertical.  She tried to sleep for a while in the back bench seat but wasn't very successful.
Dale & Uncle Lee having a heart to heart. Landon woke us up at 6:00 Saturday and wanted to be fed.  Poor Ina Sue did not get near enough sleep.  Grandmother Showalter did look after the children for a while in the morning and let us get a bit of a nap.  Ina Sue's back was giving her lots of pain so she went to a therapist while I worked on mowing the lawn.  Papa's zero-turn mower is a far cry from my push mower.  I had their whole yard mowed in a little over 2 hours.  In the afternoon we met with David & Rachel Schrock for supper then hurried over to Uncle Galen's for his birthday party.  Most of the Warren Showalter family was there to help celebrate.  Also, lots of good food... Finally back to Papa's and our bed....


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